What is the purpose of ribbed and dotted condoms?

Many people see condoms as an annoying necessity. You don’t like them, but you need to use them because you don’t want to get any sexually transmitted infections whilst having occasional sex or to avoid leaving your partner pregnant.

But have you ever considered using condoms for fun? Or to increase sensations and offer your partner more powerful orgasms?

Ribbed and dotted condoms were created with this specific purpose in mind. The raised textures on the outside of the condom enhance vaginal stimulation and are a god-send for women who need more intense and careful stimulation.

Patterns and texture prominence can vary from condom to condom and from brand to brand, so finding the right ribbed or a dotted condom that provides the right sensations without causing irritation shouldn’t be too hard.

Do ribbed and dotted condoms really make a difference?

In most cases, ribbed and dotted condoms really do make a difference. Designed to stimulate the vaginal walls in general and the G-spot in particular, they provide more intense stimulation and help most women reach climax faster.

Considering that around 30% of women are unable to orgasm from intercourse alone, ribbed and dotted condoms are worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

Before wondering which condoms to buy, though, you should also know that ribbed and dotted condoms aren’t for everyone.

Some women may find them uncomfortable. They are also not indicated for women suffering from vaginal dryness unless you use them with extra lubricant. In case of insufficient lubrication, both ribbed and dotted condoms can scratch the sensitive lining of the vagina and cause irritation or injuries. The same can happen if you use textured condoms for anal sex and don’t lubricate them sufficiently.

With this in mind, remember that if you want to make the most out of textured condoms, you should use them with a generous amount of condom-friendly lube.

Why use ribbed and dotted condoms if they could cause irritation?

Using generic, plain condoms can get boring, especially when you’re in a committed relationship and use condoms regularly. Ribbed and dotted condoms can spice things up, allowing you and your partner to explore new sides of your sexuality.

Textured condoms may also come in handy if your partner needs more intense stimulation. Sexual satisfaction contributes to a couple’s happiness and also helps build intimacy and confidence in both partners.

Ultimately, ribbed and dotted condoms, alongside coloured and flavoured condoms, can add variety to your intimate life and bring back the sparkle for couples who have started to grow apart after years of sharing a bed. After all, if you don’t like them, you can always go back to the generic, plain condoms.

Are ribbed condoms better, or should I get dotted condoms?

Textured condoms have been created differently for a reason – each pattern stimulates the vaginal walls and G-spot differently. We can’t say one type is better than the other; ultimately, it’s down to personal preference.

Ribbed condoms

Their texture consists of small raised ridges that run around the circumference of the condom. Most have straight ridges, although a few brands make condoms with undulating ribs. Some even have a narrowing ribbing effect that enhances pleasure for both partners, whilst a few models have a textured surface on both sides of the condom. Ribbed condoms work by increasing friction and providing extra stimulation for your partner. At the same time, the wearer also feels intensified sensations, although some men may not find ribbed condoms comfortable precisely for this reason. Patterns vary from ribs only on certain areas of the condom (such as near the base or near the head) to a ribbing effect all over the condom’s surface. Ribbed condoms are perfect for women who typically have satisfying sex and can reach orgasm from intercourse but would like to experiment with something new every now and then.

Dotted condoms

Their texture consists of a series of raised, circular dots displayed on the condom’s surface. Like ribbed condoms, dotted condoms may be textured only in certain areas (usually the middle of the condom’s shaft) or scattered all over the surface of the condom. Dotted condoms also work by increasing friction, but the more prominent pattern adds more intense excitement. Some women may find the dotted pattern uncomfortable, and these condoms are more likely to irritate or cause injuries than ribbed condoms.

Ribbed and dotted condoms

Combining the best of both worlds, ribbed and dotted condoms usually have ridges at the condom extremities and dots in the middle, although pattern arrangements may vary from condom to condom. They are ideal for those who want to experiment with the most intense sensations a condom can give.

What is the difference between dotted and extra dotted condoms?

The number of dots on each condom. Dotted condoms usually have fewer dots, mainly concentrated in the middle portion of the condom’s shaft. Extra dotted condoms can have either more dots concentrated in the same area, and thus providing more intense sensations or dots all over the condom. Choosing one over the other is simply a matter of preference.

What are the best condoms for sensations?

Product Texture Shape Flavour Width Length Material
Pasante Passion Ribbed Straight No flavour 53mm 190mm Latex
Pasante Intensity Ribbed and dotted Straight No flavour 52mm 190mm Latex
ON Stimulation Dotted Straight No flavour 54mm 185mm Latex
EXS Ribbed and Dotted Ribbed and dotted Anatomical No flavour 56mm 193mm Latex
Vitalis Ribbed Ribbed Straight No flavour 52mm 180mm Latex
Mates Orgazmax Extra dotted Straight No flavour 53mm 185mm Latex
SKYN Intense Feel Dotted Straight No flavour 53mm 180mm Polyisoprene
Durex Intense Ribbed and dotted Anatomical Mint 56mm 195mm Latex
Durex Mutual Climax Ribbed and dotted Anatomical No flavour 56mm 195mm Latex, Benzocaine 5%
Durex Pleasure Me Ribbed and dotted Anatomical No flavour 56mm 195mm Latex


Do ribbed and dotted condoms offer the same protection?

Yes. Ribbed and dotted condoms offer the same protection as regular condoms. Because of their pattern, textured condoms are often slightly thicker than regular condoms, another factor that contributes to their effectiveness.

However, you must follow the same rules of buying and using the condom you’d follow with generic, smooth condoms.

What are the risks of using textured condoms?

Ribbed and dotted condoms don’t come with any particular risks, except a higher risk of irritation if your partner has sensitive skin or if you don’t use sufficient intimate lubricant.

Textured condoms made of latex can also cause allergies. If you or your partner are allergic to latex, simply use a non-latex condom. Whilst options are limited, SKYN, the most popular brand of non-latex condoms, manufactures a type of textured condom suitable for people with allergies or those who can’t stand the odour of latex.

Are ribbed and dotted condoms textured on both sides?

There is no general rule. Some textured condoms are only textured on the outside whilst maintaining a smooth interior. Others have patterns on both sides. If you are looking for a condom that is textured on the inside, but that has a smooth exterior, Lelo Hex Original or Respect XL condoms could suit your needs.

Although these condoms don’t have a texture designed specifically to increase pleasure, their honeycomb pattern with interconnected hexagons creates a raised pattern on the interior of the condom that can intensify sensations for some men.

These condoms are perfect if you like the feel of textured condoms on your penis, but your partner either doesn’t like them or finds textured condoms uncomfortable.

What kind of intimate lubricant can I use with textured condoms?

Like standard condoms, textured condoms are typically made of latex. Non-latex textured condoms are made of polyisoprene, a plastic material that has similar properties. Thus, you should only use a water-based or silicone-based lubricant with textured condoms.

Using oils (including massage or baby oil), petroleum jelly (Vaseline), mineral oil, body cream or lotion, or any other kinds of oils is not recommended because these products can damage the structure of the condom, leading to breakage.

That said, here at Condoms.uk, we sell a wide variety of condom-friendly lubricants, ranging from natural lubes suitable for people with sensitive skin to cooling or warming effect lubricants that can enhance sensations even more when used with textured condoms.

Can I use textured condoms for anal sex?

Technically yes, however, there are a few things to consider before using textured condoms for penetrative anal sex.

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating. Even when you use plenty of intimate lubricant, there is still more friction when having anal sex compared to vaginal sex. As we highlighted above, textured condoms create pleasure by increasing friction, but that may not be the case during anal penetration.

Due to increased friction, ribbed and dotted condoms are more likely to create anal irritation rather than pleasure. There is also a higher risk of skin lacerations which could lead to infections and that also increase the risk of contracting STDs.

That said, it’s all down to you. Use plenty of lube and try ribbed and dotted condoms for anal sex. If you and your partner enjoy it, then nothing stops you from using them.

Where to buy ribbed and dotted condoms?

You can buy ribbed and dotted condoms right here at Condoms.uk. Browse our range to find a variety of ribbed condoms, dotted condoms, extra dotted condoms, and any combination of patterns in a selection of sizes. We only sell genuine condoms sourced directly from brands or their manufacturers here in the UK, so you can rest assured all condoms you get from us meet the quality and safety standards. If you’re concerned about people finding out what you’ve been buying, know that we deliver all our products in discreet packaging.