What are strawberry condoms?

Strawberry condoms are condoms that taste like strawberries. These condoms are flavoured with either natural or artificial extracts, and some of them are coloured in red. Like all flavoured condoms, strawberry condoms are primarily designed for spicing up oral sex, but many types of strawberry flavoured condoms can also be used for vaginal and anal sex.

What can I use strawberry condoms for?

Generally speaking, strawberry condoms should be used for oral sex. The reason you shouldn’t use them for vaginal sex is that they may contain sugar. Yeasts and bacteria normally residing inside the vagina feed on that sugar and thrive, leading to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Treating yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis is challenging for women, mainly because the process is lengthy. Male partners may also need treatment if they’ve had unprotected sex before the infection is treated. Both conditions can affect fertility and may lead to systemic complications.

That said, some brands don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners to sweeten the flavour of their condoms. Glyde, for instance, only uses natural fruit extracts, and their condoms can be used for all types of sex. Flavoured condoms from Skins and EXS can also be used for all types of sex.

The easiest way to tell what you can use strawberry condoms for is to read the label. Flavoured condoms that can be used for vaginal and anal intercourse are clearly labelled. If you can’t find any information on the packet, assume that those condoms are only suitable to use for oral sex.

What brands make strawberry flavoured condoms?

Strawberry condoms are available from the most popular brands. Glyde, for instance, proposes two varieties of strawberry flavoured condoms.

Glyde Strawberry

They have a regular size – 53mm wide and 180mm long. These condoms suit most men, whilst the thickness of only 0.062mm makes it easy to feel a high degree of intimacy.

Like all Glyde condoms, Glyde Strawberry are vegan certified by the Vegan Society and suitable for people with sensitive skin. However, they’re made of natural rubber latex and unsuitable to use if you have a latex allergy.

The strawberry condoms from Glyde are suitable to use for all kinds of sex. Flavour aside, these condoms also have an attractive red colour.

Glyde Strawberry Slim Fit

Snug condoms designed for men who need a smaller size. They have a nominal width of 49mm and are 170mm long. The thickness is the same, as well as the condom structure – these condoms have straight walls and fit comfortably.

Skins Strawberry

If you need a larger size condom and don’t really care about colour, these condoms could suit you. These condoms are made of natural rubber latex and feature the proprietary Invisitex technology – they’re more transparent than most condoms and almost invisible on the penis.

Like Glyde, Skins Strawberry condoms have a comfortable design and straight walls. They have a nominal width of 55mm and are 190mm long. Perhaps the main difference between Skins Strawberry condoms and all other condoms with the same flavour – apart from the lack of colour – is that these condoms don’t smell of strawberry.

All Skins condoms are manufactured with the same technology and have a delicate scent of vanilla. Thus, they’ll feel more like strawberry vanilla ice cream.

EXS Mixed Flavours and EXS Variety packs

Another brand with flavour inspired by a strawberry sundae is EXS. Strawberry condoms are available in the brand’s mixed and variety packs.

Larger than Skins, these condoms have a nominal width of 56mm and are 194mm long. Similar to Glyde, they smell and taste of strawberry and are coloured. EXS condoms are also vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

The Mixed Flavours and Variety packs also contain other flavoured condoms, including cola, bubblegum, and chocolate condoms.

ON Strawberry and Vitalis Strawberry

ON and Vitalis are two brands manufactured by the same company, R&S Consumer Goods. Unlike most condoms at Condoms.uk, these condoms are not manufactured in the UK, but in Germany. The products comply with all UK and EU safety regulations, and both brands propose their versions of strawberry condoms.

ON Strawberry condoms have a nominal width of 54mm and are 185mm long. Vitalis Strawberry condoms are slightly smaller, suiting men who like a snugger condom. They have a nominal width of 53mm and are 180mm long. Both types of condoms are made of natural rubber latex and are suitable for all types of sex.

Pasante Taste

If you need a 53mm condom, another option is Pasante. Its strawberry condoms come in the Pasante Taste pack and have a nominal width of 53mm. They’re 190mm long and 0.07mm thick. Other flavours in the pack include blueberry, chocolate, and mint.

Durex Strawberry Condoms

Another great option for flavoured condoms are Durex Strawberry Condoms. Durex is one of the most trusted condoms manufacturers, but they are not just about effective protection, they can bring the fun too. Durex Strawberry Condoms have a regular thickness, and they're made using natural rubber latex. The strawberry fragrance of these Durex flavoured condoms ensures they smell (and taste!) better than most other condoms on the market.

