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              What are flavoured condoms?

              Flavoured condoms are natural rubber latex condoms lubricated with a flavoured lubricant. The lubricant masks the taste and smell of latex, making the condoms more appealing to use for oral sex. At the same time, those who don’t like the smell of latex may also want to use flavoured condoms for vaginal sex.

              Flavoured condoms should not be confused with edible condoms. While they contain edible ingredients, they cannot be eaten in the way that novelty condoms can. Also, bear in mind that edible condoms are for novelty purposes only and do not provide any form of protection from STIs.

              Can I use flavoured condoms for vaginal sex?

              Flavoured condoms are widely marketed as suitable for oral sex alone. This is true for most condoms, but there are also some flavoured condoms that are safe to use for vaginal sex.

              The main issue with flavoured condoms is the sugar. Added sugar or sweetener gives the lubricant a pleasant, sweet flavour. The ingredients used are edible, and these lubricants are safe to be ingested in small quantities.

              However, they’re not suitable to use for vaginal sex, because the yeasts and bacteria normally residing inside the vagina thrive on sugar. Using flavoured condoms that contain sugar for vaginal sex could cause a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, two conditions that are annoying to deal with and sometimes difficult to treat.

              For this reason, you should only use flavoured condoms for vaginal sex if the package says they are safe to use for the purpose. Flavoured condoms that can be used for vaginal sex are sweetened with natural fruit extracts and don’t contain added sugar or sweeteners.

              You should follow the same rules when choosing a flavoured lubricant to use with unflavoured condoms.

              What flavours do condoms have?

              Flavoured condoms are super fun to use for safe oral sex, but what options can you choose from? Are all of them fruity? Let’s check out the most popular options.

              Banana condoms

              Using banana flavoured condoms goes way beyond the taste. Giving your “banana” the taste of real bananas can make oral sex a lot more fun. These condoms are perfect to use with your partner or buy as a gift for your mate. At Condoms.uk, you can choose from:

              Bubblegum condoms

              Sweet and fun, bubblegum condoms give a new meaning to flavoured condoms. They’re an excellent choice if you’re tired of the standard fruity flavours.

              Chocolate condoms

              If you’re craving something sweet but not fruity, chocolate condoms could be an excellent choice. All variants on Condoms.uk are suitable to use for all types of sex.

              Vanilla condoms

              Those who don’t really like chocolate but fancy vanilla sundae also have some options to choose from. If you’re more for the vanilla scent than flavour, know that all Skins condoms have a mild vanilla scent.

              Cola condoms

              Even though they are called cola, these condoms have a flavour similar to liquorice. You can find them from Glyde and EXS.

              Berry Flavoured Condoms

              In this category, you can find strawberry, blueberry, and wildberry condoms from Glyde, Pasante, ON, Durex, and Mates.

              Tropical fruit flavoured condoms

              Combining the sweetness and freshness of tropical fruit, this condom category includes individual flavours such as coconut, mango, and pineapple. Pasante Tropical are the go-to condoms, with a nominal width of 53mm and a length of 190mm.

              Mint condoms

              Mint condoms are not only fresh, but their cooling sensation may help you delay ejaculation. Ladies can also enjoy a pleasant, tingling sensation when using mint flavoured condoms.

              What flavoured condoms can I use if I’m allergic to latex?

              At Condoms.uk, all flavoured condoms we stock are made of natural rubber latex and are not suitable for people allergic to latex. However, we also stock a wide range of flavoured lubricants that are safe to use with your preferred non-latex condoms for anyone with a latex allergy.

              What flavoured lubricants can I use with condoms?

              Water-based lubricants are the best type to use with condoms. These lubricants have a mild formula that won’t irritate your skin, and they are also safe to use with all types of toys. At Condoms.uk, you can find the flavoured lubricants from the following brands:

              When buying flavoured lubricant, keep in mind to the follow the same rules you would for buying condoms – read the label and make sure the lubricant is safe to use on your intimate areas. Like flavoured condoms, some flavoured lubricants may contain added sugars and should never come in contact with your vulva or vagina.

              All flavoured lubricants are safe to use for oral sex. These products are made with food-grade products which are safe when ingested in small quantities. If you’re unsure what to use the product for, read the label.

              You should also note that brands also make flavoured massage gels. These products are designed for fun foreplay, but they are not compatible to use with condoms even if they are water-based. You should never use these gels with condoms, because they might alter the condom structure and the condom might break during use.

              Where can I buy flavoured condoms online?

              You can buy flavoured condoms online right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of genuine condoms sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers here in the UK, and all products will be shipped to you in their original, non-opened packaging. Read on to find out why you should buy from us.

              Advantages of buying condoms from Condoms.uk