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          What are 57mm condoms?

          As their name suggests, 57mm condoms are condoms with a nominal width of 57mm. The number only refers to the width of the condom, not to its length. In this size category, you can find condoms of various lengths, typically between 185mm and 200mm.

          Size 57mm condoms suit men who need a large size condom or who normally wear a 54mm or 56mm condom and need a sheath to use with a vibrating cock ring.

          Are 57mm condoms large or extra large?

          There are no specific rules brands can use to describe the size of their condoms. However, as a general consensus, condoms between 55mm and 59mm are considered large. Extra large condoms typically have a nominal width between 60mm and 69mm.

          What are regular condoms? Are 57mm condoms regular?

          Regular condoms are condoms average in size – those condoms that suit most men. In the UK, regular corresponds to medium size condoms and runs from 50mm to 54-56mm in width. For example, regular condoms from EXS or Pasante have a nominal width of 54mm, but Durex considers a width of 56mm as regular. However, 57mm condoms are not regular; they are large in size.

          What brands make 57mm condoms?

          In the UK, there is only one brand that makes 57mm condoms. MY.SIZE 57mm is large condoms made of natural rubber latex. They are designed to fit men with a penis girth between 11.5 and 12 centimetres, and are the next size up after the regular condoms from the brand, MY.SIZE 53mm.

          If your penis girth is larger than 12 centimetres, you can go a size up and opt for MY.SIZE 60mm condoms, which are perfect for men with a girth between 12 and 13 centimetres.

          Is it necessary to use the right condom size?

          Yes. Using the right size condom is paramount. According to several studies, ill-fitting condoms bring a number of critical issues. Among the most frequent problems, we can mention decreased sensations and pleasure, pain, discomfort, lack of naturalness, as well as condom slippage or breakage.

          All these issues can cut off your sexy time enthusiasm and often lead to removing the condom too early or the use of alternative methods of contraception that don’t provide protection against sexually transmitted infections.

          Not only do men who don’t use the right size condom have these issues, but many people don’t even realise there is a problem with their condoms.

          If you haven’t used condoms before or have never bothered to understand the differences between the various types of condoms, you may believe that an uncomfortable condom is a norm. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

          To shed some light on the matter, condoms don’t have to feel too tight or uncomfortable. A condom that fits right doesn’t reduce sensations and pleasure either. And under no circumstances should the condom cause pain.

          If you experience any of the above, it means that you don’t use the right size. This is where MY.SIZE condoms step in. With its 57mm condoms, MY.SIZE addresses those men who don’t feel comfortable in a 56mm condom but who find a 58mm condom too large.

          Even though you won’t have an endless amount of options in this range, you will still be able to pair your condoms with flavoured or sensation lubricants and boost your sex life.

          What to do if I can’t find 57mm condoms? Can I use 56mm or 58mm condoms instead?

          Yes, you should typically be able to use 56mm or 58mm condoms successfully, even if your regular size is 57mm. You can do so because condoms are made of natural latex or polyisoprene, a synthetic material that mimics the structure and properties of latex. Both materials are very elastic and stretchy. This allows condom manufacturers to make sizes that suit a penis girth range rather than a specific girth.

          Men with a penis girth between 11 and 13 centimetres will usually feel comfortable using a condom with a nominal width between 50mm and 58mm. What is the right size for you will obviously depend on your actual penis girth and preference. Some men like a snugger condom; thus, they’ll choose a condom with a narrower width. Others prefer a slightly looser fit and will choose a larger condom.

          As we mentioned above, 57mm condoms suit men with a girth between 11.5cm and 12cm, but you may prefer to use a 56mm or 58mm condom in the long run anyway.

          The only way to tell which size is right for you is to try them all and see what feels the most natural. A condom fits right and is right for you if it stays snugly in place but allows for a natural range of movement. Most men who wear the right size condom can’t even tell that they are wearing it.

          How to pick the perfect condoms?

          Picking the perfect condoms shouldn’t be difficult, but it is surprising how many gents find it hard to determine what size they need. Here are a few quick tips.

          1. Measure yourself

            The first step to finding the perfect condoms is knowing your size. There are various ways to measure your penis, including the traditional one with a measuring tape.

            If you believe that the MY.SIZE 57mm condoms are right for you; know that the brand has an app or measuring tape you can use.

            For the app, simply open the app on your mobile device – you don’t have to install or download anything, but the website only works on mobile devices. You’ll find instructions on how to use it directly in-app. Alternatively, print the MY.SIZE measuring tape and use it as instructed on the brand’s website.

            If you don’t want to use an app or don’t want to rely on a specific brand sizing, measure your penis with a string and ruler following the quick steps below.