Mates Temptations

Last but not least, Mates Temptations pack is another great choice if you need a 53mm condom. These strawberry condoms are red in colour, and the pack also includes an assortment of plain, textured, and ultra thin condoms. 

Are there any textured strawberry condoms?

Because flavoured condoms in general are designed for oral sex, most of them have a smooth texture. That said, there are other ways to satisfy your partner. For instance, you can pair a strawberry condom – one that is safe to use for vaginal and anal sex – with a vibrating G-Lover ring.

This type of accessory is a cock ring designed to go right under the penis head. It must be covered with a condom to prevent it from slipping off during intercourse, and its role is to stimulate your partner’s G-spot or prostate.

Whilst this type of cock ring delivers intense sensations, know that you should only use it with a trusted partner. The condom used to hold the ring in place won’t protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. However, you should never put on the condom, the ring on top of it, and cover with another condom, because both condoms could break due to friction.

If that happens, the ring may fall off inside your partner, and condom bits may also get stuck inside the vagina or anus. Whilst the ring could be easy to find and remove, pieces of condom may remain stuck inside your partner’s body, where they can trigger yeast or bacterial infections.

An alternative to the G-Lover ring is a standard cock ring designed to stimulate the clitoris. These rings can be used with condoms – the condom will protect you against pregnancy and infections when used with a standard ring.

Cock rings aside, there are also numerous accessories and sex toys you can employ to satisfy your partner.

If you really want to use a textured condom that is also flavoured, you can use your preferred ribbed and dotted condom and pair it with a strawberry flavoured lubricant. Strawberry lubes are available from Durex, EXS, and Pasante.

Are all strawberry condoms coloured?

Most strawberry condoms are coloured in red, but that’s not a rule. All Skins condoms, for example, are transparent regardless of their flavour.

Another way to flavour transparent condoms is to use plain condoms with a flavoured lubricant. As mentioned above, you have quite a few options when it comes to choosing the best condom-friendly lubricant.

What size do strawberry condoms have?

The vast majority of strawberry condoms on the market have a regular size. Regular sizes vary from 53mm to 56mm and suit most men.

A snug fit variant is also available from Glyde, but you’ll have to use your favourite condoms and a flavoured lubricant if you need a large or extra large size condom.

Why should I use condoms for oral sex?

People use condoms for a variety of reasons, but very few think about the implications of unprotected oral sex.

Heterosexual couples, for instance, majorly use condoms to prevent pregnancy. Even when the partners are nothing more than acquaintances (not to say complete strangers), the first thing that comes to mind is avoiding a pregnancy. Only a few people use them for protection against sexually transmitted infections, and even then, they only use the condom during intercourse.

Gay male couples are more conscious in their choices, but in this case, too, most couples use the condom only during intercourse.

What you may not know, however, is that STDs can be transmitted through oral sex. Although the risk is lower, there are many infections you can get or transmit through oral sex. These include herpes, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and syphilis, to name just a few.

HIV can also be transmitted through oral sex, as well as HPV – a virus that can cause cervical, throat, and mouth cancer.

The only way to protect yourself and your partner is with condoms. That’s where flavoured condoms step in.

Flavoured condoms remove the taste and smell of latex, making the experience more enjoyable for the giving partner.

Are there any alternatives to strawberry condoms?

Yes. Condoms can have a variety of flavours. You can pick from other fruity options or go for more decadent tastes, such as chocolate or vanilla. Here are some of the most popular options and they brands they come from:

What flavoured lubricants can I use with strawberry condoms?

Flavoured condoms usually come pre-lubricated, but extra lube is often needed. If you don’t want to mix the taste of strawberry with another flavour, you could use neutral, unflavoured lubricant or opt for a strawberry lube – you can find strawberry flavoured lubricant right here at Condoms.uk, from Durex, EXS, and Pasante.

If you don’t mind mixing the taste of strawberry with another flavour, an excellent choice could be a chocolate flavoured lubricant.

Alternatively, you can choose any flavour you like. Other fruity flavours include peach and cherry, or you could go wild and pair your strawberry condoms with mint flavoured lubricant for an explosion of flavours.

Where can I buy strawberry condoms?

You can buy strawberry condoms right here at Condoms.uk. Not only do we store a wide range of flavoured condoms – all of which are sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers in the UK, but buying from us comes with a plethora of advantages: