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What is Lelo Hex?

Dubbed 'the condom of the future', Lelo Hex is a revolutionary condom manufactured by famous toy brand Lelo. What makes Lelo condoms different from all others is the unique, patented structure consisting of individual and interconnected hexagons – hence, the product’s name.

Why the hexagon pattern? It's simple. Lelo came up with this structure to address and fix some of the most common condom issues - including condom constriction and breakage during sex. In fact, this structure – similar to the honeycomb – adds resistance, allowing the brand to maintain their ultra-thin profile on all condoms they manufacture.

In this way, Lelo Hex condoms not only allow for a wider range of movement and more intense sensations compared to all other condoms, but they are also less likely to break or tear during sex.

What are Lelo Hex’s advantages?

Lelo Hex’s pattern may not look revolutionary enough to justify its higher price tag, but Lelo condoms come with a plethora of advantages compared to all other condoms. Here are some of the most important:

Very flexible and stretchy

Lelo Hex is one of the most elastic condoms on today’s market. You can stretch and stretch and stretch, and it won’t break. This characteristic is important for two reasons. On the one hand, the condom stretches to accommodate your size without constricting and feels more natural than other natural latex condoms. On the other hand, this stretchiness minimises the risk of tearing or breaking the condom.

Not only is the condom elastic overall, but the condom base is also much more comfortable and less constrictive compared to most other best selling condoms.

Staying on without putting too much pressure on any area of your penis, Lelo Hex condoms increase pleasure for the wearer and allow for an ample and more natural range of movement.

The condom will not roll up whilst having sex, so you won’t have to pay too much attention to it. A welcome change compared to those condoms that feel like falling off as soon as intercourse begins.

Thinner than most condoms

The honeycomb structure adds elasticity to the condom, but as nature taught us, it is one of the strongest and most resistant structures that exists. And this fact comes as great news for condom wearers – it allows the brand to keep the thickness to an absolute minimum.

So, how thick are Lelo Hex condoms? According to Lelo, each condom may have a slightly different thickness due to the manufacturing process. Overall, Lelo Hex condoms are almost always thinner than 0.055mm, with most of them boasting a thickness of only 0.045mm.

Considering that ultra-thin latex condoms are usually 0.055mm thick, it is easy to understand that the Hex condom is often thinner.

Stronger than most condoms

Just because it is thin, it doesn’t mean that Lelo Hex is less resistant or strong than other condoms. On the contrary. Tests have demonstrated that Lelo Hex is at least as resistant as most thick condoms. In a nutshell, this means that you can use Lelo Hex condoms for all kinds of sex.

Amazing aesthetics

Let’s be honest for a moment, condoms weren’t created to win any beauty contests. Sure, there are many coloured condoms out there and even a variety that glow in the dark, but most clear condoms look downright ugly.

Despite the 'transparent' or 'colourless' in their description, most natural rubber latex condoms have a yellowish finish and a synthetic look that makes your penis look like you’ve wrapped it in foil. If aesthetics matter to you – and they should, especially when showcasing your pride and joy in front of a new partner – Lelo Hex can help.

Lelo Hex is a transparent, colourless condom with a nicer finish than other colourless condoms out there. You won't see any yellowish hue and, if not for the hex structure, you might not notice the condom at all when it’s on.

Easy to tell up from down

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve put on a condom only to notice that it rolls down the wrong way? As you may know already, putting on a condom upside down means wasting a rubber because you’ll have to take it off, dispose of it, and put on a new condom (hopefully the right side up this time).

Luckily, Lelo Hex makes it easy to tell up from down. These condoms come slightly more unrolled compared to other condoms and have a larger reservoir. Out of the wrapper, they look like a miniature hat with the teat upright.

Thanks to this design, telling which way is up is child's play, and you’ll be able to save lots of time and frustration when your only thought is getting inside of your partner as quickly as possible.

Larger reservoir

Lelo Hex's larger reservoir is an advantage not only because it makes it easy which way to put on the condom but also because it contains semen better. If you’ve ever dealt with leaks or if you've ever ejaculated a quantity of semen that didn’t fit in a regular size reservoir, you’re going to love Lelo Hex.

Easy to open packaging

Packaging may be the least of your thoughts when buying condoms, but how easy or daunting it is to unwrap your rubber can make or break the deal. One of the things that make Lelo Hex special is the paper-like wrapper that is easier to open than most packaging.

