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                        Discreet delivery on Durex condoms

                        You'll be glad to know that we stock the full Durex condoms range right here at Condoms.uk, and we are the best place to buy condoms discreetly.

                        We've got discreet delivery down to a fine art. We will deliver your Durex condoms, lubricants and accessories with no fuss in generic, nondescript packaging. You can trust us to deliver your Durex condoms in the most discreet fashion possible, and that's a promise.

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                        How do you choose the right Durex condom size?

                        Durex took into account the differences between penis sizes. Just like our feet, penises come in all shapes and sizes. You'll be glad to know that Durex manufactures condoms suitable for almost all users.

                        Most men in the UK and Europe will find that the regular sizes from the brand fit just right. If the Durex Regular condom size is too tight or too loose, simply go a size up or down. We clearly display the nominal width (in mm) of the condoms we stock here at Condoms.uk, which makes it easier to find your perfect fit.

                        Durex size guide: close fit for 124mm width, regular fit for 132mm width and wide fit for 135mm width

                        Finding the right condom size is only one part of the conundrum. It's imperative you know how to put on a condom properly so that the condom acts as an effective barrier, to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STIs.

                        Durex's condoms have been tested, both dermatologically and electronically, and feature the CE mark as well as the BSI kitemark. These marks indicate their safety per British and European standards, and shows that the products are made to outstanding levels of quality and trust.

                        What are the best Durex condoms?

                        Perhaps your primary concern when looking for a condom is finding out which one is the best for you. Addressing the needs of all men, Durex boasts an impressive and innovative range of condoms available in various sizes. All options fall in one of the following categories:

                        Durex Regular Condoms

                        The original Durex condoms, Durex Regular suit most men. They have a nominal width of 52mm and are 190mm long. With a thickness of 0.065mm, they provide the right balance between feel and resistance. Durex Regular condoms are lubricated with silicone oil.

                        Durex regular fit icon

                        Durex Thin and Ultra Thin Condoms

                        Designed to deliver an incredible sexual experience, the thin feel condoms in this range have been engineered for a natural feel skin-on-skin sensation. They are thinner than Durex Regular yet still suitable for all kinds of sex.

                        Durex Thin and Ultra Thin condoms have various sizes to suit people who need small, regular, or large condoms, and their thickness varies from 0.045mm to 0.055mm.

                        Durex thin icon

                        Durex Extra Safe Condoms

                        Suitable for people who like more intensity, these extra-lubricated condoms are thicker than Durex Regular but have the same size. A larger amount of lubricant with Durex Extra Safe Condoms also makes them suitable for combating dryness while increasing pleasure for your partner.

                        Durex thick, extra-safe icon

                        Durex Large and XL Condoms

                        Ideal for those who like the feel of Durex Regular condoms but need a bigger size, the Durex Large and XL condoms deliver more comfort. These condoms have a nominal width between 53mm and 57mm and are typically 205mm long.

                        Durex wide fit icon

                        Durex Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

                        Designed with your partner in mind, these condoms are specifically made to increase stimulation and help your partner reach a faster and more powerful climax. Options include products from the Durex Pleasure and Durex Intense range.

                        Both types have the same easy-on shape, a nominal width of 56mm, and large dots and ribs placed in a way to stimulate your partner. The main difference is the type of lubricant used.

                        Durex Pleasure condoms are coated with regular silicone-based lube, while Durex Intense features the brand’s Desirex gel that has a warming, cooling, and tingling feel good effect, all in one.

                        Durex Pleasure Me and Intense logos

                        Durex Latex Free and Real Feel Condoms

                        While most Durex condoms are made from natural rubber latex, the brand has also developed a range of latex-free condoms designed for users with allergies or sensitive skin.

                        Both latex-free and Real Feel options are thicker than Durex Regular yet provide a snug fit capable of delivering skin-on-skin sensations. Size-wise, you can expect the same fit and comfort as Durex Regular condoms.

                        Durex latex-free and Real Feel logos

                        Durex Flavoured Condoms

                        Perfect for certain kinds of sex or users who don’t like the smell of latex, these condoms can bring a touch of sweetness to your bedroom.

                        The flavoured condoms from the brand are available in a wide range of flavours, including strawberry, cherry, tropical fruit, and chocolate, to name just a few.

                        Various Durex flavours

                        Can Durex condoms break?

                        While Durex condoms are made from very strong, resistant materials that have contributed to the brand's success, they may break or split if they are not used properly, stored correctly, or if they are used past their expiration date.

                        This isn't just the case for Durex, though, condom breakage can occur no matter which brand you use. Here's a handy list of the most common causes of condom breakage, so you know what not to do:

                        Are thinner condoms more likely to break?

                        Not necessarily. The thickness of the condom has little to no influence on its resistance. As long as it is used and stored as instructed, a thin condom has the same resistance as a thick one.

                        The thickness of a condom will also be impacted by the material it's made from, with non-latex condoms typically being thicker than latex condoms.

                        What lube is available from Durex?

