A warming condom is a latex or non-latex condom that is coated with a warming lubricant that offers a heated sensation when applied. Using these condoms properly can enhance your sexual experience while acting as a contraceptive and offering protection from STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

A more scientifically complete answer to ‘How do condoms work,’ can be found in the blog below, along with an answer to ‘What do warming condoms feel like,’ and what do warming condoms do — let's answer one question at a time.

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How do warming condoms work

Warming condoms are lubricated with a special formula that heats up upon touch. The formula often comprises a natural stimulant like capsaicin, a medicinally active derivative from the chilli plant. Yes, you heard right, chillies warm up your condoms.

If you’re already a fan of chillies in your food, you will know how they work. In food, capsaicin releases a chemical into your mouth that triggers the heat receptors in your mouth, tricking the brain into thinking your food is hot. Your brain responds by turning on your body's cooling mechanism, so you sweat; as a side effect sweating releases endorphins.

Warming condoms work the same way, tricking the brain into releasing endorphins when the warming lubricant comes into contact with the skin. That’s not all, capsaicin is also a pain blocker used in creams and lotions to help with joint pain, muscle sprains and even fibromyalgia (muscle pain).

So, warming condoms can enhance pleasure, stimulate the senses and help release happy hormones.

What do warming condoms feel like?

Warming condoms do what they say they do, warm the skin and any area that they touch. Intimate skin is delicate, so caution should be used if you plan to use a warming condom for anal or vaginal intercourse.

To get the most out of a warming condom, you must make sure you put the condom on properly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying a warming condom. You can also read more in our blog called, ‘How to put on a condom.

  1. The first thing you must do is check the expiry date on your condoms. If your condom has expired, throw it away and use another.
  2. Take the condom out of the wrapper carefully (don’t use scissors or teeth to open the condom) and ensure it’s ready to unroll properly. The condom should look like a hat, with the rim on the outside.
  3. Unroll the condom a little bit to ensure it can perform its function when it meets the penis.
  4. Pinch the top of the condom to make space for ejaculation, then place the condom on the head of an erect penis.
  5. If the penis is uncircumcised, it’s a good idea to pull back the foreskin, then place the condom on the penis and roll it down.
  6. The lubricant in the warming condom will start working as soon as you roll the condom down the shaft. Make sure the condom covers the entire penis down to the base.
  7. Apply more warming lubricant as required.

Once you have finished using the condom, wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin; never be tempted to flush it down the toilet, as you will almost certainly block your pipes.

The warming sensation will wear off, it’s a temporary sensation that lessens over time. It’s possible to supplement the warming lubricant in the condom with additional warming lubricant, and in turn, you can use warming lubricant with a plain condom.

Which brands make warming condoms?

Our bestseller is Mates Ultimate 3-in-1 Condoms. With 14 condoms in a pack, Mates go one step further and combine a ribbed and dotted condom with warming get for a complete package of rollercoaster sensations. Mates 3-in-1 are our bestsellers for a reason — they tick all boxes (literally).

Skyn and EXS make warming condoms. Pasante and Vitalis also make great condoms all with a warming lubricant added for extra pleasure. All these brands focus on encouraging increased blood flow to the genital area.

The warming lubricant can increase sensitivity to enhance orgasm by waking up the body’s neuro-receptors to produce that feel-good sensation. In essence, giving the body a helping hand to reach an orgasm faster.

Other things to know about warming condoms

So now you know what warming condoms do and their positive effect on your sex life, it's only right that we should warn you that some people are allergic to the ingredients in warming condoms and lubricant. If you’re sensitive to chillies in food, it’s more than like that warming condoms will not be for you.

If you’re sensitive to latex condoms, warming condoms might be best avoided. However, just because you may not get on with warming lubricant doesn’t mean you’re excluded from the fun. Why not try flavoured condoms? Read more about flavoured condoms.

There are also cooling condoms that make the skin feel cool; if a cold sensation is your thing, check out our collection of cooling condoms. The great thing about all the condoms we sell is that they are all designed to enhance pleasure, increase sensation and give your sex life a boost. So what are you waiting for? Get some and get more pleasure — it’s a win, win.

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