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Sagami is the most popular brand of condoms in Japan, sold in over 50 countries around the world. The history of the company goes back almost a century. Sagami Rubber Industries Co. Ltd was established in 1934, making it Japan’s very first manufacturer of condoms.

The brand has always been known for innovation, and it was also the first company to produce coloured and dotted condoms, taking these products into the pleasure zone, as well as a form of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

The Sagami Original condom was released back in 1998, heralding the dawn of the first condoms made from special Polyurethane (PU), and in 2004 the Sagami Original 0.02 was produced with just 28 microns.

The founder of Sagami Rubber Industries was a woman - Saku Matsukawa was born in 1892 and was the daughter of a silk mill manager. As she reached womanhood, she became frustrated with the quality of condoms on offer in Japan, so decided to tackle the problem herself.

When her husband died in 1934, she founded the Asahi Latex Chemical Centre, establishing Sagami Rubber Industries. Co, Ltd ten years later. She employed Shigeo Takeuchi, a pharmacist and researcher who worked at her Latex Chemical Centre, to take on the role of President of the company.

Saku Matsukawa was a woman who was ahead of her time – she was the first ever president of women’s peace organisation Soroptimist Japan, the Chair of Japan’s National Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Federation, and in 1985 she was given honorary citizenship of Atsugi.

Sagami is a market leader in the area of PU condoms, which are produced in Ipoh, Malaysia. The company also still produces natural rubber latex condoms in its original factory based in Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan. Sagami condoms are found in drugstores all over Japan, and the company's products can also be bought online.

Why PU Condoms?

Sagami is a leader in Polyurethane sheaths. The company chose to use PU for its strength, lack of odour, ability to transmit heat and compatibility with the human body. This combination makes PU condoms feel completely different to traditional rubbers, and today the Sagami Original 0.02 is the most popular condom in Japan.

What’s the Pack Like?

Sagami Original condoms come in a handy blister pack, which is easy to open and protects the condoms from being torn when opened. Each blister is clean and contains lots of lubricant for added comfort and sensitivity. The condoms are also really easy to remove from the pack, making them nice and simple to put on too.

What Are the Benefits of the Sagami Original 0.02 and Sagami Original 0.02 Large?

These super-thin condoms are softer and more natural feeling than Sagami’s first generation of condoms, giving a greater sensation for both partners. Because they don’t contain any latex, they’re ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin, and they’re also totally odourless – perfect if you hate that rubbery smell.

Polyurethane is an excellent transmitter of body heat, which means the sensation when you first put them on feels instantly more comfortable and natural than with a rubber condom. It also has a smoother surface and is totally transparent.

Why Polyurethane Condoms?

Condoms have been used since Ancient Greek and Roman times, and they’ve come a long way since those early days when they were commonly made of animal intestines and used multiple times! Over the years they’ve evolved to be safer, more secure and natural feeling, and many people are now turning to PU condoms because of their increased sensitivity.

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane (PU) is a plastic material that is produced in many different forms, both hard and flexible. It’s often used in medicine because of its ability to mimic the human body, and fake organs and blood vessels are often made from PU. This makes it an excellent choice for condoms, because they can feel so much closer to the real thing.

What are Polyurethane Condoms?

PU condoms are a great alternative to latex condoms because they’re strong, thin and durable. They react to body heat almost instantly, so you don’t get that sudden coldness that’s often associated with rubber condoms. PU condoms were originally created to give those with latex allergies an alternative to normal rubbers, and they’re also becoming really popular with people who want something that feels more natural.

Main Benefits of Polyurethane Condoms

There have been lots of studies conducted into the benefits of PU condoms. Here are some of the main benefits that have been identified:

Where can you buy PU condoms?

Polyurethane condoms can now be found in chemists and supermarkets all over the world, as well as on lots of online sites such as ours here at You may also be able to get PU condoms at your local sexual health clinic.

How effective are PU condoms?

Tests have shown that polyurethane condoms are 98% effective when used perfectly. This means making sure they:

How Can You Tell if You Have a Latex Allergy?

Latex allergies can cause a huge variety of symptoms, usually ranging from mild itchiness and redness to total swelling of the area that’s come into contact with the latex. In very severe cases, latex allergy can cause anaphylactic shock, which can even result in death.

If you think there’s even the slightest possibility that you might have a latex allergy, it's best to steer clear altogether and try a non-latex condom such as the Sagami Original 0.02.

What kind of Sagami Condoms Can You Buy at

We are proud stockists of Sagami’s most popular PU condom: the Sagami Original 0.02. They’re available in two sizes – Standard and Extra Large.

Sagami: Japan’s Favourite Condom Brand

Sagami has been the most popular brand of condoms in Japan for almost 100 years. People love the Sagami Original 0.02 because it’s thin, strong, odour free, natural feeling and doesn’t contain any latex. Sagami as a brand is consistently striving to make its products better, so you can expect their condoms to become even thinner and more natural-feeling over the next few years. Watch this space.

The Sagami Quality Promise

Japan is known by the rest of the world as one of the most pioneering countries that’s always ahead of technological trends. This commitment to innovation and excellence is certainly true of Sagami. As a leader in the condom industry, the company meets (and exceeds) global safety quality standards and goes above and beyond to ensure all products are properly tested and of the highest possible quality.

Sagami Testing Procedures

All Sagami condoms are tested under strict conditions and in accordance with the International Standards Organisation (ISO). The tests are as follows:

How Can You Buy Sagami Original 0.02 Condoms from

Buying Sagami Condoms online at is easy! Just choose your pack of condoms, add it to your basket and complete your shipping and payment information. We’ll send your package to you in a discreet package, so nobody will know what’s inside! All orders are sent via Royal Mail, with free delivery when you spend £25 or more. You can get tracked delivery for as little as £2.99.

What Are Sagami Original 0.02 Condoms Suitable For?

Sagami Original 0.02 Condoms are scentless and free from flavourings, which means they’re suitable for all kinds of sex. They are very thin but also very strong, so they’re flexible and super resistant, and they’ve all been tested under strict factory conditions. They come ready lubricated, which makes them really comfortable and ideal for dryness – but you can add more lube if you want to.

Because Sagami Original 0.02 Condoms don’t contain any latex, you can use any kind of lube you like, including silicone and oil-based products. These condoms are good for all types of sex, and you can also use them on toys if you want.

You can buy Sagami Original 0.02 Condoms direct from us here at, so if you want an easy, stress-free condom buying experience take a look at our online store. You can buy Sagami Original 0.02 Condoms in Regular and Extra-Large sizes, which is good to know if you struggle with average condoms being too tight.

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