Fair Squared Condoms

We are proud to sell a comprehensive range of condoms direct from our partners at Fair Squared. There’s a huge range of products to choose from, including extra-large, max performance and sensitive condoms – so there’s something for all shapes, sizes and needs.

Vegan Condoms Made from Fair Trade Natural Rubber

Fair Squared is an ethical company dedicated to making life easier for its business partners and stakeholders all around the world. As well as condoms, the company also produces a range of fair trade, cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products.

The company is an alternative trade organisation that was originally inspired by Oxfam’s Make Poverty History campaign back in 2005. Five years later, Fair Squared was selling its first range of products through Oxfam and Amnesty International, then shortly afterwards a small number of student organisations took the idea and expanded it throughout the UK.

Condoms were one of the first products sold by the organisation, along with face and hand creams and lip balms. Before long, these products were being sold overseas, and in 2013 Fair Squared moved its headquarters to Cologne, Germany.

Sustainability and Ethical Trading

It now sells its products all around Europe and is known as a leader in sustainability and ethical trading. The Cologne factory has been certified as Carbon Neutral, which is another big bonus for condom consumers with a conscience. Fair Squared has been climate neutral since 2017, leading the way in the fight against climate change.

Fair Squared is driven by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and passionate about ending world poverty, hunger, and other important social issues.

Climate change is also high on the company’s agenda, and it was a founding member of the Fair Rubber Organisation. This is why every condom you buy from Fair Squared is guaranteed to be Fair Trade rubber and made from sustainably planted rubber trees.

The whole ethos of Fair Squared is about trusting in nature and being kind to the planet. Its entire product range is made from natural ingredients and free from palm oil, petrochemicals, microplastics and other environmentally damaging products. That also means that those with sensitive skin are far less likely to be irritated by Fair Squared condoms (apart from in the case of latex allergies).

A Brief History of Vegan Condoms

The concept of using a condom to prevent pregnancy (which was the original sole purpose) is both simple and amazing. This super thin (as little as 0.06mm) sheath acts like a second skin, creating a surprisingly powerful barrier between sexual partners.

The earliest condoms date back to Ancient Egypt, when finely woven fabrics or lamb intestines were fashioned into rudimentary sheathes and rolled onto penises before sex. Over the years, designs became safer and more sophisticated, and by the mid-19th Century, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and manufacturers had worked out now to vulcanise rubber; the natural material found on the tree.

In 1870 the first rubber condom was made, and it revolutionised the way people had sex. The downside was that the rubber itself was 2mm thick, meaning that protection against pregnancies and diseases came at a cost – loss of sensation.

Early condoms were messy, too. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the reservoir was created to collect ejaculate, thanks to inventor Julius Fromm. He used a revolutionary process that involved dipping glass moulds into a solution made from raw rubber, which once it had set enabled the condom to be easily rolled on and taken off.

So far so good, but the condom industry has still been bad for vegans and vegetarians until quite recently. That’s not only because the ingredients have traditionally been tested on animals to ensure they’re safe for human skin, but also because condoms have traditionally contained animal products. The main culprit here is casein, a protein naturally found in cow’s milk.

This protein has been used as a binding agent to make condoms stronger and more flexible, but thanks to new technology they can now be made just as safely without the need for casein. All Fair Squared condoms are completely casein free and involve zero animal testing, which means that vegans can have amazing, safe sex without any animals being harmed in the process.

Why Buy Fair Squared Condoms?

The Fair Squared Brand is great if you want quality fair trade condoms and you care about looking after the planet. This is a company that’s on a mission to make trade fairer and the cosmetics and condom industries kinder, so if you’re an animal lover who’s interested in cruelty free condoms this could be the perfect condom brand for you. Fair Squared products are also made to high standards, in a CO2 neutral factory, and all their condoms are made in accordance with strict health and safety guidelines.

Are They Safe?

Yes! Fair Squared Condoms are made to be strong and secure, so when used correctly you and your partner can dramatically reduce any chances of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

What Varieties of Fair Squared Condoms Are Available at Condoms.uk?

We are proud stockists of a comprehensive range of Fair Squared condoms, including:

You can also buy Fair Squared Lube & Massage Gel from our online store.

Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Condoms?

Condoms were only once seen as a means to prevent pregnancies and STIs but now lots of people are also becoming more aware of the environmental impact of rubbers. Condom production is often heavy on carbon emissions, and many of the products used contain harmful chemicals or animal products such as milk proteins.

