What size are small condoms?

Small condoms are condoms with a nominal width below 50mm. Most small condoms available in the UK and Europe have a nominal width of either 47mm or 49mm, although there might be exceptions. Smaller condoms suit men who find regular size condoms to be that little bit too big.

How do I know if I need a small size condom?

Finding the perfect condom size can be challenging. Especially if you’re convinced that regular size condoms should fit anyone.

According to sexual healthcare specialists, condoms are supposed to fit tight but they should not feel uncomfortable. If you’ve been noticing that the regular size condom fits too loose and slips – provided that you’re using the condom correctly – that should be a clear enough indicator that the condom you use is too large for you, and you need a small condom.

You should never use a regular or large size condom if you feel that the condom slips. The condom might actually slip off during intercourse if it is too big, leaving you exposed to sexually transmitted infections and accidental pregnancy.

To give you some peace of mind if you feel anxious about your size, know that research shows that women are much less interested in the penis size than men – in a study from the University of Sheffield, a sexual medicine consultant concluded that 85% of women are perfectly happy with their partners’ size even if the dimensions are on the lower side.

What matters is for you to pay attention to her needs and desires rather than displaying a long shaft. Including the need of preventing pregnancy and limiting the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Are small condoms and snug fit condoms the same?

Yes. Brands use a variety of names to refer to their condoms, including snug fit or slim fit for the smaller sizes. However, because the actual condom size might vary from one brand to another, you should always check the actual condom size before buying.

To do that, you will have to know your penis size. Here’s how to do it.

To measure the length:

To measure girth:

Because most brands make their condoms longer than necessary, measuring the girth and figuring out what nominal width the condom should have is much more important than focusing on the length.

If you don’t want to spend too much time to figure out which condom you need, fill in our quiz and see what condoms in our range are the best condoms for you.

Are small condoms safe?

Yes, small condoms are as safe as all other condoms – they’re 98% effective against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections when used correctly. There are a few reasons that could cause that number to drop, though:

Can I use two condoms to increase safety?

No. Wearing two condoms isn’t safer – it is a way to break one or both condoms. The condom that is on top could also fall and get stuck inside your partner. If you don’t feel protected by a thin condom, you might want to consider using extra safe condoms.

What are the best small condoms?

What if I’m allergic to latex?

Small latex free condoms are a rarity, so you’ll have to use an alternative if you need a small condom but you or your partner are allergic to latex. Here are a few options:

All the methods above except for the female condom are more effective when used with spermicide. However, spermicide can irritate the vagina or penis and can be responsible for urinary tract infections in women. If you decide to use a female condom, never use a male condom at the same time to increase safety. The friction between the materials could cause one or both condoms to break.

Where can I buy small condoms?

You can buy small condoms right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of 47mm and 49mm condoms from trusted brands, and offer discreet delivery on all our orders. Orders of £25 or more are also delivered free of charge – delivery fees are as low as 99p for orders below the threshold. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range right now to find the best small condoms for you and your beloved one.