Mates Condoms offer quality and affordability in one package. Established by Richard Branson over 30 years ago, Mates condoms have become popular among those seeking reliable and affordable protection. The Mates range of products is produced to the highest standards, making them the perfect option for anyone seeking a dependable barrier method.

Let's look closer at Mates Condoms and answer the question – are Mates Condoms good and safe? Why do we love them, and what's different about Mates compared to Durex and other brands? Firstly, let's examine the history of Mates, who owns them, and their philosophy around sexual health.

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Mates Condoms, a Potted History

Richard Branson launched Mates Condoms in 1987, intending to provide a low-cost alternative to more expensive brands. It was the first condom brand to advertise on British television and quickly gained traction for its quality products at affordable prices.

Today, LifeStyles owns Mates Condoms and sexual health products. LifeStyles is one of the world's leading sexual wellness companies. LifeStyle's (Mates) condoms are subject to rigorous testing, ensuring that each product is of the highest quality and meets all safety standards.

Mates have a branding and reputation that lifts them above others; it's a familiar brand with a great philosophy. LifeStyles has a history well before the Mates brand, dating back to 1905, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Are Mates Condoms Safe?

Yes, Mates Condoms are safe. Mates condoms are successful at preventing the spread of numerous STIs, including HIV, in addition to being a reliable method of birth control. They offer the widest selection of latex and non-latex condoms in various shapes, tastes, and textures.

All Mates condoms undergo electronic safety testing, adhere to the most recent safety regulations, and meet or exceed all British and European laws.

Each condom from Mates is packaged individually in a foil packet that bears the CE and BSI Kitemarks. The condom packet is also labelled with the same symbols, demonstrating the safety and authenticity of your condoms.

Mates Condoms Size Guide

Mates Condoms come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs. Standard Mates condoms are available in regular (53 mm), large (54 mm), and small (49 mm). The Mates Skyn range of condoms is even more expansive, ranging from condoms in sizes 49-56 mm. With so many options available, you will find the perfect fit for your needs.

That's not all; the Mates range is vast – click the link to see the entire Mates collection. Mates offer everything from Mates Orgazmax Condoms, which are made for a quicker and more powerful vaginal climax and increased G-Spot stimulation.

Mates Ultra Thin Condoms are only 0.05 mm thick and provide a true skin-on-skin sensation, strengthening the bond between partners. These condoms are incredibly comfortable thanks to their anatomical form and simple fitting design. Mates Ultra Thin Condoms don't restrict movement and follow the contours of your penis naturally, giving you a full range of motion.

Other Mates Condoms You Should Know About

For something slightly different, why not try our Mates by Manix Intensity Condoms? This extra-large pack (144 Condoms). The design of the condoms is what distinguishes these condoms. They have rows of ribs and dots that you can see on the walls of Mates by Manix Intensity condoms, made to stimulate all lovers; these condoms offer the highest excitement and sensitivity levels possible in a condom range.

Mates Intensity condoms are made with natural rubber latex, minimally lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant. When natural lubrication is insufficient, you can use more lubricant.

How about Mates Protect Condoms? These condoms are premium regular condoms created to provide the highest comfort and protection, enabling you to enjoy sex in all its forms. These condoms are among the thickest Mates available, measuring 0.1 mm, making them ideal for couples who prefer rough or anal sex.

Mates Protect Condoms are slick and highly lubricated; increasing the slickness brings you closer to your companion, and more comfort means better sex.

Mates Condoms vs Durex

It's natural to compare mates with Durex or other condom brands, so let's look at their differences.

Durex is a British brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser, and we love them for that. Mates is an Australian brand, but we won't hold that against them. LifeStyles and Reckitt Benckiser take the manufacture and promotion of their condoms seriously – both condoms are subject to rigorous testing and meet all safety standards.

The differences lie in the size, shape, texture, design, and feel of their respective condoms. Mates offer a much more comprehensive range of sizes than Durex does – from 49-56 mm – which is why Mates is so popular with people who have difficulty finding a condom that fits them properly.

Mates condoms are as thin as Durex's, so there's no difference there; you can enjoy the sensation of skin-on-skin contact without sacrificing safety with both Mates and Durex.

The noticeable difference is in the price; Mates have always been highly competitively priced, as this is in their mission statement. Durex is competitive with other brands, but is less keenly priced than Mates.

Are Mates Condoms Good?

Yes, we love Mates condoms and all their other sexual health products. Our customers have used them multiple times and can honestly say (in the reviews) they consider Mates one of the best brands for safety, comfort, design, and price options.

The Mates Condom range may not be as vast as Durex and other brands, but each condom has been thoroughly tested and is competitively priced, making them an excellent choice for all types of sex.

Conclusion – Mates Condoms Review: Are They Good & Safe?

Mates condoms are an excellent choice for safe sex and intimate moments. Not only do they offer a wide range of sizes to fit everyone, but they also have a variety of shapes, textures, designs, and lubricants available.

They are also incredibly affordable compared to other brands on the market, making them accessible to more people who might not be able to afford pricier options. Overall, Mates Condoms are highly rated for their safety and comfort, making them a great choice for everyone.

So, the answer to 'Are Mates condoms good and safe?' is an emphatic yes! They offer excellent protection and quality at an affordable price.

Mar 19, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh