EXS Condoms is a relatable brand of condoms that offers a range of products to suit all the needs and wants of customers. LTC Healthcare owns EXS Condoms and began distributing in 1993 via Durex condoms and several popular platforms available before people used the internet and social media to buy sexual health products.

In 1997 this British brand decided to go alone, and since then, EXS has expanded to become a well-known name in the sexual health industry. The company is best known for its Elastomed technology, which has made its condoms thinner yet more robust than ever before.

Under the EXS and Boys Own brands, LTC produces and distributes a variety of condoms and lubricants. LTC Healthcare is also a significant supplier of NHS sexual health clinics.

LTC Healthcare is one of the major suppliers of private-label condoms for online retailers and people who seek to create condoms under their own brand name in addition to its own condom and lube brands.

With more than 25 years of expertise, LTC Healthcare is regarded as one of the UK's most morally conscientious condom and lubricant manufacturers. Its own-branded goods are entirely vegan-friendly in that they don't use any materials derived from animals and aren't subjected to any animal testing.

With many styles and sizes, EXS Condoms offers something for everyone's pleasure and safety needs. Let's dive right in and answer some frequently asked questions our customers regularly ask…

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What are LTC Healthcare and EXS Quality Standards?

LTC Healthcare and EXS often come under scrutiny as they are one of the few independently owned sexual healthcare companies. On their website, their mission statement says, 'LTC and EXS continue to inspire, equip, and inform individuals to engage in safe, consensual sexual activity and other healthcare practises in a way that promotes freedom, enjoyment, and equality while upholding the highest standards.'

Taking this statement further, EXS is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality as a premier healthcare organisation. LTC Healthcare is committed to improving its products and services and the environment and has earned the company ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 status.

The Vegan Society Certification, CE Mark Status, British Standards Institute (BSI) Kite Mark, PETA Approval, and FDA Approval are just a few quality benchmarks the brand portfolio has attained. So we at condoms.uk can safely say EXS Condoms and accessories are indeed quality products.

Are EXS Condoms Good?

Yes, EXS Condoms are good; in fact, they're great! The Elastomed technology used in producing EXS condoms makes them thinner and stronger. Elastomed technology means users enjoy a heightened sensation without sacrificing the safety of using a condom.

EXS Black Latex Condoms, Glow in the Dark Condoms, Endurance Delay Condoms, and Air Thin Latex Condoms are particularly popular among EXS customers. All of these condoms are designed for maximum pleasure and safety.

In addition to the advanced technology used during production, each condom is electronically tested three times before being packed and distributed, ensuring that no faulty product reaches customers.

Are EXS Condoms Safe?

Yes, EXS Condoms are safe! All their products are CE marked following the latest European Standards, and they have rigorously tested them to ensure maximum safety. Each condom is electronically tested three times before being packed and distributed, ensuring no faulty product reaches customers.

In addition to providing quality products, EXS encourages customers to use condoms safely and responsibly. All of the condoms come with clear instructions on how to use them properly, so they must be followed if you wish to prevent STIs or unwanted pregnancies.

Are EXS Condoms Good Quality?

Yes, EXS Condoms are good quality. All condoms are made from natural rubber latex, but their soft texture suits people with sensitive skin.

EXS also has a range of extra safe condoms that offer even more protection than regular condoms. EXS recommend these condoms for those engaging in anal sex or having multiple partners, as they provide even more protection.

Are EXS Condoms Affordable?

Yes, EXS Condoms are affordable! Prices vary depending on the type of condom purchased, but they can generally be found for between £7-£25 per pack. The higher-costing condoms are priced that way because, generally, there are more in the packet – in this case, there are 144 condoms for £24.99.

More condoms in the pack make them a great cost-effective choice when looking to purchase condoms in bulk or regularly replace your stock.

What Else Does EXS Sell?

EXS makes an extensive range of products that include lubricants, dental dams, sex toys and cock rings. All of these are designed to help enhance your sexual experiences safely.

The lubricants come in various flavours, textures, and types for anal and vaginal activities. The dental dams are flavoured to make oral sex more enjoyable for all parties involved, while EXS tailor the range of sex toys to offer something for everyone.

Is EXS a Popular Brand?

Yes, EXS is more than popular; it’s a famous brand! EXS is one of the leading condom brands in the UK, offering quality products with reasonable pricing to customers and retailers.

With EXS's help, we provide education and information on safe sex practices, helping our customers stay informed about how to use their products responsibly. EXS's commitment to safety has earned EXS plenty of positive reviews from thousands of happy customers.

Conclusion – EXS Condoms Review: Are They Good & Safe?

In conclusion, EXS Condoms are an excellent option for quality and safe condoms. They make a wide range of condoms suited to different preferences, including regular, extra safe, ultra-thin and glow-in-the-dark varieties, all with the bonus of being affordable.

The range of lubricants, dental dams, sex toys and cock rings make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their sexual activities. With EXS's commitment to safety and quality, you can be sure that your experiences will be enjoyable yet safe.

Mar 20, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh