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            What are the largest condoms?

            The largest condoms we stock are currently MySize 72. These condoms offer a nominal width of 72mm.

            What is a large condom?

            It is surprising how many people use the wrong size condom. Typically, men are divided into two categories, those who believe that regular size condoms are perfect for everyone (no, they are not) and those who believe that using a large or extra large condom speaks volumes about their “generous” dimension, even when the large size fits loosely on their shaft.

            Condoms, however, come in various sizes for a reason – using the wrong size could be dangerous and reduce its effectiveness. Sizes typically vary from small (or snug fit) to extra large.

            Large size condoms are condoms larger than regular but smaller than extra large. In the UK – as well as anywhere else in Europe – regular condoms usually have a nominal width between 52mm and 54mm, fitting those with a girth around 117mm – 121mm, and are around 180mm – 195mm long.

            Large condoms size

            As mentioned above, large condoms are slightly larger than regular, and are designed for men who need either a wider or longer condom.

            Typically, large condoms have a nominal width between 56mm and 60mm and are around 190mm – 200mm long. They suit men with a girth around 121mm – 135mm.

            What brands make large condoms?

            Most brands make large size condoms, although the actual dimension may vary from brand to brand. The only way to make sure the condoms you want are the right size is by checking the product’s dimensions. We recommend to do this despite the label advertising them as large or magnum condoms, because if the condom doesn’t fit right it may break or slide off during sex.

            Here at Condoms.uk, we sell a variety of large condoms from the most popular brands. To help you out, check out the list below to find the right large condoms for you.

            Product name Nominal width Length Thickness Material Lubrication Texture
            EXS Magnum 60mm 212mm 0.063mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Glyde Maxi 56mm 190mm 0.062mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Glyde Maxi Red 56mm 190mm 0.062mm Latex; red colour Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            My.Size 57mm 57mm 178mm 0.060mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            My.Size 60mm 60mm 193mm 0.060mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Vitalis X-large 57mm 190mm 0.070mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Pasante King Size 60mm 205mm 0.070mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            EXS Ribbed and Dotted 56mm 193mm 0.072mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Ribbed and dotted
            Lelo Hex Respect XL 58mm 195mm 0.045mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth exterior, textured interior
            SKYN Large 56mm 200mm 0.065mm Polyisoprene Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Durex Comfort XL 56mm 220mm 0.075mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Durex Latex Free 56mm 190mm 0.065mm Polyisoprene Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Durex Real Feel 56mm 190mm 0.040mm Polyisoprene Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            Durex Thin Feel 56mm 205mm 0.055mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth
            ON Extra Large 57mm 190mm 0.070mm Latex Silicone lube; non-flavoured Smooth


            Is a large size condom suitable for me?

            There is no absolute rule for who should use a specific condom size, but as general guidelines, a condom that fits perfectly is less likely to constrict, reduce sensations, break, or slip off during intercourse. Manufacturers size their condoms based on both length and nominal width, but as a rule of thumb, you should check the nominal width rather than the length when selecting the right size condom; that’s because most manufacturers make condoms longer than they need be so that everyone with a certain penis girth can find the right size condom.

            Men with a penis girth of 121mm or higher need a large or extra large condom. You can still use a regular size condom with a nominal width of 54mm if you like a snugger fit or if you want to use a snugger condom occasionally to delay ejaculation.

            If you have a penis girth higher than 135mm, a large size condom may be too small for you and you should buy an extra-large size.

            How to measure and choose the right size?

            Whilst penis girth is the most important to measure, you might want to also measure the length of your penis when sizing the condoms.

            You will need:

            How to measure penis length?

            To measure the penis length, place the ruler or measuring tape at the base of your erect penis, where the shaft meets the pelvis, and push slightly to ensure a correct measurement (fat tissue may hide some of your penis’ length). Measure all the way to the tip of your penis.

            How to measure penis girth?

            Take the string and wrap it around the thickest part of your erect penis. Mark where it crosses and use the ruler or measuring tape to measure the distance.

            To get an accurate measurement:

            What happens if I use a smaller size condom?

            Using a condom that fits too snugly or that is too short and doesn’t roll all the way to the base is not recommended because the condom can break or slip off during intercourse.

            A condom that fits too tightly can also slow down the blood supply to the penis. Short-term effects include delayed ejaculation, this is why some men prefer using smaller condoms when they want to last longer. However, in the long run, wearing a smaller size condom can lead to erectile dysfunction.

            Besides condom breakage and possible side effects, wearing a smaller size condoms can also be downright uncomfortable. Incorrect condom sizing is one of the most frequent reasons men claim condoms are uncomfortable to use, and one of the main reasons they are often avoided.

            If you feel the condom constricts your penis and that you can’t move freely, it likely happens because you’re wearing a condom that is too small.

            What can I do if a condom breaks?

            Condoms that fit too tightly on your penis may break during intercourse. If your condom has broken or split during intercourse, stop right away and remove the condom. When a condom breaks, you and your partner are no longer protected against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

            If you don’t know your partner’s STD status, it is recommended to get a simple, painless test for sexually transmitted infections. You may also want to get emergency contraception if your partner doesn’t use hormonal contraception and you don’t want to get pregnant.

            The pregnancy risk raises as soon as the condom breaks even if you have not ejaculated, as sperm is present in all seminal fluids that are released before and during intercourse.

            What happens if I use a larger size condom?

            Wearing a larger size condom may feel as uncomfortable as wearing a smaller size. You won’t feel constricted, but the loose latex or synthetic material around your penis will reduce sensitivity and have an overall negative effect on condom usage.

            A condom that's too loose may also slip off during use. Whilst it is unlikely you’ll lose a condom inside your partner’s vagina (the condom can’t go deeper than the cervix and it is usually easy to retrieve and remove), such an incident will leave you unprotected against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

            How to get a condom out of my vagina?

            In the unlikely event the condom slipped off and got stuck inside your vagina, lay down on the bed and relax your pelvic muscles as much as possible. Insert a finger inside the vagina and feel around for the condom.

            Once you feel it, insert a second finger and pull gently toward your vaginal opening. If you can’t reach deep enough, your partner may use the same method to search for the condom and gently pull it out.

            If neither you nor your partner are able to pull the condom out, a nurse or doctor may have to step in. This is often the case with extra-lubricated condoms or if you have used abundant intimate lubricant during intercourse.

            Once you’ve removed the condom, inspect it to make sure it is whole and that there are no pieces of it left inside your vagina. A condom left inside your body for too long can lead to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.

            If you’re uncertain about your partner’s STD status or do not use another contraceptive method, such as hormonal birth control, you may have to get tested and take the morning after pill if you don’t want to become pregnant.

            Can I use a large size condom with a vibrating G-spot ring if I usually need a regular size condom?

            Yes. If you usually wear a larger regular size condom (54mm nominal width), you may size up and use a large condom with 56mm of nominal width with a G-spot vibrating ring. The extra-width is necessary for accommodating the ring without risking condom breakage.

            At the same time, going only one size up when using an under glans ring ensures the condom will still fit snugly enough to prevent it from sliding off during intercourse.

            Condoms dos and don’ts

            Large condoms may be right for you, but there are still a few dos and don’ts to take into account when using this contraceptive method.



            Where to buy large condoms?

            You can buy large condoms right here at Condoms.uk. Committed to bringing you only the best condoms on the market, we source all our products from trusted brands or their official distributors in the UK. All condoms we sell are electronically tested for safety and marked with the CE and/or BSI Kitemark. Browse our range to find the best latex and non-latex large condoms for you.