Durex Play Stimulating Massage 2 in 1 (200ml)


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    Durex Play Sensual Massage 2 in 1 (200ml)


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      Durex Play Soothing Massage 2 in 1 (200ml)


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        Fair Squared Green Tea Lube and Massage Gel (150ml)

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          What are massage gels?

          Massage gels are products designed to give you the glide of an oil but without the sticky residue on the skin. Most massage gels are water-based, although you can also find hybrid or silicone-based formulas. The main advantage of these gels is that you can usually use them for sex – most types are compatible with condoms, but always read the label before use.

          Are massage gels safe to use for sex?

          Most massage gels are safe to use for sex – or at least safer than body lotions, massage creams, and body oils.

          In fact, massage gels from sexual healthcare brands, such as Durex or SKYN, are designed with pleasure and sex in mind. Their main purpose is that of allowing you to give your partner a soothing massage, but these brands know that massages can often lead to more intense action. Thus, their gels contain edible ingredients and are typically safe to use on your intimate areas.

          Whilst most body lotions and creams are also safe when ingested in small quantities, they may still feel gross in your mouth. Kissing your partner’s skin after applying a dollop of massage oil or body cream can feel awkward, mainly because cosmetic and skincare products have a nasty taste.

          On the contrary, massage gels have an almost neutral taste and often smell nice, so kissing your partner all over won’t feel disgusting even if they are covered in the slippery substance.

          Apart from the taste and feel considerations, there are more serious reasons you should avoid using common massage products for sexual activities. Here are some of the products you should never use as lube and why you should avoid them:

          Can I use massage gels as lubricants?

          Yes, you can use massage gels as lubricants, as long as you’re using a massage gel designed for intimate use. The most popular condom brands, such as Durex, Pasante, SKYN, and EXS make numerous products you can use for sensual massages and lubrication alike.

          Are massage gels safe to use with condoms?

          Yes and no. To elaborate the answer, some massage gels are safe to use with condoms, but not with all condom types. Other gels are not safe to use with any type of condoms, but you can still use them to lubricate your privates if you’re not using condoms or to facilitate penetration or increase pleasure when using a sex toy. At Condoms.uk, you can find numerous massage gels that are safe to use with condoms.

          What brands make condom-friendly massage gels?

          The main two brands that make condom-friendly massage gels are Durex and SKYN – however, check the label to see what condoms you can use with each type of gel, since none of their massage gels are compatible with all types of condoms. That said, here are some of the most popular massage gels on the market:

          Is Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel suitable for a full-body massage?

          No. Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel is a speciality gel designed to enhance clitoral stimulation and help women reach vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time. This gel should only be used to massage the clitoris area – and in this sense, you can refer to it as a massage gel. Whilst the product is edible, this gel is not a lubricant and should not be used with condoms or to facilitate penetration.

          Do I have any alternatives to massage gels?

          There are plenty of alternatives. The handiest one is using your favourite lube for full-body massages too.

          The best lubes to use instead of a massage gel are the water-based ones. These lubes are slippery enough to administer a soothing massage, but they are very easy to clean with a damp cloth or in the shower. They are also compatible with all kinds of condoms, sex toys, and for all kinds of sexual activities. Here are some of the best lubes you can use instead of a massage gel:

          Where can I buy massage gels?

          You can buy massage gels right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a range of massage gels that are safe to use for sensual massages and sex, alongside numerous water-based lubricants you can use as an alternative. All massage gels in our store are tested for safety and suitable to use with condoms (read the label before deciding which massage gel is right for you).

          With discreet delivery on all orders, free nationwide delivery on orders above £25, and fast order processing, all you have to do is browse our range and find the best massage gels for you.