What are glow in the dark condoms?

Glow in the dark condoms are condoms that contain a phosphorus pigment trapped between two thin layers of latex (or latex-like material). If you’re looking at them in a lit environment, they look just like regular condoms.

After a few seconds of exposure to light, these condoms glow when you turn off the light. The glow has a yellow/greenish shade, similar to the light you’d expect from a luminescent toy.

How do condoms glow?

Condoms that glow in the dark work in the same way as glowing wristbands or the fun glow sticks you see around at Halloween. They can do so because of a natural process called luminescence (no, luminescence is not some sort of Star Wars voodoo, and it has nothing to do with the Force ;)).

There are different types of luminescence, including bioluminescence (animals that have the ability to glow in the dark use it), chemiluminescence that makes things glow by creating a chemical reaction, and phosphorescence, which is the actual method that makes condoms and other objects glow in the dark.

Phosphorescence, like its name suggests, uses phosphorus. The glowing characteristics of this element are used for much more than toys and condoms. Items like your computer screen and white LED lights use the same element to be visible in the dark.

What do glowing condoms contain?

In the specific case of condoms, the products contain zinc sulphide or strontium aluminate, two compounds that act like a phosphor. These substances are safe to use – children’s toys that glow in the dark use the same substances, but they will not come into contact with your skin.

If you’ve used condoms before, you probably know already that most latex condoms are transparent. The luminescent substance is trapped between two fine layers of latex, one on the outside of the condom and one on the inside. In this way, neither you nor your partner will come into contact with the phosphorescent substance.

To use a glow in the dark condom, simply expose it to light for a few seconds. You can do so after you’ve put on the condom or before. After you turn off the lights, the condom will glow for about 20 minutes on average – how long the condom will actually glow depends on how much luminescent substance is used.

What size do glow in the dark condoms have?

Most glow in the dark condoms have a regular size. At Condoms.uk, we have a range of glow in the dark condoms safe to use for sex.

EXS Glow in the Dark

These super-fun condoms are designed to help you lighten up the mood in the bedroom. They’re an excellent choice to use with a shy partner, if they don’t like leaving the lights on. As easy to use as a glow in the dark toy, these condoms glow for up to 15 minutes after you expose them to light for about 45 seconds.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should expose the condoms to light in their wrappers. Then unwrap the condom and roll it on before intercourse, as you’d do with any other condom.

EXS Glow in the Dark condoms suit men with a regular size. They have a nominal width of 53mm and are 195mm long.

Unlike other EXS condoms that have an anatomical shape with flared head, these condoms have straight walls. They still feel very comfortable, but provide a snugger fit throughout.

EXS Glow in the Dark condoms are made of natural rubber latex and are lightly lubricated with silicone-based lube. They’re safe to use with water-based or silicone-based lubricant.

All EXS condoms are vegan certified by the Vegan Society and cruelty-free.

Pasante Glow in the Dark

As fun to use as EXS, Pasante Glow in the Dark also has a regular size with nominal width of 53mm. These condoms are slightly shorter, but at 190mm long, they can still suit most men.

Like EXS, these condoms are very easy to use – expose them to light whilst still packed in their wrappers for around 30 seconds, then enjoy up to 15 minutes of intense glow. The luminescence will fade slowly, but some condoms still have a faint glow even if a quarter-hour has passed.

Pasante condoms are made of natural rubber latex and are vegan-friendly. They have a smooth texture and are lightly lubricated. You can add more lube, as long as the product you use is condom-friendly.

Like all natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, Pasante Glow in the Dark condoms are not compatible to use with oil lubes or Vaseline.

Pasante Glow in the Dark condoms are electronically tested for safety and meet or exceed all British and European safety standards. You can use them as a contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

What other fun condoms can I use?

Glow in the dark condoms are very fun, but they only come in regular sizes. What can you do if you need a bigger condom? There are plenty of other sensation condoms you can use. Here are a few fun options.

Ribbed and dotted condoms

These condoms feature raised ridges and dots designed to stimulate one or both partners. Ribbed condoms usually stimulate both partners, although some brands – such as Durex – position the ridges in such a way to stimulate the wearer rather than the receiving partner.

Dotted condoms are focused more on female pleasure. The dots can be placed along the shaft or concentrated in certain areas to stimulate the G-spot and other sensitive areas inside the vagina. It goes without saying that you can use ribbed and dotted condoms for anal sex if you want to, but you should lubricate them properly with water or silicone-based lube – textured condoms are more abrasive than smooth condoms and could cause irritation and pain if insufficiently lubricated.

There are many brands that make ribbed and dotted condoms. Durex, for instance, addresses people who wear a regular size but their condoms also fit those who need a slightly larger condom. Most products in their range have a nominal width of 56mm and are 205mm long.

What are the best textured condoms?

Some of the most popular textured condoms from Durex include:

EXS and Skins are two other brands that make ribbed and dotted condoms. EXS Ribbed and Dotted have a nominal width of 56mm and provide anatomical comfort. These condoms are made of natural rubber latex.

Skins Dots and Ribs are slightly snugger, with a nominal width of 54mm and a length of 180mm. These condoms are also made of natural rubber latex and have a clear transparent colour, but they are infused with a sweet vanilla scent. These condoms are ideal for those who can’t stand the smell of latex.

SKYN Intense Feel is one of the few non latex condoms in the sensations department. The product is made of polyisoprene and safe for people with allergies. These condoms have only dots along the shaft and a smooth interior. They are 53mm wide and 180mm long.

Warming and cooling condoms

Another type of condoms that can ward off routine, the warming and cooling condoms serve different purposes.

Flavoured condoms

Flavoured condoms were invented for oral sex, and some types are still only suitable for the purpose. Because many people don’t like the smell and taste of latex, brands have started to use sweet flavoured lubricants to make condoms more palatable.

All flavoured condoms on the market are coated with a lube made of food-grade ingredients that is edible. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you ingest small quantities of it.

Can flavoured condoms be used for vaginal sex?

Nowadays, most flavoured condoms are also suitable to use for vaginal and anal sex. They don’t provide any particular sensations, but they can make safe sex more enjoyable if you really can’t stand the smell of latex.

Flavoured condoms come in a plethora of options. Fruit flavoured condoms are the most popular, classic options including strawberry, blueberry, and cherry flavours. Tropical fruit flavours are also on the wave. You can pick from banana condoms, pineapple condoms, and even condoms that taste like coconut or mango.

Chocolate and vanilla condoms are also popular, or you could go for a cola or bubblegum condom if you want to try a surprising flavour.

Most flavoured condoms are also coloured, giving a new twist to protected sex. The colours usually match the flavour. So, you can expect a red condom for strawberry or cherry, a purple or blue condom for blueberry or wildberry, green for mint condoms, a black condom if you choose chocolate or cola, and yellow for vanilla and banana.

If you want to try condoms that taste in one way and smell like vanilla, you can pick any of the flavoured options from Skins.

Where can I buy glow in the dark condoms?

You can buy glow in the dark condoms right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of speciality condoms sourced from trusted brands. All condoms in our stock are genuine and tested for safety – check the European CE mark or the British BSI Kitemark on the condoms you buy from us.

Buying condoms online is easy and discreet. You’ll never have to rush it or worry about your privacy. Simply add the products to your cart and proceed to checkout. We offer free delivery on orders of £25 or more, and all our orders are delivered in discreet, non-branded packaging. All you have to do now is browse our range to find the best glow in the dark condoms.


Who are warming condoms designed for?

Warming condoms are mostly designed for female stimulation. They are coated with a warming effect lube that enhances blood flow to the genital area. These condoms could be a great idea to use with a partner who finds it hard to relax and needs extra stimulation to reach climax.

Some warming condoms are lubricated with the same warming gel on the inside, too, enhancing the sensations and increasing intimacy for both partners.

What type of sex can cooling condoms be used for?

Cooling condoms are coated with a cooling effect lube. When applied to the inside of the condom, the effect can help you delay ejaculation naturally. On the outside of the condom, the lube delivers tingling sensations during vaginal sex and could have a slight numbing effect on the anal area – thus, these condoms could make anal sex more pleasurable.

Cooling condoms are usually tasteless and colourless, but mint flavoured condoms have a similar effect. If you do plan to use a flavoured condom instead of a cooling one for vaginal or anal sex, make sure that the condom is suitable for the purpose. Some flavoured condoms contain glycerine or sugars, and are not suitable for vaginal sex.

That said, at Condoms.uk you can find a range of mint flavoured condoms that are safe to use for all kinds of sex, including vaginal and anal.

Are glow in the dark condoms safe for sex?

Some glow in the dark condoms are safe for sex, others are not. Always read the product’s label to find out what you can use it for. At Condoms.uk, we only sell glow in the dark condoms approved for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

So, if you want to lighten up the mood in your bedroom without taking any unnecessary risks, simply browse our range of speciality condoms.