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              EXS condoms and intimate lubes

              EXS is a brand established by LTC Healthcare in 1993. LTC Healthcare is the largest independent supplier of condoms and intimate lubricants in the UK, as well as one of the biggest players in the European condom and sexual health market.

              The company manufactures and wholesales a range of condoms and lubricants under EXS and Boys Own brands, and LTC Healthcare is also a leading supplier of NHS sexual health clinics.

              Aside from its own condom and lube brands, LTC Healthcare is also one of the primary providers of private label condoms for high street stores and individuals who wish to produce condoms under their own brand name.

              With over 25 years of experience in the industry, LTC Healthcare is widely recognised as one of the most ethically-aware condom and lubricant manufacturers in the UK. Its own-branded products are fully vegan friendly, meaning that they contain no animal-derived ingredients and they are not tested on animals.

              Discreet delivery on EXS condoms

              Here at Condoms.uk we stock the full range of EXS condoms, lubes and accessories. We offer discreet delivery as standard on every single order placed here on our website. There's no need to request discreet delivery or pay extra, it's included in the price you pay. You can trust us to deliver your condoms quickly, discreetly and with no fuss.

              EXS condom range

              LTC Healthcare manufactures a wide range of natural latex condoms under the EXS brand for all types of sex. You can pick from standard condom options available in multiple sizes, ultra thin or ultra thick condoms, and even flavoured or textured condoms designed to bring that long lost sparkle back into your bedroom. In a nutshell, you can pick from:

              Standard condoms

              Thin or thick condoms

              Special occasion condoms

              Endurance condoms

              All EXS condoms are made using silky and soft natural rubber latex with no harmful ingredients and are lightly lubricated for easy and comfortable movement.

              How to find the right condom size?

              Like most condom brands, EXS condoms are available in various sizes. While the regular size typically fits most men, there are instances when you may need a smaller or larger condom.

              One of the easiest ways to figure out which size you need is to try a regular size condom. If it is too loose and feels like sliding off during intercourse, you need a smaller, snugger fit condom. If it feels restrictive and too snug, you need a bigger condom and should go a size up.

              Alternatively, you can measure your penis girth with a sizer or thread.

              Do EXS make latex-free condoms?

              No. All EXS condoms are made using natural rubber latex. However, thanks to their soft texture, they are suitable for people with sensitive skin. If you or your partner are allergic to latex, then we do supply a large range of non-latex condoms from other top brands.

              Are EXS thin condoms safe to use?

              Yes. All EXS thin condoms provide the same level of protection as the standard or thick condoms. It is, however, recommended to use them with extra lubricant in case of dryness, or for other, more intense forms of sex.

              Can you use two condoms for extra protection?

              All condoms can sometimes rip or tear, but wearing two condoms doesn’t provide extra protection. On the contrary, wearing two condoms can increase the risk of condom breakage due to the greater friction created between the two sheaths. Wearing two condoms is not recommended under any circumstances.

              Are EXS condoms effective against pregnancy?

              Like all condoms, the EXS range of condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy when used correctly. The only thing more effective than a condom against pregnancy is the combination pill if taken correctly.

              However, the combination pill isn’t suitable for all women and has many more side effects compared to condoms. Condoms are also the only contraceptive method that also protects against sexually transmitted infections.

              To minimise the risk of condom breakage and unwanted pregnancy, make sure to:

              Are EXS condoms vegan?

              Yes. Since January 2021, all EXS products are vegan certified by the Vegan Society, including the full condom and lubricant range. These products contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.

              EXS intimate lubricants

              LTC Healthcare manufactures a range of lubes under the EXS brand as well as specific lubes for male users under the Boys Own brand. All EXS lubricants are water-based, vegan, and suitable for people with sensitive skin. You can choose from the following range:

              EXS sterile lubricant

              The EXS sterile lubricant jelly is a thick water-based lubricant with a gel consistency. It is ideal for circumstances when you want to lubricate and sanitise at the same time.

              EXS water-based lubes

              EXS offers a bountiful range of water-based lubricants, ranging from fragrance-free non-sticky options for people with sensitive skin, to flavoured lubes:

              Does EXS make silicone-based lubricants?

              No. Keeping with the LTC Healthcare ethos, the company manufactures products that have a minimal impact on the environment.

              According to several studies, the silicone in personal care products, including shampoos, skin care creams, and intimate lubricants, is bioaccumulative. In other words, the silicone in these products builds up in the environment once you’ve washed it off your skin.

              Although further research is needed, recent studies made scientists suspect that silicone is an environmental toxin that may affect aquatic life.

              Besides environmental concerns, studies have also shown that silicone-based lubricants could increase the risk of irritation and adverse reactions to the product, and may also be harmful if ingested in higher quantities.

              For these reasons, LTC Healthcare only manufactures water-based lubricants that are free of any pesky chemicals.

              What is EXS Delay Spray?

              Besides lubes and condoms, LTC Healthcare also manufactures other sexual health products under the EXS brand, including the popular EXS Delay Spray. This spray is designed to prevent premature ejaculation, but it can also be used if you want to prolong time in the bedroom. EXS Delay Spray can be used on its own, or with a condom. Delay Spray is not a contraceptive.

              How does the delay spray work?

              Suitable for people who don’t want to use an anaesthetic or other pharmaceuticals to delay ejaculation, the EXS Delay Spray features a natural formulation with plant-based active ingredients.

              The product has a natural, paraben-free formulation and uses clove oil as an active ingredient. It contains no Lidocaine or Benzocaine, allowing you to use it as often as you want without worrying about side effects. Clove oil has a mild numbing effect on your penis, enhancing endurance and delaying ejaculation naturally.

              For the best effects, simply apply one or two sprays on the erect penis head around 10 minutes before intercourse. The product is compatible with condoms and suitable for people allergic to Lidocaine, Benzocaine, or other synthetic anaesthetics.

              Because the active ingredient is natural, this delay spray may have a weaker effect compared to other products containing a synthetic anaesthetic as an active ingredient.

              In addition to EXS Delay Spray, we also stock Delay Wipes - and also Delay condoms. Delay condoms contain a small amount of numbing agent inside the teat, to ensure your time between the sheets lasts that little bit longer.

              Do I need an ID to buy condoms in the UK?

              No. Condoms are legal to buy by anyone in the UK regardless of their age.

              Where can I buy EXS condoms?

              The best place to buy EXS condoms online is right here at Condoms.uk. We only sell genuine condoms sourced directly from brands and their official distributors in the UK.