UNIQ condoms are perfect for those seeking the highest quality non-latex protection. The range of products, including Oral Love Dental Dams, Air Latex Free Female Condoms and Pull Latex Free Condoms, have been designed to provide maximum pleasure without compromising protection.

UNIQ condoms make their products with Synthetic Resin AT-10, a revolutionary material designed to improve the protection and sexual experience of those who use it.

At UNIQ condoms, we understand the importance of safety and pleasure. That is why UNIQ products test rigorously to ensure they meet the ultimate standards of quality and comfort. Our innovative range is perfect for those looking for a safe and pleasurable experience.


UNIQ condoms won the Bill and Melinda Gates award of 1 million dollars for being the most innovative condoms in the world. Manufactured in Bogotá, Colombia, UNIQ sells its outstanding products worldwide.


UNIQ condoms are ultra-thin, allowing for maximum sensitivity and pleasure with no compromise in safety. Thanks to the synthetic resin, they are much stronger than conventional latex condoms, offering greater protection against breakage. The material also adheres perfectly to the skin and transmits heat better for a more natural experience.

For those who have allergies or don't like using traditional condoms, UNIQ is a great alternative that offers the same protection without any of the drawbacks.

Good Work from UNIQ Condoms

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