What is anal lubricant?

Anal lubricant is personal lube designed to add more moisture compared to vaginal lubricant. Its role is to lubricate the anal area – which lacks natural lubrication – and prepare the anus for penetrative sex. Since the anus doesn’t lubricate itself like the vagina does, using anal lubricant when engaging in any kind of anal play is crucial. Anal play can include anything from massaging the anal area to stimulating the anus with your fingers to penetrative sex (with a penis or sex toys).

Do I have to use lube for anal sex?

Yes. Specialists agree that using anal lubricant liberally is essential for any form of penetrative anal sex. The rectal tissue is very delicate – oftentimes more delicate than the vaginal lining – and it can get hurt due to friction.

Anal sex without proper lubrication can lead to painful tears, lacerations, and it could even damage the elasticity of the anal sphincter. One of the consequences of improper anal sex is faecal incontinence, which is often not reversible and highly embarrassing.

Now, you might wonder whether you have to use anal-specific lube, or if other types of lubes, creams, and lotions could do, too. Here’s the thing – porn teaches us that it’s perfectly fine to spit on your partner’s privates and use saliva to lubricate the anus. However, saliva is a risk factor when used as a lubricant, for either anal or vaginal sex.

On the one hand, saliva dries out very fast and doesn’t actually lubricate – in that, it doesn’t make thing slide. It works just as adding water would work. On the other hand, saliva could carry viruses and bacteria, and might contribute to transmitting STIs. For instance, genital herpes and gonorrhoea can be transmitted through saliva.

Another issue with saliva is its alkaline pH that could alter the delicate vaginal balance if it accidentally ends up on the vulva or vagina. In fact, the use of spit instead of personal lubricant could lead to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections in women.

In addition to saliva, many couples also believe that it is okay to lubricate the anus with Vaseline or other skincare products, such as baby oils or body lotion and creams. Whilst you could use these products to make the area slick enough for pleasurable anal sex, neither of those products will deliver the heightened sensations an anal-specific lubricant can delivery.

The main issue with Vaseline and body creams is that they are designed for external use only. They should not get anywhere inside you, including your anus and vagina. Vaseline, body creams, and oils, increase the risk of infections and can cause skin lacerations and irritation inside the rectum.

Another problem is the composition of these products. Since all of them are oil-based or contain petroleum-based ingredients, all these products are unsuitable to use with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms.

Considering that anal lubricant is affordable and created specifically for making anal play safe and enjoyable, the best thing to do is to find the product you like best and keep it at hand for all those moments when you want to have anal sex. Or, you should at least use another type of personal lubricant as a substitute.

What is the best anal lubricant?

There are many types of anal lubricants you can choose from. Options include water-based products that are versatile and suitable to use for vaginal and oral sex, too, silicone-based lubes, as well as hybrid lubricants that bring the best of both worlds. Let’s check out the most popular anal lubricants you can buy right here at Condoms.uk:

Is anal sex safe?

Like any sexual activity, anal sex is healthy and safe if practiced carefully. One of the most important things to understand before questioning the safety of anal sex is the type of sex you want to have. Most people use the term “anal sex” to refer to penetrative sex (penis in anus). However, stimulating the anus with your fingers or tongue also counts as anal sex. You can also use a variety of anal sex toys to reach orgasm through anal stimulation.

One of the most important things to keep in mind before getting down to business is that anal sex requires more planning than vaginal or oral sex. That’s because, unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t constructed for penetrative sex, and it is also more delicate than the mouth. Thus, you should pay attention to adequate lubrication and communicate with your partner from start to finish. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop and try again when you’re more relaxed.

Another thing to pay attention to is protection. Like the vagina, the anus has bacteria that can cause infections if it gets in places where it shouldn’t normally be present – such as the mouth or the vagina. Moreover, sexually transmitted infections can be spread through anal sex. For these reasons, it is essential to use condoms if you or your partner haven’t been tested for STIs or if you’re not into a committed relationship. You should change the condom each time you switch from one type of sex to another (or clean your penis if you’re not using a condom) to prevent spreading the bacteria from anus to the vagina.

How can I approach my girlfriend about trying out anal sex?

Exploring one’s sexuality is fun and incredibly erotic. However, many people still consider anal sex a taboo. Your girlfriend might be curious about anal sex too, but perhaps she’s too embarrassed to bring up the subject. Or maybe she’s afraid to try it because she thinks it’s painful. Here are a few tips to approaching your girlfriend:

Where can I buy anal lubricant?

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