Due to the material, the wrapper is easier to hold and manipulate when your hands are slippery, which is often the case by the time you have to grab a condom. Easier unwrapping also means fewer chances to damage the condom when taking it out of the packet.

Will I feel Lelo Hex’s structure?

Each Hex condom is made from 350 hexagon panels interconnected between them. This honeycomb pattern creates relief lines on the inside of the condom, while the outside of the condom is smooth and silky.

If you’re wearing the condom, you will feel the hexagon pattern. These raised inner lines can actually increase pleasure for most men. However, if you are very sensitive, there is a small chance you might dislike this texture. Apart from personal preference, the textured interior improves grip, allowing Hex condoms to provide a roomier feel without sliding off during intercourse.

As far as your partner is concerned, the smooth and silky surface of the condom has a very natural, skin-like feel. Your partner will unlikely feel any difference compared to bare sex, when there is no barrier between you and your partner.

What are Lelo Hex condoms made from?

Due to the hexagon structure of the condom, many people believe Lelo Hex is the first condom made of graphene. However, Lelo Hex condoms are made from natural rubber latex, the same material the vast majority of condoms are made from.

Like most condoms on today’s market, Lelo Hex condoms contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. They are perfect for all users, including those with a vegan lifestyle, provided you or your partner are not allergic to latex.

What is the difference between Lelo Hex Original and Lelo Hex Respect XL?

The only difference between Lelo Hex Original and Lelo Hex Respect XL is the size, with the former being an excellent choice for most users - while the latter provides extra room for those with more generous dimensions.

In a nutshell:

Despite the difference in size, both condom types have the same number of hexagons, namely 350, arranged in exactly the same pattern. The hexagons on the Respect XL variant are slightly larger to account for the bigger size.

Can I use personal lube with Lelo Hex condoms?

Yes. Like most latex condoms, Lelo Hex condoms are lightly lubricated – a thing that makes them different is the choice of a water-based lubricant in a condom world dominated by silicone-based lubes. The water-based lubricant is more skin-friendly and less likely to cause allergic reactions compared with silicone or oil products.

Lelo Hex condoms are compatible with the intimate lubricant from the brand, and all other personal lubes deemed as safe to use with condoms. Before using Hex condoms with any lubricant, be sure to read the lube's label just to make sure it is compatible with natural latex condoms.

How is Lelo Personal Moisturiser different from other intimate lubes?

Condoms and toys aside, Lelo also manufactures a personal moisturiser designed for use with all condoms and silicone toys from the brand. The product is water-based, but what makes it special is the skin-friendly formula that can be used by anyone, including people with sensitive skin.

Talking about the product's formula, Lelo personal moisturiser presents itself as a glycerine-free, paraben-free personal lubricant. It is unscented and contains no pesky chemicals, so you’ll never have to worry about sensitivities or harmful chemicals coming in contact with your privates.

The product is also enriched with aloe vera extract and has a neutral, balanced pH. Aloe vera has soothing properties and reduces irritation. A long lasting formula makes this intimate lube perfect for all kinds of sex.

Like most water-based lubes, Lelo Hex has a non-greasy and non-staining formula, and it is very easy to clean with a damp towel or under the shower when you’re over.

Are Lelo Hex condoms safe?

Yes. Similar to all other condoms sold in the UK and EU, Lelo Hex condoms have to comply with all national and European standards. They are as safe as any other condom sold in the UK, with each Lelo Hex condom being electronically tested for safety. Lelo Hex condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy and provide the same protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Does Lelo Hex really revolutionise condoms?

Yes. Lelo Hex has managed to bring innovation into a sector that hasn’t evolved very much over the last few years.

Sure, the natural latex condom was an innovation, but these condoms have been around since the nineteenth century. Non-latex condoms were innovative when they were first launched, but only because they allowed people with latex allergies to enjoy the same protection as those who could use latex condoms – and without wearing archaic condoms made from lamb's skin.

However, both latex and non-latex condoms are manufactured in the same way and share many features apart from the composition.

In this world, Lelo Hex has proved that condoms can be very thin, very strong, and feel like a second skin, so you’ll never have to deal with that annoying feeling of constriction ever again.

Where to buy Lelo Hex condoms?

Lelo Hex condoms aren’t easy to find in stores and pharmacies. Nevertheless, you can buy them online from Condoms.uk. Committed to bringing you the best condoms on the market, we source all our products directly from brands or their official manufacturers here in the UK. So, are you ready to embrace novelty and give safe sex a new lease of life? Browse our range of condoms.