What size are large size condoms?

Large size condom is an umbrella term used for all condoms with a nominal width larger than the nominal width of a regular size (or standard) condom. However, since there are no laws that regulate condom sizes, the size of large size condoms varies from brand to brand.

For instance, Glyde Maxi condoms have a nominal width of 56mm, and the brand considers them large. The same brand’s extra large condoms, the Supermax, have a nominal width of 60mm. However, Durex’s standard condoms (what everyone would call “regular size”) have the same nominal width as Glyde Maxi – 56mm. According to Durex’s standards, Glyde Supermax would be a large condom, not an extra large.

Likewise, the condoms brand Skins calls its 57mm condoms Extra Large. But most brands would consider extra large a condom with a nominal width that exceeds 64mm. Thus, we can safely say that Skins Extra Large condoms are only large by most standards.

With this in mind, we talk about large size condoms when referring to condoms with a nominal width between 56mm and 64mm.

Are large size condoms the same as king size?

Yes and no. Since there is no law that requires condom manufacturers to stick to certain size standards or names, king size can refer to large and extra large condoms alike. Once again, it depends on the brand, each company having a different vision regarding the king size meaning. To make sure the condoms you want are the right size, you should read the label and make sure the nominal width is right for you.

How snug should a condom fit? Do I really need a large size condom?

Condoms are supposed to fit tight, but they shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Because latex is an elastic material, standard sized condoms can fit a broad range of penises. However, if a standard size condom (condoms with a nominal width between 52mm and 56mm are considered standard) is too tight and hurts – or if it constantly breaks during intercourse – you might need a large size condom.

As explained above, the actual size of large size condoms varies from 56mm to 64mm – with the 56mm condoms being considered a transition size between standard and large, depending on the brand.

Are large size condoms safe to use with cock rings?

If you normally wear a regular size condom, then a large size condom is safe to use with a vibrating cock ring. However, if you generally wear a large size condom, you should use extra large condoms with a cock ring.

The reason for sizing up is that a cock ring such as G-Lover increases your penis girth. Although condoms won’t protect you against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections when used with this type of ring, a condom that fits too tight might still break.

In some cases, pieces of broken latex can get stuck inside your partner’s body. And even though the vagina is rather short, it is sometimes difficult to find and get out all pieces of condoms. Any condom pieces that remain inside the vagina can cause infections.

If you want to use a vibrating cock ring that sits at the base of your penis (cock rings used to delay ejaculation or stimulate your partner’s clitoris), then you should use your regular condom size. When used with cock rings placed at the base of your penis, the condom will protect against pregnancy and STDs.

What large size condoms can I choose from?

Large condoms come in a variety of sizes. Here are some of the most popular options you can choose from.

Glyde Maxi

Vegan friendly and fair trade certified, these natural rubber latex condoms will feel like a second skin. The premium quality of latex allows Glyde to keep the condom thickness to a minimum without compromising safety. Glyde Maxi condoms have a nominal width of 56mm and are 190mm long. If you’d like to try a coloured condom, check out Glyde Maxi Red.

Skins Extra Large

Despite the name, Skins Extra Large condoms are regular in size according to some brands and large according to others. They have a nominal width of 57mm and suit men who need a slightly larger condom. These condoms are 205mm long and are extra lubricated. You can find them right here at Condoms.uk in packs of 12 or 16 individually wrapped condoms.

SKYN Large

If you or your partner are allergic to latex, try on SKYN Large condoms. These condoms have the same nominal width as Glyde Maxi – 56mm – and are 200mm long. They are made of polyisoprene, a type of synthetic latex, and are suitable for people with sensitive skin or latex allergies.

Pasante Sensiva

Another option for people with latex allergies Pasante Sensiva are polyisoprene condoms similar to SKYN. They are larger, suiting men who need a condom with 58mm nominal width. One of the main differences between Pasante Sensiva and other large size condoms is the shorter length of only 180mm. They can still suit most men but are an excellent choice for gents with a thicker rather than long penis. Another highlight is the minimal thickness of only 0.028mm. Pasante Sensiva delivers skin-on-skin sensations and comes in packs of 72 condoms. 

Lelo Hex Respect XL

With a nominal width of 58mm, Lelo Hex Respect XL condoms are thin condoms suitable for those who want to stick to natural rubber latex. The innovative structure makes these condoms unique – Lelo Hex condoms are made of 350 interconnected hexagons that add elasticity and resistance. The hexagon pattern is slightly raised on the condom interior, improving the sheath’s grip to the penis. At the same time, these condoms provide extra stimulation to the wearer. A silky, smooth exterior increases glide and prevents irritation. Get them in packs of 12 or 36 condoms.

Glyde Supermax

Larger than Glyde Maxi but not large enough to be deemed extra large, Glyde Supermax suit men who need a condom with a nominal width of 60mm. They are 200mm long and 0.062mm thick. Like all Glyde condoms, Glyde Supermax is made of natural rubber latex and is vegan certified. These condoms are also fair trade certified and suitable to use regardless of your lifestyle. Unlike Glyde Maxi, Glyde Supermax only comes in a transparent condom version.

EXS Magnum

Another condom in the 60mm nominal width category, EXS Magnum caters to men who need a longer condom. These condoms are 212mm long and are almost as thin as Glyde – 0.063mm. EXS is one of the most popular condom brands in the UK and an official condom supplier for the NHS since 1993. Like Glyde, EXS condoms are an ethical product certified by the Vegan Society.

Pasante King Size

Made of natural rubber latex, Pasante King Size is larger than Sensiva. They have a nominal width of 60mm and are 205mm long. These condoms have a smooth texture and feel very soft on the skin. Like Sensiva, these condoms come in packs of 72 condoms, but you can also find them in packs of 12 and 144 condoms.

Pasante Unique

Another condom in the 60mm range, Pasante Unique, has a length of 190mm and is 0.015mm thick – one of the thinnest condoms on the market. The sheath is almost invisible and delivers skin-on-skin sensations. Like Pasante Sensiva, Pasante Unique condoms are made of polyisoprene. They are vegan friendly and suitable to use with silicone or water-based intimate lubes.


As their name suggests, MY.SIZE 60MM condoms have a nominal width of 60mm. They are 190mm long and 0.060mm thick and are made of natural rubber latex. MY.SIZE condoms are manufactured in Germany by R&S Consumer Goods, the same company that also makes Vitalis and ON condoms.


Similar to MY.SIZE 60MM, MY.SIZE 64MM has a nominal width of 64mm. These condoms have the same thickness as the 60mm variant but are 223mm long.

How big do you have to be to fit a magnum condom?

Magnum, just like King Size or Jumbo, is a word used by condom brands to denominate their large size condoms. In the UK, you can find EXS Magnum condoms with a nominal width of 60mm and which is 212mm long. If you’re bothered by so much length, Trojan Magnum condoms have the same nominal width as the EXS, but they are only 205mm long. If you need a slightly larger condom that still has Magnum in the name, you could opt for Trojan Magnum XL – condoms with a nominal width of 63mm.

One thing to keep in mind is that different brands may have other dimensions in mind despite using the name Magnum. If you’re planning to travel overseas and think you’ll need condoms whilst you’re away, we recommend you buy sufficient Magnum condoms before departure and take them with you. In this way, you won’t risk buying the wrong size condoms just because they are called magnum.

Are Durex condoms large?

A quick look at Durex’s condom range reveals that most of their condoms have a nominal width of 56mm. Whilst Durex admits that these condoms suit men who need a slightly larger condom, remember that this is the brand’s standard (regular) size. The only exception is a small range of condoms with nominal widths between 52mm and 53mm.

In the 56mm range, you can find the following types of condoms:

Durex Thin Feel

Ultra thin condoms with a thickness of 0.055mm. These condoms have a smooth texture and are colourless and odourless. You can also find them in an extra-lubricated version, Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated.

Durex Extra Safe

Whilst the Thin Feel are some of the thinnest condoms from Durex, the Extra Safe are some of the thickest condoms on the market. They are 0.08mm thick, and, like the Thin Feel, these condoms have a silky smooth texture.

Durex Real Feel

Designed for people with latex allergies, Durex Real Feel condoms are made of polyisoprene and feel like nothing on the skin. They aren’t the thinnest condoms out there but still deliver natural sensations and allow for a wide range of movement.

Durex Pleasure Me

These ribbed and dotted condoms enhance pleasure for both partners and have a comfortable, anatomical fit.

Durex Intense

Ribbed and dotted condoms with a fresh mint flavour. These condoms provide extra stimulation and a pleasant, tingling sensation.

Durex Mutual Climax

These ribbed and dotted condoms contain a drop of benzocaine 5% inside the teat and help men delay ejaculation. They are an excellent choice if you want to postpone your climax until your partner is fully satisfied. The mild numbing effect can also help with premature ejaculation problems.

Durex Extended Pleasure

These condoms are similar to Mutual Climax in that they allow you to extend pleasure. However, they have a smooth surface. These condoms are an excellent choice if you want to postpone your orgasm for a more thorough stimulation of your partner, but the smooth surface of the condom makes them perfect for those who don’t like dots and ribs or who have particularly sensitive skin.

Where can I buy large size condoms?

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