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            What are vegan condoms?

            Vegan condoms can mean different things for different people. Brands call their condoms vegan if they contain no animal-derived ingredients.

            However, vegans would claim that only those condoms that contain no animal-derived ingredients and that are not tested on animals can be called vegan. Thus, we consider vegan condoms those condoms that are made exclusively of plant-based ingredients and that are cruelty-free.

            Are standard condoms bad?

            Standard regulator-approved condoms are not bad, but if you lead a vegan lifestyle or if you are an activist for animal welfare, you may consider non-vegan condoms bad.

            There are two main issues with standard condoms: casein and animal testing.


            Casein is a protein found in milk. Condom manufacturers use casein extracted from cow’s or goat’s milk to soften the latex and make their products more comfortable to wear.

            Like the proteins in latex, casein can cause allergies, and numerous people are indeed allergic to milk. Even though casein is only used to soften the condoms and there are rarely any traces of casein left in the finished product, you may want to stay on the safe side and use a vegan condom if you’re allergic to it.

            Animal testing

            Another problem with casein use is the dairy industry. We all know that industry can be cruel. Getting milk from cows, sheep, and goats, means separating the calves from their mothers – sometimes as soon as they’re born.

            This practice is distressing for both calves and their mothers. By choosing non-vegan condoms, you are supporting this practice. As far as animal testing is concerned, most condom brands used to test their products on animals.

            Although the use of animals to test cosmetic products or their ingredients has been banned in the UK since 2013, the rule doesn’t apply to condoms.

            Condoms are considered medical devices and companies sometimes test their products on animals to test and certify their safety. Thus, if you’re concerned about animal welfare, you should use vegan and cruelty-free condoms.

            What makes vegan condoms different?

            The most obvious difference between standard condoms and vegan condoms is the absence of casein in the manufacturing process. Vegan condoms are made of plant-based ingredients. Casein is often replaced with thistle extract – this extract is similar to casein and has an excellent softening action on latex. In fact, the result is often better.

            Vegan condoms feel softer than standard condoms and tend to produce less allergies. Whilst vegan isn’t a guarantee the product doesn’t contain nasty chemicals – such as parabens or glycerine – most vegan condom manufacturers prefer to avoid them. Thus, vegan condoms are safer to use by people with sensitive skin and are less likely to alter the delicate balance of the vagina.

            Most vegan condoms also taste better than their standard counterparts and are clean-scented, making oral sex more enjoyable.

            Last but not least, most vegan condoms are also sustainable. Companies such as Glyde get their latex from sustainable sources and use sustainable manufacturing practices. Here at, we believe that safe working conditions and fare wages are a basic human right, and we strive to support sustainable practices in the condom industry.

            Are vegan condoms safe?

            Yes, vegan condoms are as safe as standard condoms. All condoms have to meet the same standards, which means vegan condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

            Why are vegan condoms more expensive than standard condoms?

            Vegan condoms are not necessarily more expensive than standard condoms. The reason they are sometimes costlier is because the manufacturing process is more complex. That said, standard condoms from popular brands often cost more than less famous vegan condoms.

            What brands make vegan condoms?

            Vegan condoms are relatively new, and most big brands still stick to the standard technology. Yet, you still have plenty of premium choices to pick from.


            Perhaps the most popular manufacturer of vegan condoms, Glyde also brags with its fair trade policy. The company makes its condoms in Malaysia from premium quality latex.

            All Glyde condoms have a thickness of 0.062mm, thick enough to resist all kinds of sex yet thin enough to enhance intimacy. Glyde condoms come in a variety of sizes from small (49mm nominal width) to large (60mm nominal width).

            If you wear a small or regular size, you can pick from plain or flavoured and coloured condoms. The only flavoured and coloured option available for the small size is strawberry/red. However, you can pick from strawberry (red), blueberry (blue), wildberry (purple), cola (black), or vanilla (yellow) condoms if you need a regular size.

            Glyde doesn’t manufacture textured condoms, but its flavoured condoms are safe to use for all types of sex.


            EXS is one of the most popular condom brands in the UK. Manufactured by LTC Healthcare, EXS is one of the NHS’ trusted condoms suppliers since 1993. Since January 2021, EXS’ condoms are cruelty free and vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

            Like Glyde, EXS’ condoms are made of natural rubber latex, but you can pick from a wider range of options.

            The brand’s snug fit condoms have the same nominal width as Glyde’s Slim Fit condoms (49mm). The regular options vary from standard to super thin to thick condoms. Thin condoms are also available in a large size, and the brand also has a range of textured, coloured, and flavoured condoms.

