Going beyond the basics of safe sex is often a challenge. But with Pasante condoms, you can be assured of reliable protection and some features that are a little harder to find. In this Pasante condoms review, we’ll look at the safety and reliability of Pasante condoms, the range of vegan-friendly products available, and some of their unique features.

When it comes to condom brands, Pasante is a relatively new name on the scene. Founded in 2000, this was when Karex first registered the Pasante trademark and launched its brand in 2001. But don’t let that put you off, Pasante is one of the most popular, sustainable and cruelty-free brands on the market today.

But are Pasante condoms safe, reliable, and vegan? Let’s find out.

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Are Pasante Condoms Latex Free?

Yes! Some Pasante Unique Condoms are latex free and made of polyisoprene instead. Polyisoprene is a synthetic form of rubber that mimics latex’s properties, but without skin irritations and sensitivities. The use of polyisoprene makes Pasante condoms an excellent option for those who are allergic to latex or have any sensitivity towards it.

Pasante condoms are also alcohol and paraben free, which means they’re an ideal option for people with sensitive skin or prone to allergic reactions from other condoms or lubricants that contain harsh chemicals and additives.

Most Pasante Condoms we sell are made with sustainable latex for those who prefer them, including styles in Trim, Kingsize, Regular, Silk Thin and many others.

Are Pasante Condoms Reliable?

Yes, Pasante condoms are reliable and meet all European and British quality standards. They are tested to meet strict requirements and guarantee protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy.

Pasante condoms are also electrostatically tested, meaning each condom is electronically tested for holes or breaks before it leaves the factory. Electrostatic testing ensures Pasante condoms maintain their reliability and comfort to ensure they meet strict requirements and guarantee protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.

Are Pasante Condoms Vegan?

Yes! All Pasante condoms are 100% vegan and have been certified by the Vegan Society since 2012. They are also free from animal-derived ingredients such as casein, spermicide, glycerin, and petroleum-based lubricants. So if you’re looking for a vegan condom, Pasante condoms are an excellent choice.

Is Pasante A Sustainable Brand?

Pasante is moving towards being carbon-neutral and more sustainable than they are now—recently, they have changed the packaging on their gentle light lubricant to be 100% recyclable, meaning no more plastic wrappers.

Pasante is also working to reduce its carbon footprint, including reducing water consumption and improving energy efficiency. They are also looking at ways of minimising the use of resources in their production processes.

Are Pasante Products Cruelty-Free?

Yes, all Pasante products are 100% cruelty-free. They don’t test any of their products on animals, and they only use ingredients that are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

Pasante is working on themselves so that we can work on ourselves happy in the knowledge that their Pasante condoms are reliable, vegan, and cruelty-free.

So we know Pasante Condoms are latex-free, vegan, reliable, and cruelty-free, but are they safe?

Are Pasante Condoms Safe?

Yes, Pasante condoms are safe and meet all European and British quality standards. Tested to ISO 13485 standards, they carry the CE and Kite marks. They are tested to ensure they meet strict requirements and guarantee protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies.

What Range Of Sizes Do Pasante Condoms Make?

Pasante makes condoms in small, regular, large and extra-large sizes. Pasante Trim Condoms are 49 mm and are designed to meet the needs of more petite men; the regular size comes in at 54 mm (slightly bigger than Skyn regular condoms). Large is 60 mm and extra-large are the Super Kings (who’s boosting now?) at 69 mm.

With all the sizes offered, Pasante ensures everyone is catered for and can have a comfortable fit. Always double-check that sizes are correct when using condoms, as an ill-fitting condom may lead to a higher risk of breakage or slipping off during intercourse.

How Much Do Pasante Condoms Cost?

The price of the condoms varies from £7.99 to £27.99 depending on the style and amount of condoms in the pack. Pasante is a mid-range brand, not as expensive as Durex or MY.SIZE and not as budget-friendly as some big brands.

You can always get a deal with bulk buys and free postage.

Pasante Bestsellers, What Are The Public’s Favourite Condoms?

The Pasante bestsellers are their Regular Condoms and Pasante King Size Condoms. These condoms are a great fit and are very reliable, making them the go-to for many people.

The Pasante Trim Condoms are also popular amongst those who prefer a more snug-fitting condom, as they have been designed to fit smaller users perfectly, adding extra comfort. Pasante Silk Thin Condoms are very popular because they are ultra-thin and flexible. These condoms are only 0.04 mm thick and offer skin-on-skin-like sensations buyers love.

What Other Products Does Pasante Sell?

Pasante makes a great range of lubricants, and the Gentle Light Lube is great; you can also choose Strawberry or Mint Flavour Lubricant. They also have a range of condoms we haven’t mentioned.

For a mixed box of condoms that can deal with any request, the Pasante Climax pack has 12 condoms that offer a warming, cooling or stimulating effect. Click the link to buy Pasante Climax Condoms (12 Pack).


Overall, Pasante condoms are a great option if you’re looking for reliable, vegan and safe condoms without breaking the bank. They combine low price points with the highest safety and reliability standards, thanks to their rigorous testing of ISO 13485 standards.

Plus, they have options in various sizes, so Pasante caters for everyone. So if you’re looking for a good condom, rest assured this is a great brand to try.

From our Pasante condoms review, it is clear that Pasante condoms are reliable and safe, vegan and cruelty-free, and available in various sizes, perfect for everyone. So why not try them and see how they do? Check out the entire Pasante range.

Mar 25, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh