What makes ribbed and dotted condoms unique, and why should you use one? In addition to helping you avoid STIs and unintended pregnancies, condoms with ribs, dots, and other textures can provide additional stimulation, which can assist in unlocking more fulfilling, intimate sex.

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What are Ribbed and Dotted Condoms?

People often ask us about ribbed and dotted condoms and their advantages. Ribbed and dotted condoms are regular latex or polyurethane condoms with raised ribbing and dots along the shaft. The patterned surface texture can increase pleasure and improve sexual intimacy.

The ribbing, which runs lengthwise along the condom and around the circumference, is designed to offer more stimulation for both partners during sex while providing additional protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The ribbing can vary in intensity; some ribbed and dotted condoms may feature extra-sharp spikes or ribs that increase sensation even more. Condom manufacturers make these by moulding the condoms with ribbing and then dipping them in silicone to soften them and add extra friction.

Condom makers design the raised dots to increase stimulation for the wearer's partner, as the small bumps create a more intense feeling during penetration than regular, smooth condoms.

The ribbing and dotted patterns can be particularly significant for women who experience difficulty in achieving orgasm due to low arousal or sensitivity.

What are Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Made of?

Textured condoms are just like normal condoms and often made of latex but are also made of polyurethane. Latex ribbed and dotted condoms are the most popular option as they have a softer feel and provide more protection against tearing or breakage than polyurethane condoms.

Polyurethane ribbed and dotted condoms are an excellent choice for those who suffer from latex allergies.

They are thinner than latex ribbed and dotted condoms, yet they provide the same protection against STIs and pregnancy as non-textured polyurethane condoms, without irritating people who have a latex allergy.

The Benefits of Using Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

Just like regular condoms, ribbed and dotted condoms offer the same protection against STIs and unintended pregnancy. But there are a few advantages that ribbed and dotted condoms have over their traditional counterparts…

Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Increase Pleasure

The ribbing and dots on ribbed and dotted condoms stimulate both partners during intercourse, as the ridges and bumps can rub against their partner to promote more intense sensations.

This increased stimulation can help both partners become aroused quicker and reach orgasm faster, leading to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Offer Variety

Regular condoms are great if you don't want any extra sensation during sex, but ribbed and dotted condoms allow users to mix things up a bit. You can experiment with different brands and types of ribbed or spiked condoms to find out which works best for you.

Some ribbed/dotted condoms feature extra-sharp ribs for enhanced pleasure; others have softer textures; and some ribbed condoms feature ribbing and dots.

Here is the entire range of textured condoms and a list of our favourites:

  1. Durex Mutual Climax Condoms
  2. Durex Pleasure Me Ribbed & Dotted Condoms

Durex makes ribbed condoms with ribbing and small raised dots for extra stimulation. Durex is a name everyone has heard of, but many people don't realise they make textured condoms. Another great brand is Trojan.

  1. Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms
  2. Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms
  3. Trojan Ecstasy Ultra Ribbed Condoms

These ribbed condoms from Trojan have ribbing inside and outside, offering dual stimulation during intercourse. The brand is well-known in Europe and America, and they make smooth condoms as well.

Trojan says using ribbed or spiked condoms is a great way to bring something new into your sex life while still enjoying safe sex. They can add an extra spark of pleasure for both partners during sex, creating more pleasurable experiences each time you use one.

Ribbed Condoms Can Stimulate the G-Spot

Ribbed condoms are particularly beneficial for women, as the ribbing can stimulate the sensitive nerve endings around the walls of a woman's vagina during intercourse.

This increased sensation helps make penetration more pleasurable for her partner and stimulates her G-spot. The ribbing can also help to increase blood flow to the area, making it easier for women to become aroused and reach orgasm more quickly.

Are Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Safe?

Ribbed and dotted condoms are just as safe as regular latex or polyurethane condoms to prevent pregnancy and to protect against STIs. As with all condoms, you should use ribbed and dotted condoms every time you have sexual intercourse to ensure maximum protection and pleasure.

Read more about condom safety.

What Else Can You Use Ribbed or Dotted Condoms for?

You can use ribbed or dotted condoms during foreplay and anal sex, and masturbation. The fact is you can use all the textured condoms in the same way as you would a smooth condom.

The attraction of ribbed or dotted, or indeed ribbed and dotted condoms, is the extra level of sensation they promote. We would go as far as saying these condoms have the X-factor, so use them with care - or not (you lucky lot).

The Advantages of Condoms - All Types

There are many advantages to using condoms, not just to promote safe sex (although that is important) and unplanned pregnancies. C

ondoms can help with erectile dysfunction, reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), helping with premature ejaculation and providing pleasure for both partners.

Condoms are an easily accessible form of contraception that is highly effective when used correctly. Accessibility makes them one of the most reliable forms of contraception in protecting against STIs and unintended pregnancies.

With ribbed and dotted condoms, you can also enjoy heightened sexual satisfaction with the added ribbing or dots on the condom's surface.

Should I Store Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Differently from Smooth Condoms?

No, it would be best to store ribbed and dotted condoms the same way as smooth ones. Store them away from heat and light sources, such as direct sunlight or a windowsill. It's also essential to keep ribbed and dotted condoms away from sharp objects or surfaces that might damage them.

Read more about proper condom storage and what makes them effective.

Which Condoms are the Best?

There is no simple answer to this as it all comes down to personal preference. The ribbed and dotted condoms are ideal for providing extra pleasure for women. However, other factors may influence your choice, such as preferring vegan condoms.

If you are seeking a more natural feeling, the Skyn range of condoms are recommended. Don't like the odour of standard condoms? Sagami condoms are odourless, so give them a try.


Ribbed and dotted condoms offer many advantages over regular condoms. They can help both partners become aroused quicker and reach orgasm faster, leading to a more fulfilling sexual experience. The dotted pattern of the surface texture can heighten sexual arousal, which is why a dotted condom is a top choice for females.

These ribbed/dotted condoms also make it easier for women to become aroused quickly due to increased sensation on the walls of their vagina. Additionally, ribbed and dotted condoms are just as safe as regular latex or polyurethane.

Jan 20, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh