It can be tricky when you’re out and about and want to carry condoms. We can all agree that carrying condoms is vital for safe sex, but where should you store them? It can feel awkward or embarrassing to have your condoms visible to others, so it pays to understand the best places for condom storage.

There are plenty of creative and practical ways to store your condoms that work in any situation discreetly, so let’s explore some of those options…

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Can You Put a Condom in Your Wallet?

No! While it may seem like an obvious choice to fit your condom into your wallet, this can be very detrimental to you. Wallets can often go warm from being near our bodies for long periods, which can damage the condom, by weakening the latex and increasing the chance the condom might burst, and make it less effective. Not only that, but credit cards can also cause tiny holes, which can ruin condoms too. And if that wasn’t enough of a reason not to put them in there - wallets can also get pretty damp from sweat and even cause the condom to get sticky and harder to open.

Proper Condom Storage

The ideal way to store condoms is somewhere cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight - like a pocket or small bag in which they can remain protected at all times. If possible, try to use a box or container specifically designed to store condoms, which can also help you to keep track of their expiry dates. Read more about how long do condoms last.

Can You Take Condoms in Your Hand Luggage?

Good news - yes! You can take condoms in hand luggage through airport security. However, if possible, it’s always best practice to put them in a clear plastic bag and declare them when passing through security.

That way, you can avoid any potentially embarrassing questions or situations while going through the airport terminal. Be proud of your condoms because they show you care for yourself and any potential partners.

Creative Ways to Carry Condoms

If you’re looking for creative ways to store your condoms, why not try some of these options? You can carry them in a small pouch or coin purse and attach it to the inside of your bag or coat - this can make it easy to access when needed but can remain discreet.

Or if that’s not quite your style, there are plenty of funny options, such as condom wallets with slogans like ‘Protect Your Kingdom’.

In terms of more practical solutions, you can even buy a fake can of soda or beer with a secret compartment for storing your condoms - perfect for keeping them on you without anyone knowing. If you want to be extra discreet and keep them out of sight from everyone except yourself, why not try a condom necklace?

A condom necklace? Yes, but not a string of condoms around your neck (although you could if you want to attract some attention), but in a locket or decorative container that can be worn around your neck and store a condom or two when needed. You can even get customised designs to match your style - so don’t limit yourself.

You could even slip a condom or two inside a book? 

Other Condom Storage Ideas for Shy People

There are ways to store condoms when you’re on the move that are not unusual or outrageous, but practical and discrete - here are some more ideas…

How about a spectacle case? That can easily be stored in a pocket and can store up to 3 condoms. You can also buy condom holders specifically for carrying condoms, ranging from plain and discreet to exciting designs. Plus, they can often fit more than one condom at a time, which is very convenient.

A keyring can also be helpful when you’re on the go - all you need to do is attach it to your keys and ensure it’s always with you. A keyring can help keep your condom safe while still being close at hand.

A business card holder or a sweet tin is also discreet and can store up to 6 condoms - women usually carry more than one makeup bag so that a smaller makeup purse can double up as a condom wallet - after all, it’s better to be prepared as you might need a Righteous Rubber in a hurry (if you’re lucky)!

A partner could also carry them in a handbag! 

Check the Expiry Dates

Whichever method you choose for storing condoms, it’s essential to check their expiry date regularly. Condoms can weaken over time, making them more prone to breakage and, therefore, less effective against STIs and pregnancy. So before using any condom, make sure you check the dates on them first. Click the link to read more about condoms.

Keeping safe during sex should always be a priority, so carrying and storing condoms properly is essential. We hope this blog has given you some tips on how to store condoms safely and why it’s best to avoid putting them in your wallet. So now you can keep on the move, prepared and protected!

Tips for Ideal Storage and Other Vital Condom Life Hacks

  • Avoid keeping condoms in your wallet - they can be damaged by credit cards or heat.
  • Keep them somewhere cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight - like a pocket or small bag.
  • Use a box or container specifically designed to store condoms to help you track their expiry dates.
  • Use them up by having lots of sex, but remember to buy your condoms in advance or sign up for a subscription service, so you will never be caught short.
  • Condoms can be taken in hand luggage on flights and packed in checked baggage.
  • If you’re looking for creative ways to store your condoms, why not try a small pouch or coin purse and attach it to the inside of your bag or coat?
  • Or, if you want to be extra discreet, why not try a condom necklace or fake can of soda with a secret compartment for storing your condoms?
  • Check the expiry date before using any condom - even if stored properly, they can weaken over time.

And finally, keep safe during sex - carrying and storing condoms properly is essential!

Feb 12, 2024
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Jan 24, 2023
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