                        Condoms aside, Durex also manufactures a range of intimate lubricants, with Durex Play being the most popular. All lubes from the brand fall in one of the following categories:

                        Durex water-based lubricants

                        Super light and non-sticky, Durex water-based lubes are suitable for people with sensitive skin. They are easy to clean when you’re done and don’t stain fabrics. Most water-based lubes from the brand are also suitable to use as massage gels. Various options include:

                        Silicone-based lubricants

                        These lubricants are ideal for those who need more moisture or a longer-lasting lube. The brand’s silicone lubes add more moisture and last much longer than their water-based counterparts.

                        Despite their thicker formula, they don’t feel greasy or sticky on the skin and are ideal for all types of sex. Options include Durex Perfect Glide and Durex Real Feel. Both silicone types are compatible with all Durex condoms.

                        When to use Durex lube?

                        Sometimes, using intimate lubricant during intercourse is a necessity. These situations include cases of vaginal dryness when your partner's body doesn’t produce sufficient natural lubricant.

                        Dryness is frequent during and post-menopause, but women of all ages can experience it. Symptoms include pain, soreness, or burning inside the vagina, recurring urinary tract infections, and irritation and pain during sex.

                        Durex lubes can help restore the natural balance of this delicate area before and during intercourse, reducing the risk of irritation and pain. Intimate lubes can make sex pleasurable for women suffering from dryness.

                        Durex intimate lubricants can also be used whenever you want to make sex more exciting and pleasurable. The advantages of using a lube include:

                        How much lubricant should I use?

                        There are really no rules. You can use as little or as much lube as you want. If you have good natural lubrication, you and your partner may prefer using a smaller quantity of lube for intercourse, but you can still use a lot of it for foreplay.

                        Likewise, you may use as much lube as necessary to combat dryness. If you're not sure how much lube you need, simply squeeze a little lube on your fingertips and gently apply it to your intimate areas. Apply more until you achieve the desired lubrication.

                        Finger with lubricant


                        What Durex accessories are available?

                        As well as a marketing-leading range of condoms in all shapes and sizes, Durex are also known for their compact and innovative range of toys.

                        On top of battery-powered accessories, Durex also offers Intense Gel - which is ideal for ensuring you both reach climax during intercourse. Condom compatible and dermatologically tested, Intense Gel is a great addition in the bedroom.

                        Where can I buy Durex condoms and lube?

                        The best place to buy Durex condoms online is right here at Condoms.uk. We only sell genuine condoms sourced directly from Durex right here in the UK. When you place your Durex order with us, you'll receive a genuine product every time (not to mention fast, discreet delivery too!).

                        We also offer completely FREE Royal Mail 48 Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £25+. So what are you waiting for? Shop our range of Durex condoms and lubricants now.


                        Are Durex condoms vegan?

                        Durex still uses casein, a protein of animal origin, in some of their latex condoms. However, the brand also has vegan options for users allergic to casein or who lead a vegan lifestyle.

                        In the vegan category, you can find all non-latex condoms from the brand, including Durex Latex Free and Durex Real Feel. The Avanti and Featherlite Ultra are also suitable for vegans.

                        Can Durex lube be consumed?

                        All Durex lubes are made with food-grade ingredients and are safe to use for all types of sex. Although Durex lubes are edible and small quantities ingested have no harmful effects, it is not recommended to consume them - and they must always be stored out of reach of children.

                        Can Durex lubricants be used with condoms?

                        All Durex lubes are compatible with all Durex condoms. This applies to the full range of lubes and condoms, comprising water-based and silicone-based lubes, as well as latex and non-latex condoms from the brand.

                        Generally, Durex lubes are also suitable to use with condoms from other brands. However, you should always read the condom’s packet to ensure they are safe to use with the type of lube you have. For instance, some condom brands advise against using silicone-based lube with their products.

                        Are Durex lubes compatible with toys?

                        Water-based Durex lubes have a gentle formulation and are compatible with all toys. The silicon-based lubricants from the brand are compatible with all Durex toys. However, they could be incompatible with silicone toys from other brands.

                        To prevent damage, always read your toy's instructions and if the manufacturer advises against using it with silicone lubes, avoid this type of product. The reason is that most silicone lubes react with the silicone in the toy, damaging the device.

                        If the toy you want to use is deemed compatible with silicone lubes, do a patch test before using it with a Durex silicone lube.

                        To perform the patch test, simply apply a small quantity of lube to an area of the toy and leave it overnight. Check the integrity of the product in the morning to see if the materials reacted.

                        If the silicone on the toy starts to peel off or has an unpleasant odour, avoid using it with Durex silicone-based lubes. You may still use it with a water-based lube from the brand.

                        When was Durex invented?

                        Durex is a condom brand initially developed and produced in London, United Kingdom, by The London Rubber Company and British Latex Products. The London Rubber Company first used the brand name Durex in 1929, and the company started to manufacture condoms in 1932.

                        Durex is the acronym for durability, reliability, and excellence, three core values that have inspired users and helped to cement the Durex brand's worldwide popularity.

                        Today, the Durex brand is owned by the British company Reckitt Benckiser and is one of the best-selling condom brands across the world, with over 30% of the global condom market. In the past few decades, the company also expanded the Durex product range to include a selection of new Durex condoms, intimate lubricants, along with various toys.