A lot of people are also only just realising that many condom manufacturers also test the ingredients on animals, which makes safe sex a dilemma for vegans and vegetarians. By buying from a green company like Fair Squared, you can enjoy safer, better sex without having to feel guilty about the effect your choices might have on the environment or innocent animals.

What’s Inside the Pack?

The number of Fair Squared condoms in each box varies according to the individual product you’re buying. Original, Sensitive and Ultra-Thin varieties come in boxes of 10, while the Extra Large and Max Perform condoms are available in packets of 10.

Are Fair Squared Condoms One Size Fits All?

No! The brand makes Extra Large condoms which have been designed for the bigger penis. You can buy them on our online store, so try them out for yourself if you’re on the larger side.

How Should You Dispose of Fair Squared Condoms?

The same as any other condom – throw it in the bin. You should never flush condoms down the toilet as they can cause serious blockages, so it’s best to carefully wrap them in a tissue and put them in the waste bin.

Which Type of Fair Squared Condoms is Right For YOU?

That really depends on your individual needs and wants. There’s a broad range to choose from here and a lot comes down to personal preference. However, if you have sensitive skin that’s not keen on lube we would recommend Fair Squared Sensitive Condoms, which are dry and come without a lubricated coating, and if you’re particularly well-endowed the Extra Large variety is a good bet.

Can You Use Lube with Fair Squared Condoms?

Yes! Most Fair Squared Condoms (with the exception of the Sensitive variety) are already pre-lubricated, but if you want even more lubrication, you can choose to add your own lube. The only thing to note is that because Fair Squared Condoms are made from natural rubber and nothing synthetic, some oil or silicone-based lubes can make them less effective. We suggest using a water-based lubricant to keep you and your partner as safe as possible.

Why Choose a Green, Vegan Condom Company?

There are lots of condom brands out there and here at Condoms.uk we only stock the very best. But if you’re concerned about your personal impact on the planet, care about animal welfare AND want a condom you can really rely on, choosing an ethical brand like Fair Squared is a great idea. It’s also a smart move if your partner is vegan or into environmental issues.

Where can I buy Fair Squared Condoms?

You can buy Fair Squared products in fair trade shops and other ethical organisations, as well as some online retailers. Here at Condoms.uk, we have a huge choice of Fair Squared condoms, and we’ll make sure your order is processed quickly and delivered in a discreet package.

How Can a Condom Be Classed as Vegan? It’s Not Food!

Products that are labelled as vegan don’t have to be food. It basically refers to any product that doesn’t contain animal ingredients, and there’s a surprising number of things in the health and beauty world that do. For example, lots of cosmetics contain dyes that are produced from beetles and lice, as well as materials like musk and mink oil.

Condoms have traditionally been made using a kind of milk protein, which is something that Fair Squared is firmly against. Because their products contain zero animal derivatives, condoms from Fair Squared have been officially approved by the Vegan Society.

Why Does Fair Squared Care So Much About Animal Welfare?

The people at Fair Squared care passionately about the planet, which includes all living things. They go above and beyond to make sure farmers get a fair deal and can earn an honest, reasonable wage that gives them a decent standard of living.

The company also believes that animals get a really rough deal, and we often don’t get to hear about how they’re treated to give us the products we take for granted. Animals used in the dairy trade are often treated terribly, with baby cows being taken away from their mothers shortly after birth and disposed of as “waste products”.

Fair Squared is working hard to educate people about veganism and has pledged to never use any milk-based ingredients in any of its products.

Because Something is Classed as Vegan, Does That Automatically Mean It’s Been Made Without Being Tested on Animals?

Not necessarily – it just means it doesn’t contain any animal products. Testing on animals for cosmetic purposes was banned by the EU in 2013, but there are still lots of loopholes that mean many health and wellness products (including condoms) involve animal testing in some way.

Fair Squared are working closely with PETA and the Vegan Society to guarantee that their products are always vegan and never involve animal testing in any way – which means you can use their full condom and lube range with a clear conscience.

Do Fair Squared Share Any Other Messages About How to Use Condoms?

Yes, this is a company that cares for all the right reasons. Fair Squared’s website contains a large section about safe sex, including making sure your partner is consenting to every element of your intimate moments.

What are Fair Squared Condoms Suitable For?

The Fair Squared range is scentless and free from any flavourings, which gives you lots of freedom in terms of how you use them. These condoms are durable and strong, and can be used for all types of sex.

We’re delighted to be working with a brand like Fair Squared, because we also care about making the world a better and fairer place. You can buy Fair Squared condoms and intimate lube direct from us here at Condoms.uk, so take a look at our online store now and soon after you hit buy, your order will be on its way to you in no time.