Adore condoms are one of the most popular condom brands in the world. They are part of the brand made by the Karex Group, incorporating Pasante Healthcare Limited (PHL), a condom brand from the UK.

Adore is a sister brand made by Karex, offering high-quality condoms and accessories at ultra-competitive prices for decades. All Adore condoms are CE-marked and follow EU regulations and standards, so you can be sure they are safe to use.

But what about many people's question — Do Adore condoms contain any sugar? And is it safe to use them with flavoured lubricants? We'll discuss these questions and others that you, the condom-wearing public, have asked in more detail within this review of Adore condoms.

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Are Adore Condoms Safe?

When we talk about safety, it's good to know that Adore condoms have been tested and certified to meet European standards for safety, which means that they are absolutely safe to use. All their condoms pass a rigorous quality control process at the factory, where each condom is electronically tested for consistency and strength before being released on the market.

Adore condoms also undergo independent rounds of testing by external laboratories that certify their condoms as safe and effective. Extra testing means you can rest assured that all Adore condoms are made to the highest safety standards when protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Do Adore Flavoured Condoms Have Sugar In Them?

The short answer is: yes, but also no; in fact, there's no quick answer — The appeal of flavoured condoms is the added sugar or sweetener that gives the lubricant its pleasant taste.

While these ingredients are edible and safe to ingest in small quantities, they can be problematic when introduced into the vagina. Sugar, in particular, can cause yeasts and bacteria in the vagina to flourish, leading to annoying and sometimes difficult-to-treat conditions like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

To avoid potential health issues, it's essential to only use flavoured condoms for vaginal and anal sex if the packaging states explicitly they are safe to do so. Adore mixed flavoured condoms are sweetened with natural fruit extracts and don't contain added sugar or sweeteners.

The same rule applies when selecting a flavoured lubricant to use with unflavoured condoms. Don't jeopardise your vaginal health for the sake of taste — always read the packaging and choose wisely.

Adore Flavoured Condoms Ingredients Explained

The main ingredient in Adore mixed flavoured condoms is latex. Latex condoms are made from a natural rubber material and can be used for vaginal and anal intercourse. The material provides flexibility, comfort, and an effective barrier against pregnancy and STDs.

The next ingredient is flavouring, which comes in either blueberry, strawberry, chocolate or mint flavours. These are mostly made up of natural fruit extracts or natural flavours — in the case of mint and chocolate, and some sweeteners. They are added to the non-spermicidal lubricant before it's applied to the condom.

Finally, some preservatives are included in Adore flavoured condoms to keep them fresh for extended periods.

While Adore has gone to some lengths to ensure that their flavoured condoms will not upset your partner's PH balance (the level of acidic and basic compounds needed in your blood for a healthy vagina) if you're sensitive to sugar because you have candida or suffer with the occasional bout of thrush, it's best to avoid flavoured condoms for intercourse and only use them for oral sex.

Can Adore Flavoured Condoms Break?

Yes, Adore mixed flavoured condoms can break just like any other condom if they are not used as recommended by Karex. However, Adore's high-grade rubber material is designed for maximum reliability, and the company is confident that its condoms will not break or tear during sexual intercourse.

Please refer to the product packaging for more information on using and storing Adore flavoured condoms safely. Also, look out for any signs of damage before using the condom. If you notice any wear and tear, discard it immediately and replace it with a fresh one.

When it comes to making sure your Adore flavoured condoms stay intact during use, make sure you use the right size condom, apply plenty of lube (if necessary), store your condoms properly, never use expired condoms, and do away with over-long fingernails or sharp jewellery that could tear through the latex material.

Following these simple rules will help ensure your Adore mixed flavoured condoms remain reliable and that you and your partner have a safe and enjoyable sexual experience.

What Other Products Do Adore Make?

Adore makes a range of high-quality, ultra-thin condoms that give you the assurance and protection you need when engaging in sexual activities. The range includes ribbed pleasure condoms, mini wand vibrator, vibrating bullets, vibrating rings, ultra-thin condoms, and extra sure condoms (144 pack), all perfect for optimal pleasure and protection during sex.

All Adore condoms are certified to the highest standards, so you can feel confident that they provide a reliable barrier against pregnancy and STDs while being comfortable at the same time.


In conclusion, if you're looking for a safe and reliable brand of condoms that offers excellent protection and pleasure, then Adore condoms are a great choice. Whether you opt for flavoured or thin, you can be sure that Adore products will provide the ultimate satisfaction and safety.

May 5, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh