The definition of Über by the Oxford Dictionary is an “outstanding or supreme example of”, and the meaning of Überlube is “outstanding lubrication”. In the words of Stephen Magnusen, “the feeling is everything” so if we take Magnusen at his word, then Überlube is the best personal lubricant on the market.

Magnusen has been Übering since 2002, working his magic to produce a water-friendly formula for the discerning. Überlube is stylish, but Überlube is not style over substance, making it a considered choice you can rely on for all your personal needs.

What Is Überlube?

Überlube is a luxurious silicone-based lubricant created to help people feel their best during intimate moments with their partner or while participating in activities that require extra moisture. It's lightweight and long-lasting without leaving behind an annoying residue.

It's also free of preservatives, alcohol, and antimicrobials, making it safe for those with localised sensitivities to other moisturising products and lubricants.

What Are Überlube's Ingredients?

Überlube is made of simple ingredients, pure medical-grade silicone with a dash of vitamin E and water, all stored in a classic, stylish bottle that could easily be an iconic aftershave bottle with an easy-to-use applicator.

The silicone is the active ingredient, which allows Überlube to provide a lightweight and long-lasting effect without getting sticky or tacky like other lubricants tend to do.

How To Use Überlube?

Using Überlube is both intuitive and easy! All you need to do is squeeze 2–3 drops of lube onto your hands and apply it to the areas that need lubricating — enjoy. If you need more or less, simply adjust the amount accordingly. We recommend using a small amount first, then adding as needed for maximum satisfaction.

When you're finished with Überlube, the silicone evaporates on its own. Moreover, Überlube doesn't harbour yeast, bacteria, or mould, meaning no preservatives, alcohols, or antimicrobials are needed. That means it won't harm your body's natural, healthy bacteria.

Überlube is everything it says it is and more; with over 20 years in the lube market, Überlube knows where it's at and how to enhance all the feels — stock up and get free delivery for orders of £25.00 or above.

Shop Überlube luxury lubricant today at! Our free UK delivery and discreet packaging make this high-quality lubricant the perfect choice for all your needs.