Mister Size: the only condom you’ll ever need! Mister Size condoms have been designed to ensure every man is able to wear a condom that's as close to the perfect fit as possible. Wearing the right size condom is a great way to guarantee pleasure.

Many men have experienced the issue of trying to use a condom that’s too small, rubbing up against you, and liable to break at the most unfortunate time. Alternatively, you might have a condom that’s too big, and slides off.

Regardless of the issue, the result is the same: you can’t quite let go and just enjoy the magical moment with your partner. This dilemma has given condoms a bad rap and made them the scourge of the pharmacy aisle.

We know that they protect us, and our partners, from unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases - yet putting them on and keeping them on becomes a begrudging chore. Mister Size has set out to change that, and your sex life.

What is Mister Size?

Mister Size was founded in Germany by Jan Vinzenze Krause, and is a part of Vinergy GmbH. Krause had grown weary and disappointed by the range of condoms on the market. They rarely deviated from standard sizes, despite all users being unique as all penises are different lengths, and have different girth measurements.

This led to frequent poor fits, breakages, and a lack of pleasure during use. All of these caused problems for the customer, took the magic from the magic moment, and gave condoms a reputation as a necessary evil. Having had enough of standard contraception products and tired of the lack of alternatives, Mister Size was founded on four principles:

Pure Feeling

Mister Size’s 0.05mm thick condoms allow for intense feelings between you and your partner. In the moment, feeling is the be all, end all. The condom is a useful, almost essential, tool but should not get in the way of your enjoyment. The perfect fit and extra thin walls of Mister Size make for a condom that does its job and gets out of the way, leaving no barriers between you.


Pick the condom size that suits you best: Mister Size has seven to choose from. Everyone is different, and so a ‘standard’ size shouldn’t venture into condom choice, so goes the philosophy of Mister Size. You get a perfect fit for you, unique as you are. A Mister Size condom is your perfect date night companion; even if it’s not tailor-made (yet) it’s as close as you will get.

High Quality

There’s no second chance with contraception and low quality products have no place in your condoms. With Mister Size, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all products are high quality, certified and rigorously-tested. First-class products are a must for Mister Size, so switch off your worries, and switch on to the moment.


A poor fit is one of the main reasons for a condom breaking, and fear and worry are passion killers in the moment. With Mister Size’s perfect fit, individual to you, everything is as it should be. No drawbacks, barriers, or tedium, only reliable protection for hours of pleasure together. Even those with a latex allergy are protected, with the latex-free products your safety is secure even then.

As you can see, Mister Size is committed to making the best condoms on the market, ones designed to work for you and your pleasure. Once you put them on, its thin walls, right size and quality material means you can forget it’s even on, and enjoy sex without reservations.

Size Matters

The circumference of a standard sized condom is 52mm to 54mm, with XXL condom sizes measuring between 55mm and 57mm. This is a very narrow margin, and leaves you with very little leeway, and options, if you don’t fit comfortably into these standard sizings. Mister Size has set out to rectify that. Eschewing the standard ‘one-size fits all’ model, Mister Size has an immense range of condom sizes, ensuring that you can find your perfect fit, whatever your measurements.

Mister Size stocks the following:

As we know, good sex is not solely dependent on your size, but your size does matter to Mister Size! Mister Size stocks an extensive range of condom sizes so you can find the perfect one for you.

How do I measure correctly?

As your size matters in finding the perfect fit, Mister Size gives you plenty of tools for measuring to find the perfect condom size.

Measuring tape: Click the link on the Mister Size website, print off the PDF and wrap it around the thickest part of your penis. Use that figure to find your size.

Condom Sizer: A bespoke tool for finding your ideal Mister Size product. Open the jaws of the condom sizer just wide enough to fit around the thickest part of your erect penis, and place your penis between the jaws. Next, slide the device back together until it fits exactly against your penis. Take that measurement, and pick the Mister Size that matches.

Black Stripe on the Packaging: You can estimate your size by measuring yourself against the dark stripe on the side of the Mister Size packaging. The width is different for every size packet, just like the condoms inside. If your erect penis is the same width as the stripe, it will almost definitely fit you.

Use any of these methods to find the perfect size for you, and never worry about a poor fit again! Mister Size also has ‘Try Me’ kits for those still undecided on their ideal size or fit. These are a trio of boxes with three adjacent sizes, allowing you to mix and match until you find your favourite. For example, the sizes may go 47-49-53, or 49-53-57, measure up and take a trial to see which condom fits best.

Are Mister Size condoms vegan?

For those living the vegan lifestyle, Mister Size has you covered. While latex itself does not contain animal protein, many are coated with Casein, an animal protein. Mister Size products are not treated with Casein, and so are suitable for vegans. Meaning you can stay ethical without losing any of the magic.

Benefits of Mister Size

For Him: Mister Size gives you the perfect fit, so no tedious rolling and re-rolling to get it to fit and stay where it needs to be. No pinching on your skin, either and a better fit means a stronger condom, and fewer worries about breakages. Mister Size gives you a perfect fit, that lets you roll on and enjoy the intimacy between you and your special someone.

For Couples: Enjoy your connection, worry free. Mister Size’s comfortable, thin and almost invisible condoms allow you both to embrace each other and commit fully to your moment without any barriers.

For Her: Mister Size condoms come without the drawbacks of uncomfortable and poorly-sized alternatives. No longer do you need to take sole responsibility for yours and your partner’s contraception, Mister Size’s clear, almost imperceptible protection allows you both to have the sex you enjoy, with condoms that protect without distracting from the experience or diminishing your sensations.

Wouldn’t a thin condom break?

While it’s possible to break a condom, the thickness of it does not affect its resistance. The biggest factor in the thickness of a condom is material. Latex is a thin material, so non-latex condoms will be thicker than latex ones. The biggest factor is the fit. A condom that does not fit properly is prone to breaking, as it cannot do its job in the way it’s designed to. With Mister Size’s range, you can find the best fit for you, and don’t have to worry about it breaking.

There are some common ways for a condom to break, be sure to avoid these:

Lack of lubrication: Not using enough lubricant can cause increased friction, and makes the condom more likely to break, as well as causing irritation to both you and your partner. If there is not enough natural lubrication, then you can use supplementary lube to reduce friction and increase pleasure.

The condom has been poorly stored: Direct sunlight, and especially heat, can damage the integrity of your condoms, making them weaker. So, while storing them in your wallet might be convenient, it might not be helping you as much as you might think. It’s best to store them somewhere cool and dry. If you must store them in your wallet, only do so for a few hours, and definitely not for any prolonged period of time, or they risk losing their resistance and breaking on you when you want them to the least.

The Condom is expired: If your condom is expired, dispose of it. Once it’s past its expiry date, it’s no longer safe and should not be used. Keep an eye on the expiry dates and restock when needed. Latex is a perishable material and will start to weaken, once it exceeds its use-by date.

The condom has been poorly-handled: Take care when opening your condoms, as you don’t want to tear them before you’ve had a chance to use them. Opening the packaging with your hands is recommended. Teeth and scissors, while faster, are less precise and you risk accidentally tearing the Mister Size condom before you’ve had the full experience. Any air in the teat end can also cause a split, so remember to squeeze the end before and during putting it on, to make sure there’s no air in there. It should be a very snug fit.

What lubricant should I use?

There are two types of lubricant: Water based, and Silicone Based. Each has their advantages, so take a look and decide which is best for you, your partner and your Mister Size condom, to maximise your pleasure.

Water Based Lubricant

Water based lubricant is light, non-sticky and leaves no mess. Their chemical make-up ensures they’re easy to clean, perfect for people with sensitive skin, and do not stain any furniture. They are also well-suited to use in the shower, and can be washed away quickly afterwards, leaving no trace that they were ever there. Some water based lubricants can be used as massage oil, if that takes your fancy.

Silicone Based Lubricant

For those who need more moisture, or just a lube that lasts longer, silicone based lubricants may well be just what you’re looking for. A thicker liquid that lasts longer than its water-based counterparts, perfect for when you need that little bit extra. Despite being a thicker liquid, most silicone-based lubricants are neither greasy, nor sticky and can be used for all manner of sex.

Although dryness is often associated with the menopause, it’s not exclusive to this period in a woman’s life, and can occur at all ages. Dryness occurs when there's insufficient natural lubrication, which can diminish the pleasure and cause more friction, and increase the likelihood of your condom breaking.

Neither of those are ideal outcomes, so employ additional lubricant whenever you feel as though you need it. Since Lubricant can help the muscles relax, not unlike a massage oil, it can be introduced during foreplay, to add to the sensation, build up the anticipation and the pleasure.

Lubricants come in many varieties, and even flavours, so explore your options, find what works best for you and your partner. Combine a playful lubricant with your perfect fit from Mister Size condoms for pleasure like nothing you’ve felt before.

What products do Mister Size have and where can you buy them?

Mister Size condoms can be purchased right here at Condoms.uk! We stock the full range of sizes on both a one-time order basis, and a subscription.

Tip: use any of the measuring kits available for free on the Mister Size website to find your (or your partner’s) size; it will give you a much better idea of the best condom size to buy.

As of right now, Mister Size are only stocking condoms, and are not selling lubricant or similar products. Instead, they’ve focused on the condoms themselves; aiming for high quality and a perfect fit to maximise your feeling and intimacy.

Combine Mister Size condoms with your favourite lube for a safe, pleasurable and worry-free time.

Any and all purchases of Mister Size condoms come in an anonymous and discreet packaging. No-one will know what’s being delivered, so you can buy with confidence that your package is from prying eyes and nosy neighbours. It currently offers direct shipping to Europe and to the UK, with plans to expand its reach in the near future.

Mister Size condoms are available to purchase here at Condoms.uk on a subscription basis. If you know your size and how often you need them, you can have condoms delivered to your door with minimal hassle. How great is that? Subscriptions to Mister Size products are available in packs of 10, 20 or 36 condoms.

Once you’ve experienced the pleasure of a perfect fit, where you and your partner can have an intimate, uninhibited and worry-free sex life thanks to Mister Size condoms, we are confident you'll be buying again soon!