Are you weary of struggling to find a perfectly fitting condom? If so, it's time to introduce you to MISTER SIZE — the ultimate solution for finding comfortably fitting and safe condoms. Founded in 2001 by Jan Vinzenz, MISTER SIZE has since been on a mission to ensure that no one is left behind.

While Jan's mission sounds laudable, we have some questions about MISTER SIZE condoms: Are they good and safe? In this MISTER SIZE Condoms review, we'll answer that question and more!

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The History of MISTER SIZE

MISTER SIZE was born out of a lack of choice and, eventually, Jan's online store Vinico in 2001. After many years of selling condoms through his store, Jan was inspired to develop a condom that could be tailored to size.

In 2008, he developed the first size condoms, and in 2019, MISTER SIZE partnered with Karex and produced perfectly fitting condoms available to everyone at an affordable price.

Are MISTER SIZE Condoms Good?

The answer is yes! The quality of MISTER SIZE condoms is superb. Made from high-quality latex and containing no harsh chemicals, their condoms look good and perform well in terms of fit and pleasure.

The size range is impressive too! MISTER SIZE condoms come in lengths of 7 cm to 24 cm - that's a vast range to cater for every size! They are smooth, supple, well-lubricated, and thin, with a cleverly designed reservoir tip for added pleasure.


MISTER SIZE is often compared to MY.SIZE — another brand of size condoms owned by a German company called R&S consumer goods. While both brands offer great-fitting condoms, MISTER SIZE has the edge in terms of quality, while MY.SIZE have more sizes than MISTER SIZE.

The packaging is similar, which could make you think the same company made them — both MISTER SIZE and MY.SIZE has German origins, but they are completely different companies that have similar ideas and sell a product that appears comparable.

Comparison Chart

Similar but not the same - here’s a comparison chart.


Extra Small 45mm 0.05mm thick 160mm long
Small 47mm 0.05mm thick 160mm long
Regular small 49mm 0.05mm thick 160mm long
Regular 53mm 0.05mm thick 178mm long
Regular wide 57mm 0.05mm thick 178mm long
Large 60mm 0.05mm thick 193mm long
Larger 64mm 0.05mm thick 223mm long
Extra large 69mm 0.06mm thick 223mm long
XXL 72mm 0.06mm thick 223mm long


Extra Small 47mm 0.05mm thick 220mm long
Small 49mm 0.05mm thick 220mm long
Regular small 53mm 0.05mm thick 220mm long
Regular 57mm 0.05mm thick 220mm long
Large 60mm 0.05mm thick 220mm long
Extra Large 64mm 0.06mm thick 220mm long
XXL 69mm 0.06mm thick 220mm long

Are MISTER SIZE Condoms Safe?

Yes, MISTER SIZE condoms are perfectly safe! All their condoms meet the highest safety standards and feature airtight seals to ensure maximal protection.

Each condom is electronically tested for holes, tears or any other defects to ensure you're getting maximum protection at all times.

All condoms are safe if you use them correctly. Here are the ways you can ensure you use your condoms properly.

  1. Always choose the correct size.
  2. Check the expiration date.
  3. Open carefully.
  4. Use a lubricant when necessary.
  5. Put it on properly.
  6. Take it off safely.
  7. Dispose of condoms carefully.

If you're unsure about these points, check out our sex education blogs.

What Other Products Does MISTER SIZE Make?

MISTER SIZE makes condoms only, while MY.SIZE makes a range of lubricants with exciting names — Me Tingly Warming Lube, Me Natural Lubricant and Me Anal — in a 100ml or 250ml bottle.

MISTER SIZE also sells lube products, but only as accessories to their condoms. Their premium lubricants are water-based, vegan-friendly, non-irritating and pH balanced for a comfortable experience.

MISTER SIZE Condoms Review: Final Verdict

MISTER SIZE condoms are definitely worth checking out. They are well-made, reliable, and safe, with a great size range to suit everyone. The best part? MISTER SIZE is not expensive either! So if you want to enjoy perfectly fitting and comfortable condoms every time, MISTER SIZE is worth a try.

We hope our review has provided the information you were looking for about MISTER SIZE condoms. If you have any condom queries, questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to assist and would be delighted to help you to find the best condom for you.

May 4, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh