Sliquid Organics Silk Hybrid Intimate Lubricant


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    Loving Joy Silky Hybrid Lubricant

    Loving Joy

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      Sliquid Silk Hybrid Intimate Lubricant



        Skins Anal Hybrid Silicone and Water-Based Lube (130ml)


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          Skins Fusion Hybrid Silicone and Water-Based Lube (130ml)


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            Hybrid anything is a bonus; getting the best of both worlds has to be a plus, and hybrid lube is no exception. Hybrid lubricants combine the best qualities of water-based and silicone-based lubricants to provide you with a “more-is-more” experience.

            What is Hybrid Lube?

            Hybrid lube combines water-based and silicone lubes, designed to give you the advantages of each material in one product. The water-based content gives you the easy clean-up of traditional lubes, while the silicone content adds slickness and endurance.

            The formula for hybrid lubricants is typically 80 to 90 per cent water-based with just 10 to 20 per cent silicone. The easy clean recipe means that although it still needs to be washed off afterwards, cleaning up a hybrid lube is much easier than with a pure silicone lube.

            Why is Hybrid Lubricant Advantageous?

            Hybrid lube has a foot in both camps, offering the advantages of a water-based product combined with all the positives of silicone lube. Water-based lubricants are great for sex toys, particularly those made from silicone, as they won't react with the material and damage it like silicone lube can.

            They also feel natural during use, allowing the skin to breathe whilst providing slickness and cushioning. On the other side of the argument, silicone-based lubricants last longer than their water-based bedfellow and are less likely to dry out during use.

            Hybrid lubes offer the best of both situations, combining the endurance and slickness of silicone with the natural feel and easy clean-up of a water-based lubricant.

            What is the Best Hybrid Lube?

            We recommend Sliquid, Roam, Skins, Hanx, Pjur, and Lubido, plus others — these are an excellent place to start!

            Ultimately, the best hybrid lube depends on your own preferences. Some people prefer a more water-based lube, while others enjoy one with more silicone content. Be bold and experiment to find out what works for you and yours!