            • Wrap the thickest part of your erect penis with a piece of string.
            • Use a pen to mark where the string meets and measure the distance with a ruler.
            • This is your penis girth. Now divide this number by 3.14 to find the condom width.

            If these methods feel too complicated, we have designed a questionnaire to help you determine the right condom size. Find it here.

          2. Don’t buy condoms based on your ego

            Sure, we all want to be a king size, but the truth is that there are higher chances you need a slim fit rather than a magnum. Wearing a big condom only to feed your ego is irresponsible and can be unsafe. Wearing the right size condom – even if it doesn’t have jumbo on it – will improve the experience for both parties and allow you to enjoy safe sex. With a range of condom sizes to choose from, finding the right size should be easy.

          3. Test out multiple options

            Once you find your size, don’t settle for one brand. Heaps of men go for big brand names like Durex or Trojan. But there are countless brands out there that could surprise you. For instance, EXS condoms come in a wide range of options and are more affordable.

            Even if you don’t want to change your brand, check the options available. Most brands manufacture various types of condoms in any given size range. You can experiment with standard condoms, textured condoms, flavoured condoms, and even glow-in-the-dark condoms, to name just a few.

          4. Consider your partner

            While condoms must suit you in terms of size, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not considering your partner when choosing the type. Vaginas are sensitive, and what works for one partner might not work for another.

            Some women love textured condoms, but others get painful rashes from them. Most women like latex condoms, but your partner could be allergic, and so on.

            The easiest way to find out what works for your partner is to ask. If she doesn’t know, simply order a variety pack and try on different options until you find the condoms that work for both of you. Although this is not a guarantee, people with sensitive skin tend to like Glyde’s silky smooth condoms, while those who like sensations prefer either Durex or EXS.

            Vaginas aside, don’t forget that you must also consider your partner’s preference if you’re in a same-sex relationship. Ask and make sure your partner approves of the condoms you like.

          My condom leaked. What can I do?

          The average circumference of an erect penis is 12 centimetres, meaning that half of the adult men have a smaller girth. As explained above, the 57mm condoms suit men with a girth between 11.5 and 12 centimetres. If you’ve been using 57mm condoms and have noticed semen anywhere outside of it after sex – despite the condom being intact otherwise – it means this size is too big for you.

          If you’re concerned about an accidental pregnancy, it is recommended for your partner to take emergency contraception as soon as possible. You should also get tested for sexually transmitted infections – if your semen can get out of the condom, it means that your partner’s body fluids can also get in.

          To prevent future leaks, switch to a regular size condom. Regular sizes run from around 50mm to 54 or 56mm, so finding a condom that fits right shouldn’t be too hard.

          What to do if my condoms break?

          Semen leaks from the head or middle of the condom happen due to tears. If your condoms break frequently, the most probable reason is that you’re using a small condom. Switching to a larger size will fix the issue, and sometimes just one or two sizes up can make a huge difference.

          If you realise the condom had broken before you reached the climax, change it with a new one. Your partner should still take emergency contraception to prevent accidental pregnancy, and both of you should be tested for STDs.

          If you are sure that 57mm is the right size for you, but the condom broke, make sure you store your condoms correctly. Condoms should be kept in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or heat. Even your body heat can damage the condom structure and lead to breaks. For this reason, you should avoid keeping condoms in your wallet.

          In fact, you should avoid using condoms you’ve kept in a wallet, bag, or pocket for more than a few hours.

          If you have stored the condoms correctly, check the packaging for damage as well as the expiry date. Condoms past their expiration date may have dried out and are more likely to break or tear during intercourse.

          You should also make sure you’re using the right condom for the activity. Thin condoms are typically more suitable for soft lovemaking rather than rough or anal sex. If you want to engage in more vigorous activities, use a thicker condom or apply abundant lubricant to reduce friction.

          Last but not least, if your condoms break frequently, make sure you’re putting them on correctly. You should make sure they’re on the right side out – the outside of a condom is usually more lubricated than its inside. As a rule of thumb, the condom rim should always be on the outside. Also, remember to pinch the teat end when rolling the condom on your penis to push out any air and leave enough room for your semen.

          Where can I buy the best 57mm condoms?

          You can buy 57mm condoms right here at We are committed to bringing you the best condoms on the market and only stock genuine products sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers in the UK.

          With warehouses located within the UK, we offer quick and discreet delivery. Standard orders will get to you for free in a couple of days, or you could opt for next-day delivery.

          No matter your option, your products will arrive in generic, non-branded packaging so that your snoopy family, roommates, or co-workers won’t be able to figure out the contents. Besides condoms, we also stock a wide range of intimate lubricants and accessories that can enhance your sexual life. Try them right now.