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        What size are extra large condoms?

        Condoms – just like penises – come in different shapes and sizes. If you have a larger size and are looking for the right condom, perhaps you’re considering extra large condoms. But what size are they? Can they really suit you?

        One of the most important things to know about condoms is that there is no standard to define condom size. For instance, regular size condoms can have any dimension between 52mm and 56mm of nominal width, depending on the brand. Likewise, they have various lengths, usually between 180mm and 200m, although some brands make shorter or longer regular size condoms.

        In a similar fashion, extra large condoms can have various nominal widths and lengths, depending on the brand. However, all extra large condoms have a nominal width of 69mm or higher. If your penis girth is smaller than this, you probably need a large condom instead.

        Regarding their length, extra large condoms can have anywhere between 190mm and 223mm, so you can easily find one that best suits you.

        What are the largest size condoms?

        Although many people don’t require the largest size condom, there are circumstances when you might want to use the biggest condom around. For instance, if you usually wear an extra large condom and want one to fit loosely – perhaps to use with a vibrating cock ring or G-spot massager – you may need to go for the biggest size on the market.

        Currently, there are three brands that provide condoms with a nominal width of 69mm. Their length varies, so it should be easy to pick one over the other. You can choose from:

        EXS Jumbo

        A condom made of smooth, natural rubber latex with a length of 221mm. EXS Jumbo condoms provide a comfort fit and have a straight shape. With a thickness of only 0.067mm, they are thin enough to allow for almost natural sensations and a wide range of movement. The condoms come pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant and are compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubes.

        My.Size 69mm

        Longer than EXS Jumbo, the My.Size 69mm has a length of 223mm and is the largest size of condoms on the market in both nominal width and length. Like EXS Jumbo, these condoms are made from natural rubber latex and have a comfort-fit shape with straight walls. A thing most users like is their minimal thickness of only 0.060mm – the thinnest you can get in this size range. These condoms have smooth walls and are lubricated with silicone-based lube. They are compatible with water-based and silicone-based intimate lubricants but shouldn’t be used with oils or oil-based orgasm gels.

        Pasante Super King

        Shorter than both EXS and My.Size, Pasante Super King has a length of 210mm. Considering that the average penis length is around 170-180mm, most users may find them more comfortable than EXS and My.Size. Shape-wise, these condoms have straight walls and fit comfortably on most penis shapes. They are on the thicker side – 0.070mm – thus, more suitable for anal sex. Like the other options in this size range, they are made of natural rubber latex and lubricated with silicone.

        Who needs extra large condoms?

        All men who usually wear a large size condom but need something bigger to use with G-spot cock rings may benefit from an extra-large condom.

        Men with a penis girth over 60mm also require an extra large condom. If you have a thicker penis, it is recommended to use extra large condoms, even if they are on the longer side. Using a too snug condom can have a number of side effects, and they could lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility in the long run if you use them frequently.

        Furthermore, using a too snug condom could result in condom breakage due to too much pressure or tension.

        Extra large condoms may also be used with large sex toys for hygiene purposes. Indeed, using condoms with sex toys is more sanitary and can help ward off urinary tract infections in women.

        How to measure my penis size?

        Finding the right size condom seems more complicated than it is. Most men using a condom for the first time prefer buying regular size condoms and see how they feel, whilst others prefer skipping the trial and error part by measuring their penis. To determine the right condom size, you should measure both the length and girth; however, keep in mind that the girth is the most important – most manufacturers purposefully make their condoms longer than necessary, so you won’t have trouble finding one that rolls all the way down to the base of your shaft.

        To measure the penis length, you will need:

        Here’s how to do it:

        To measure your penis girth, you will need:


        Here’s how to measure your penis girth:

        1. Take the string and wrap it around the thickest part of your erect penis, usually around the middle of the shaft.
        2. Mark the point where the string meets with the marker.
        3. Use the ruler to measure the distance. Divide your result by 3.14 and check your girth size against the condom width on the condom box. You can then choose the right size condom, ranging from extra small to extra-large.

        Alternatively, you can measure the penis girth with a flexible measuring tape by simply wrapping the measuring tape around the thickest part of your erect penis. Follow the indications in step 3 to determine the correct condom size.

        What brands make extra large condoms?

        There are several brands that make extra large condoms. Let’s have a look at the most popular options.


        EXS is one of the most popular brands of condoms in the UK, manufactured by LTC Healthcare since 1993. The manufacturing company is one of the largest independent suppliers of condoms and intimate lubricants in Europe, as well as the leading supplier for the NHS.

