So many personal lubricants are on the market, each made with different purposes in mind. There's regular lubricating lube, flavoured lube, warming and cooling lubricant, not to mention water-based lube and silky silicone lube and lubricant designed specifically for anal sex.

Then there's tingle lube — an extraordinary lubrication that adds extra spark or tingle to your intimate moments.

Manufacturers design tingle lube to add an exciting sensation to sex and foreplay by creating a tingling effect on the skin where it's applied. It creates a warm-cooling feeling and can be incredibly stimulating, making it an excellent choice for exploring something new.

Tingle lube has unique ingredients, including Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Carbomer and Aroma. One of the critical components is Propylene Glycol, which gives the Durex lubricant its zing or tingle. Not all tingling lube use the same ingredients to achieve the tingling sensation.

What Makes Tingling Lube Tingle?

If not all tingles are equal, then what is it that makes tingling lube actually tingle? It is mainly down to the ingredients in its makeup. Propylene Glycol works with water and can create an intense cooling effect on the skin when it comes into contact with the body's heat. The result creates a thrilling sensation and heightened pleasure, which is the purpose of tingling lube.

If Propylene Glycol is not on the ingredient list, the other components could be menthol or peppermint extract; these factors or a combination produce an intense tingling sensation on the skin.

What Does Tingle Lube Feel Like?

Tingle lube feels like an exhilarating rush of sensation and pleasure that heightens the sexual experience in a new way. It can produce a somewhat spicy or minty taste, depending on the ingredients used. The tingling sensation can make your body feel alive with pleasure and leads to a more intense orgasm.

Using tingling lube sparingly is essential, as too much of it can be overwhelming. Start by applying a small amount — just enough to cover the intimate area — and increase from there. It is best used with other forms of lubrication, such as a water-based lube or a silicone lubricant so that you can hit all bases.

Tingle Lube and Condoms

You can use tingling lube with condoms, but it is vital to check that the condom you use is compatible with the tingling lube. Not all condoms are designed to be used with tingle lube, so it's best to double-check your condom choice before you commit.

If you decide to use tingling lube and condoms, consider applying a small amount of tingling lubricant onto the outside of the condom or just inside the opening. Layering tingling lubricant will create an extra dimension of sensation that can heighten your pleasure.

Can You Use Tingle Lube for Oral Sex?

If you like mint, then the answer is yes. However, there are better lubes for oral sex that doesn't have a tongue and lip-numbing effect. If that's fine by you, then it's perfectly safe to use tingling lubricant during oral sex.

Can You Use Tingle Lube for Anal Sex?

Yes, in fact, tingle lube is perfect for anal sex as it contains peppermint or a tingling ingredient that offers a numbing effect, helping the muscles around the anus to relax, thus aiding penetration.

Ready to Try Tingle Lube?

Tingling lubricant is a great way to explore new sensations and enhance intimate experiences. It can create a thrilling feeling that heightens pleasure, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to tingle things up in the bedroom or anywhere in the house (or garden)! Ready to try tingle lube today?