            In the sensations department, you can also find cooling and warming condoms, whilst the Delay Endurance condoms contain Lidocaine 1% and help with premature ejaculation.

            Fun to use are also the Glow in the Dark and Black condom varieties from the brand. The main difference between the Black and the other coloured condoms from EXS is that the Black Latex condoms are not flavoured.


            Vegan, cruelty-free and innovative? No, you’re not asking for too much. Lelo, the popular brand of erotic accessories and sex toys, has found a way to innovate condoms with Hex.

            The brand doesn’t have an expansive range of condoms, but Lelo Hex manages to stand out from the crowds. These condoms have a unique, hexagonal structure inspired by honeycombs. This structure enhances elasticity and strength, delivering a close-to-nothing feel.

            Lelo Hex condoms are some of the thinnest natural rubber latex condoms on the market – only 0.045mm thick.

            You can choose from two sizes. Lelo Hex Original has a regular size. Their nominal width is 54mm, and the condoms are 180mm long. Lelo Hex Respect XL suits men who need a large size condom. They have a nominal width of 58mm and are 195mm long.

            Whilst Lelo Hex condoms aren’t “sensation” condoms, the hexagonal pattern creates relief lines on the inside of the condom. According to the manufacturer, the role of these lines is to improve grip and keep the condom in place more securely. In reality, these raised hexagons can also enhance sensations for the wearer – think ribbed condoms, but better.

            The outside of the condom is silky smooth and lightly lubricated with water-based lube, a choice meant to prevent irritation and to not alter the delicate vaginal balance. Most ladies with sensitive skin or who are prone to yeast infections swear by these condoms.

            Another detail that makes a difference between Lelo Hex condoms and all others is the larger teat. This particular design makes the condom more comfortable to wear and heightens the sensations, leaving enough room for the head to avoid painful constriction.


            Another company that ticks all boxes when it comes to vegan and cruelty-free condoms is Pasante. Like EXS, Pasante manufactures condoms for all sizes and desires. The brand’s range of plain condoms includes standard, ultra-thin and thick condom options.

            In the plain condom category, you can also find snug fit and king size condoms, including a super king variant for men with very generous dimensions.

            If you’re looking for cooling, warming, or delay condoms that have straight walls rather than a flared head, Pasante could be an alternative to EXS.

            The brand also manufactures a range of sensation condoms that includes ribbed and dotted, flavoured, and coloured rubbers.

            One thing that makes Pasante stand out is the choice of flavours for some of their condoms. In addition to the usual flavours like strawberry or blueberry, Pasante Tropical can spoil your senses with the sweet taste of coconut, mango, or pineapple.

            Besides the standard cooling condoms, Pasante also manufactures mint flavoured condoms and lubricant. Both products have a cooling effect but also deliver tingling sensations.

            Another major difference between Pasante and all other vegan condom brands is the inclusion of two non-latex condoms in their product range.

            Pasante Sensiva and Pasante Unique are both made of polyisoprene, are silky smooth and very thin. Pasante Sensiva is 0.028mm thick, whilst Unique has a thickness of only 0.015mm. These condoms feel like nothing between you and your partner and are an excellent choice if you crave natural sex but don’t want to give up protection.

            Can I use lubricant with vegan condoms?

            Yes, you can. Vegan condoms – just as many non-vegan variants – are made of natural rubber latex or polyisoprene. Both types of condoms are safe to use with water-based or silicone-based lube.

            To stay on the safe side, always read the lubricant’s label before using it with any condom. Some lubricants – such as some 2-in-1 massage lubes from Durex – are not safe to use with condoms despite their water-based formulation.

            Can I use vegan condoms if I’m allergic to latex?

            Vegan condoms come in latex and non-latex variants, the latter being suitable for people with latex allergies.

            Pasante is one of the brands that makes latex free condoms suitable for people with a vegan lifestyle. Durex and Skyn also produce vegan polyisoprene condoms; however, these brands may test their products on animals – something to consider if you want the condoms to be cruelty-free as well.

            Female condoms are often used as an alternative to male condoms by couples that can’t find a suitable latex free alternative. However, most female condoms on the market are not vegan.

            Where can I buy vegan condoms?

            You can buy vegan condoms right here at We stock a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free condoms from trusted brands, including Glyde, EXS, Pasante, and Lelo Hex. All condoms in our shop are genuine and sourced directly from brands – search the CE or BSI marks on the condoms you buy from us.

            Buying condoms from us also comes with additional advantages:

            So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range of products and find the best vegan condoms for you.