        The company manufactures two extra large condoms under the EXS brand, including EXS Magnum and EXS Jumbo. Both are made of natural rubber latex and provide a comfort fit. The difference is in size, with Magnum suiting men with a penis girth of 60mm, whilst Jumbo provides a ultra-large size of 69mm.

        In the UK, LTC Healthcare is recognised as one of the most ethically aware condom and lubricant manufacturers. Its products are fully vegan friendly, meaning that they contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.


        My.Size condoms are manufactured by R&S consumer goods GmbH, the same company that also makes ON condoms. The unique concept behind this product line is that My.Size are meant to be personalised condoms tailored to each man’s needs.

        Whilst some sizes still lack, it is safe to say that this is the most versatile range of condoms. My.Size are available in 9 sizes, from 45mm to 72mm, and you can pick from four different extra large sizes, including 60mm, 64mm, 69mm and 72mm.

        The company’s aim is to help all men find a condom that fits like a glove to prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of condom breakage during intercourse.


        Like EXS, Pasante is one of the brands manufactured in the UK and is the condom and intimate lube brand name from Pasante Healthcare Ltd. The company is based in West Sussex, and all its products are manufactured according to the highest British standards.

        Pasante currently manufactures three varieties of extra large condoms. All of them have a smooth texture and comfort-fit design with straight walls. The best part is that Pasante is the only brand that manufactures non-latex extra large condoms.

        Indeed, Pasante Unique is one of the few polyisoprene condoms suitable for men who need an extra large size condom.

        What are vegan condoms?

        Vegan condoms seem to be the new hype, but what exactly are they? Aren’t all condoms vegan, after all?

        Since most condoms are made of natural rubber latex – which is a substance harvested off trees – one could imagine that all condoms are vegan. However, casein, an animal protein, is often used in the process of transforming fluid rubber into an elastic and flexible latex sheath.

        Casein is not technically present in the final product – although traces of casein may remain on the surface of the condom – but because it is involved in the manufacturing process, condoms can’t be called vegan.

        To align themselves with cruelty-free practices, however, many manufacturers have started to replace casein with thistle extract.

        Some of the most popular manufacturers of vegan condoms are Glyde – the first brand to ever make vegan condoms – and EXS. Not only are these condoms made without casein, but none of the ingredients are tested on animals.

        If you have a vegan lifestyle and want to make sure the condoms are 100% suitable for you, look for condoms marked with the Vegan Society logo.

        I am allergic to latex. What extra large condoms can I use?

        Unfortunately, the only latex-free extra large condom on the market is Pasante Unique. These condoms are made from polyisoprene and impress with unrivalled strength and flexibility. They are also incredibly thin, feeling like nothing between you and your partner. However, these condoms only have a nominal width of 60mm. So, if you need a wider condom, your only alternative is to ask your partner to use a female condom.

        How do I know if I am allergic to latex?

        Latex allergy isn’t very common, but sensitivity or allergy can develop in time, especially in people who are constantly exposed to the allergen. Healthcare workers are more likely to develop a sensitivity or allergy to latex, as well as other professionals who use latex gloves or equipment.

        Latex allergies usually develop slowly, and symptoms can appear after years of repeated exposure. Most people find out they are allergic to latex due to itchy sensations or rashes caused by condoms. However, itching may also be caused by spermicide agents or could be a reaction to the lubricant you and your partner are using.

        Most people who are allergic to latex will only experience a localised reaction when using a latex condom, including:

        Systemic reactions are rare, but symptoms can include:

        Anaphylaxis is very rare and manifests with shortness of breathing and swallowing difficulty, as well as swelling of the face, throat, or mouth. Systemic reactions and anaphylaxis are more likely to happen in your partner if he or she is allergic to latex. This happens because the lining coating the vagina or rectum absorbs substances – including allergy-causing proteins – faster than the skin on your penis.

        If you or your partner have any of the symptoms above whilst using a latex condom, stop using the condom immediately and switch to a non-latex variant. You should also visit your GP to get tested for latex allergy.

        Where to buy extra large condoms?

        You can buy extra large condoms right here at We store a wide variety of condoms from the most popular brands and source all our products directly from brands or their official distributors in the UK. With us, you can rest assured you’ll also get genuine condoms that have passed all safety tests and that meet or exceed all British and European standards. Browse our range now to find the best extra large condoms for you.