Liquid Silk Lube

Liquid Silk


    When a product called Liquid Silk feels like liquid silk, you know you're onto a good thing! Bodywise, a British company based on the Isle of Wight, have created Liquid Silk Lube — a fantastic quality water-based sensual lubricant that's become a cult classic.

    Liquid Silk Lube is perfect for intercourse or masturbation, as well as with sex toys and intimate massage; Liquid Silk Lube is suitable for everyone with dry skin and, in a turn of fate, has become the go-to product for massage and not just the intimate kind.

    What's So Special About Liquid Silk Lubes?

    Well, it's not the packaging; the product's overall look is basic, medical even. But it's what's inside that count — a non-tacky, water-based lubricant designed to reduce friction during sexual activity and make you feel like royalty from start to finish.

    What Makes Liquid Silk Lube A Cult Classic?

    It's the quality of the product that makes it a hit and the fact you only need a tiny amount to get maximum lubrication and moisture — a thin film of Liquid Silk Lube is enough for a smooth, slick and sensual experience.

    It doesn't matter whether you're using it for intercourse or masturbation; the lube goes on easily, provides just the right amount of slippery feeling and adds an extra layer of pleasure to your intimate moments.

    What Else Can You Use Liquid Silk Lube For?

    When a product becomes a cult item, it's often for reasons other than what it was initially designed for. For instance, bubble wrap, the stuff we love to pop when we are not using it for packaging, was initially intended to be used as wallpaper (weird, we know) and Listerine mouthwash was originally made as an antiseptic cure for gonorrhoea (another good reason to use a condom).

    The same can be said for Liquid Silk Lube, a multi-use product. Not only is it great to use during sex, but it's also effective as a massage spin-off, meaning you can use it on your skin when shaving or waxing. It's perfect for anyone with dry skin — even sensitive skin who need effective moisturisation.

    Our customers are delighted with the multi-use aspect of Liquid Silk Lube, but on a serious note, there are some concerns about other aspects of Liquid Silk Lube, so we have put together some questions and answers to help.

    Questions & Answers About Liquid Silk Lube

    Q: Is it safe?

    A: Yes, Liquid Silk is condom-safe and hypoallergenic. It's also non-staining, non-greasy and free from perfumes and flavourings, so it's perfect for those worried about allergies or sensitive skin.

    Q: How long does a bottle last?

    A: The small bottle or sachet of 8.5 ml usually lasts around 2–3 uses, and the larger 50 ml bottle typically lasts up to 15. At the same time, our biggest bottle at 250 ml will last for ages. It depends on your desired usage, as a tiny amount is all you need.

    Q: What does it feel like?

    A: It's a silky, smooth lube with the right consistency for friction-free pleasure. It's not sticky or slimy and will glide over your skin as it warms up with body heat.

    Q: Is liquid silk lubricant a contraceptive?

    A: No, Liquid Silk Lube is not a contraceptive; it's just a lubricant to give comfort during sexual activities. It's always important to use condoms for protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

    Liquid Silk Lube is an excellent product for those who want more pleasure and less friction during sex. It's also perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, as it's hypoallergenic and non-staining. It can even be used for massage or shaving purposes, making this bestseller from a genuine multi-use product that's easy to use and offers maximum pleasure.

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