What is water based lube?

Water based lube is a type of personal lubricant suitable to use for all kinds of sexual activities. This is the most versatile lube you can find – it is compatible with all types of condoms and sex toys, including silicone sex toys and accessories.

Most water based lubes have a gentle formula safe to use by people with sensitive skin. It goes without saying that all types of water based lube deemed as safe for sex are made with food-grade ingredients and are safe to ingest in small quantities. In other words, you can use this type of lube for oral sex, too.

Why should I use lube?

Personal lubricant has been around for ages. Yet, a surprising number of people choose to ignore it. Common substitutes include saliva, Vaseline, body creams or lotions, and an array of oils – ranging from body or massage oils downright to cooking oil. Whilst all these substances can increase slickness and glide, they aren’t suitable to use for sex.

Saliva is majorly made up of water and dries out very fast once it’s out of your mouth. This body fluid adds moisture, but you’ll have to keep spitting and reapplying it on your privates from start to finish. Unless you’re into that kind of kinky stuff, the action could come off as gross. Not only is saliva a poor lubricant, but it also carries a lot of bacteria that doesn’t normally reside in your private area. Its alkaline pH can also alter the delicate balance of the vaginal pH, leading to yeast or bacterial infections. Last but not least, you can transmit sexually transmitted infections through saliva. The most common is the human papillomavirus (HPV), but you can also transmit syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, and even HIV.

Vaseline, body creams, and body lotions are all designed to moisturise the skin, but they are all designed for external use only. In other words, neither of those options should get into a vagina, mouth, or anus. Although all these products are safe to ingest in small quantities, you should routinely use them for sex. All these products also contain petroleum jelly, a substance that increases the risk of infections and that can cause irritation when applied to the sensitive skin on your private areas. Petroleum jelly also reacts with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, altering their structure and increasing the risk of condom breakage. Thus, if you’re looking for a lube to use with condoms, you should steer clear of those products.

Oils of any type can alter the structure of natural and synthetic latex condoms in the same way petroleum jelly does. They also increase the risk of yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

For these reasons, you should only use personal lube for sex. Water based lube isn’t the only option – hybrid and silicone lubes may be better if you want a product that lasts longer or that you can use underwater. That said, water based lube is more suitable for people with sensitive skin and doesn’t react with silicone accessories.

What types of water based lube can I choose from?

There are several types of water based lube on the market. Let’s have a look at their purposes:

Is water based lube suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, water based lube is generally suitable for people with sensitive skin. However, there are exceptions and you should read the label before buying. Here are a few ingredients you should avoid:

Are water based lube and vaginal moisturiser the same?

No. Although they are both water based and even though vaginal moisturiser can be used as a lubricant during sex, vaginal moisturisers are specifically designed to provide relief and comfort to women experiencing vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness occurs when the tissues of the vagina aren’t well lubricated. The condition is more common in older women, but it can happen at any age. It is particularly common in younger women on hormonal contraception or women suffering from hormonal imbalances.

Women with vaginal dryness can experience pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, because of the lack of natural lubrication. They may also observe light bleeding after intercourse, and generally feel under the weather down there.

Vaginal moisturisers are designed to provide relief in all circumstances, not only during sex. The product can be applied at any time throughout the day or during sexual intercourse, instead of a personal lubricant.

What is the best water based lube?

Choosing the best water based lube starts with evaluating your needs. What do you need lube for? Vaginal sex, oral sex, or anal sex? Do you have sensitive skin or allergies? Is scent important when choosing a lubricant?

If you have normal skin and want an all-purpose lube, Durex Feel could be the best water based lube for you. This lubricant is clear, odourless, and tasteless, and is compatible with all condoms, sex toys, and accessories.

SKYN Aqua Feel is an excellent alternative to Durex, if you want a lube specifically designed to use with polyisoprene condoms. It goes without saying that you can use this lube with all other condom types and with all sex toys.

Durex Naturals Intimate Gel and Mates Aqua Aloe are two excellent choices for people with sensitive skin. These lubes are formulated with natural ingredients and are gentler on the skin compared to plain water based lube.

EXS, Pasante, and Durex also make flavoured lubes. All these products are a perfect choice for more pleasurable oral sex. They can cover the smell and taste of latex, but are also suitable to use on their own. All flavoured lubes you can buy here at Condoms.uk are safe to use for vaginal and anal sex, too.

Pasante Mint is a flavoured lube you can also use for enhanced sensations. Its cooling effect enhance vaginal stimulation and can help men delay ejaculation. At the same time, it can ease penetration during anal sex. Durex Tingling lube has a similar effect, but this lube isn’t flavoured or scented.

Lubido Aloe Infused Water Based Anal Ease and Loving Joy Anal Lube are the best water based lubes for anal sex. Boys Own lube – available in clear and silky white versions – is another excellent choice for pleasurable anal sex.

Last but not least, Durex Play Sensual and Durex Play Stimulating are the best water based lubes for sensual massages and lubrication. These versatile products can help you fulfil all fantasies, from creating a sensual massage parlour in your bedroom to enveloping your senses into delightful scents whilst also adding plenty of moisture exactly where needed.

The only disadvantage of these lubes is that they are not available with all types of condoms – read the label to check compatibility if the condoms you use are not made of natural rubber latex or polyisoprene.

Where to buy water based lube?

You can buy water based lube right here at Condoms.uk. Buying from us comes with lots of advantages, such as: