What are Lubido lubricants?

Lubido lubricants are a range of intimate lubricants from the popular brand Lubido. Lubido’s roots can be traced back to 1978, when the company launched its first product, the condom Jiffy aimed at the youth market.

These condoms are no longer manufactured and since their launch, Lubido swapped from condoms to intimate lubricants.

All intimate lubricants from the brand are the result of years of experience and testing intimate lubes on condoms. As you’d expect, all Lubido lubes are compatible with condoms and sex toys, and are suitable for all types of sex. Let’s have a look at their product range.

Lubido lube range

Lubido manufactures three types of intimate lubricants, each dedicated to a specific purpose even if all of them can be used for all types of sex.

Lubido Original

The original lubricant from the brand, as its name suggests, is a water-based product suitable for all users and purposes. This all-round lube is safe to use with all kinds of condoms and sex toys, including silicone sex toys.

Light and fresh, this odourless and colourless product feels silky on the skin and leaves no sticky residues behind. It is easy to clean with water and it doesn’t stain fabrics.

Lubido Original lube is laboratory-tested for safety, vegan-friendly, and paraben-free. It lasts longer than other water-based lubes and is hypoallergenic. Like all sexual health products sold in the UK, this lubricant complies with all national standards and is marked with the BSI Kitemark.

Lubido Anal Ease

Like Lubido Original, this is a water-based lubricant suitable for all purposes. However, a thicker and longer lasting formula makes it ideal to use for situations where more lubrication is needed, such as anal sex or to combat the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Enriched with aloe vera, this lube has a soothing effect on the skin and reduces irritation. It also sanitises your intimate areas, making it a good choice for unprotected anal sex.

Another thing that makes it different from other anal lubes is the formula containing caffeine. This substance has soothing and antioxidant properties when applied to the skin, as well as a light numbing effect on the rectal area.

Like Lubido Original, this lube is vegan, paraben-free, and compatible with all condoms and sex toys.

Lubido Hybrid

A silky lubricant designed to combine the advantages of a silicone-based product with those of a water-based lube, Lubido Hybrid is an excellent choice for moments when you want longer lasting lubrication. Due to its very slippery formula, all it takes is a drop of lube to enjoy pleasurable sex.

This lube is suitable for couples and self-stimulation alike, either with your hands or with a sex toys. It is compatible with all condoms and most sex toys – do a patch test before using it with a silicone sex toy to ensure compatibility.

Similar to the other lubes from the brand, Lubido Hybrid lubricant is vegan-friendly and paraben-free, an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin.

How are Lubido lubricants different from other intimate lubricants?

Whilst many brands use a variety of chemical cocktails and test their products on animals, Lubido lubes are different because the brand does none of those things. Here’s what makes Lubido lubricants special:

Are Lubido lubricants compatible with condoms?

Yes. Lubido lubes don’t contain oils or other harsh chemicals and are compatible with all types of condoms, including all latex condoms.

Are Lubido lubricants compatible with silicone sex toys?

Lubido Original and Lubido Ease Anal lubricants are water-based and compatible with all silicone sex toys. Lubido Hybrid lubricant is compatible with most silicone sex toys. However, you should run a patch test before using it with a silicone toy to ensure compatibility.

The patch test is very easy to perform. Simply smear a small quantity of Hybrid lubricant on an area of your toy and leave overnight. Remove the lubricant the morning after and check the integrity of the sex toy. If you notice any foul odour or if the silicone layers peels off, do not use the product with that specific silicone sex toy.

Why should I use intimate lubricant?

Your body is designed to produce enough lubrication for sex, so what’s the use of intimate lubricant? There are several reasons why you should grab a bottle right now.

To begin with, intercourse without lubricant can be painful and damage the vaginal or anal lining. Your body may produce less lubricant as a result of hormonal changes, medication, or menopause. That’s where intimate lubricants step in.

Personal lubricant can help enhance arousal, keep your vaginal skin soft, reduce friction during penetration, and, most importantly boost sexual pleasure — whether you get that pleasure from your partner or your favourite sex toy.

Obviously, there are many more reasons to use lubricant when having sex, including:

Is lubricant the same thing as vaginal moisturiser?

No. Vaginal moisturisers can help prevent general rashes and irritation, but they don’t provide enough lubrication to prevent discomfort during penetration. This happens because moisturisers are designed to be absorbed into the skin, not to add wetness where needed. If you’re planning on having any type of sexual activity, you may still need to use an intimate lubricant in addition to a vaginal moisturiser to increase comfort.

Are water-based lubricants good?

Dubbed “the versatile lubes,” water-based lubricants are the best lubricants you can use. Not only are they compatible with all condoms and sex toys, but most water-based lubes are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Manufacturers such as Lubido even make sure their lubricants are vegan-friendly so that everyone can use them.

Although water-based lubes dry faster than silicone-based lubes or oils, they are less likely to cause allergic reactions and can be used for unlimited times and in any quantity you want.

Most water-based lubes are also edible, meaning that you can use them safely for oral sex.

Can I have anal sex without using lubricant?

No, you don’t have to use lubricant for anal sex. However, it is highly recommended that you do use lubricant during anal intercourse.

The reason for using lubricant is that your rectum and anus don’t have the capability to lubricate themselves naturally. Thus, anal sex can be painful if you don’t add extra moisture.

Apart from the pain, having anal sex without using lube increases friction. Because the skin in this area is very thin and delicate, anal sex can tear it and cause injuries. Some of these injuries may go untreated, especially if they are small and you don’t feel them. Nevertheless, they still create an environment where bacteria can thrive.

In the long run, these injuries could lead to anal abscesses that are not only very painful but that often have to be treated with antibiotics. In some cases, they may even require surgery.

Condom breakage is also more likely whilst having anal sex without adding extra lubricant. Condoms are the only way to ensure you’re not getting or transmitting sexually transmitted infections, and condom breakage during anal sex is linked to a higher likelihood of HIV and other TSD infections.

For these reasons, it is important to use an abundant amount of intimate lubricant whenever you plan to have anal sex.

Can I use lubricant if I have a medical condition?

Yes. Water-based intimate lubricants can be used by most people, including people suffering from:

How to use lubricant effectively?

Most intimate lubricants can be used freely, meaning there is no right or wrong way to apply and use the product. However, there are a few things that could make the process easier.

Do Lubido lubes have any side effects?

All Lubido lubricants are hypoallergenic products suitable for people with sensitive skin. However, in rare cases, they can cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive people. Symptoms include hives in areas that have not been in contact with the lubricant, swelling and irritation in areas that have been in contact with the lube, congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, and, in extreme cases, breathing difficulties.

In case you experience any of the symptoms above whilst using Lubido lubricants, discontinue the use immediately and wash off any excess lubricant with abundant water. Seek medical help immediately if you have breathing difficulty or if the milder symptoms last for longer than a couple of days.

Where to buy Lubido lubricants?

Lubido intimate lubricants are available in many high street stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets across the nation, as well as online. Buying them online is the easiest way to ensure a discreet purchase. Buying Lubido lubes from Condoms.uk guarantees that you will receive a genuine product. Committed to providing you with the safest sexual health products, we only source our range of condoms and lubes from the original brands or their official suppliers in the UK. Browse our range now to find the best lube for you.