Skins Superslide Silicone Based Lubricant (130ml)


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    Skins Aqua Water-Based Lubricant


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      Skins Tasty Juicy Bubblegum Burst Water-Based Lubricant (130ml)


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        Skins Fusion Hybrid Silicone and Water-Based Lube (130ml)


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          Skins Anal Hybrid Silicone and Water-Based Lube (130ml)


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            Skins Tasty Mint Chocolate Passion Water-Based Lubricant (130ml)


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              Who manufactures Skins condoms?

              Skins is a British condom brand manufactured by Skins Sexual Health, a Nottinghamshire-based company specialised in sexual health products and accessories. The brand was launched in 2006 and has conquered the market with its brightly coloured packaging and premium quality condoms.

              Since 2008, the brand has partnered with the NHS, supplying bulk condoms to family planning clinics and other healthcare facilities. In doing so, Skins joins other popular brands, including EXS.

              From then onwards, Skins has participated in numerous sexual health initiatives and has partnered with celebrities to educate the youth and promote safe sex. Today, Skins condoms are available in a range of standard, flavoured and sensation variants.

              How are Skins condoms made?

              There are a plethora of condom types on the market, so what makes Skins different? On a mission to create a condom that people will actually enjoy wearing, Skins has conducted thorough research and found what stops people from using condoms before designing their first product.

              Their research results showed that most couples give up condoms because they don't feel comfortable, they prevent you from feeling close to your partner, and because most condoms have an unpleasant latex smell.

              Even though Skins condoms are made of natural rubber latex – a creamy white liquid harvested from rubber trees – the company took steps to remove the latex smell from their products.

              To do so, all Skins condoms are infused with a fresh vanilla scent. This is one of the main differences between Skins and other brands that only infuse their flavoured condoms with scents. Besides their pleasant smell, Skins condoms also stand out thanks to their clear transparent colour.

              In fact, all condoms from this brand are almost invisible. They don’t look yellowish on the penis, allowing you and your partner to enjoy its natural looks.

              Another difference between Skins and most other condoms is the amount of lubricant added to the product. All Skins condoms are coated with extra lubricant, allowing you to slide easily in and out of your partner. The extra lube makes them perfect for combating vaginal dryness or pleasurable anal sex even when you don’t have additional intimate lubricant at hand. With this in mind, let’s find out what condoms you can buy from the brand.

              Skins product range

              Skins manufacture a wide range of standard and sensation condoms. As mentioned above, all variants are transparent, vanilla-scented, and extra lubricated.

              Skins standard condoms

              Skins sensation condoms

              Like all sensation condoms out there, the Skins condoms in this range are designed to help you boost pleasure and enhance stimulation.

              What is the difference between Skins and SKYN condoms?

              Do you need Skins or SKYN condoms? What is the difference between them? The two brand names sound so similar that there is a lot of confusion surrounding them. To shed some light, the main difference between Skins and SKYN condoms is the material they’re made of.

              Skins condoms are made of natural rubber latex. They have a premium quality but could cause allergic reactions in people with an allergy to latex – like all other natural rubber latex condoms, as a matter of fact.

              On the contrary, SKYN condoms are designed for people who are allergic to latex. SKYN condoms are made of polyisoprene, a synthetic type of latex that doesn’t trigger allergies. Because polyisoprene is more resistant and elastic than natural latex, SKYN condoms are slightly thinner than Skins. However, they’re also more expensive.

              Size-wise, both brands focus on regular size condoms with a nominal width in the 53-55mm range. SKYN Large condoms are slightly smaller than Skins Extra Large (a nominal width of 56mm and 57mm, respectively).

              When it comes to choices, most SKYN variants have a smooth texture and no flavour. SKYN Intense Feel condoms have raised dots but do not have any ribs. Thus, they are perfect if your partner needs extra stimulation, but they won’t provide any stimulation for the wearer. Skins Dots & Ribs, like their name suggests, have both dots and ribs and cater to the needs of both partners.

              In the end, choosing one brand over the other is a matter of preference. Do you need non-latex condoms? SKYN is your best option. Do you want to save a buck, and latex condoms suit you? Give Skins a try.

              Why should I buy Skins condoms?

              Choosing the best condoms can be daunting. There are simply too many options on the market. So, why should you choose Skins over other popular brands like Durex or Pasante Condoms? Here are a few reasons.

              All Skins condoms are premium quality latex condoms that are tested for safety and are CE marked to the standard ISO4074: 2002. They are suitable to use for vaginal, anal, and oral sex, protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

              Will Skins condoms fit me?

              Most Skins condoms suit men who need a regular size condom. The only exception is Skins Extra Large – a large condom suitable for men with more generous dimensions.

              The only way to tell if Skins condoms suit you is to measure your penis. You should measure your penis girth with a tailor’s measuring tape or string – measure your penis when it is fully erect, wrapping the measuring tape or string around its thickest part.

              Alternatively, you can answer the questions in our quiz and let us help you find out what condom size you need.

              Where can I buy Skins condoms?

              You can buy Skins high quality latex condoms right here at We stock the entire range of Skins condoms, including standard and sensation variants.

              To buy from us, simply browse our range of Skins condoms to find the best condoms for you. On the product page, select the pack size and quantity and add your products to the cart. Then, proceed to checkout.

              We will deliver your order in discreet, non-branded packaging. Our generic envelopes or boxes will bear no reference to our website, condoms, or sex toys, or sexual health products. All orders over £25 benefit from FREE Royal Mail 48 Tracked delivery in the UK.

              At, we only sell genuine condoms sourced directly from brands and their official suppliers in the UK. All of our condoms are safe to use for all types of sex and are marked with CE and/or BSI marks.

              What is Subscribe & Save?

              Subscribe & Save is a condom subscription service designed for those who don’t want to run out of condoms. All you have to do is choose the condoms you want us to deliver and the interval – we will charge you for the first order upon subscription and then will charge your payment method on subscription renewal.

              Our Subscribe & Save helps you save up to 15% on condoms, lubricants, and accessories and requires a minimum of two renewals. After the first two renewals, you can choose to opt-out or change the delivery frequency and products. For more information, please consult our Subscribe & Save page.