What is a black condom?

A black condom is precisely what it sounds like – a regular condom but is black in colour. Black condoms are perhaps the most sought-after colour, helping couples fulfil a plethora of sexual fantasies. They work well with black latex attire but can also spice up your sex life by simply bringing some novelty into the bedroom.

Most black condoms on the market have a smooth texture. Available from different brands, they come in different sizes and may have different characteristics. That’s why you should know your options before buying a black condom.

How to spice up my sex life with black condoms?

Black condoms can be used in a number of ways to spice up your sex life – the only thing to keep in mind is that some brands make novelty black condoms designed just for fun and that aren’t suitable to use if you’re looking for protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

At Condoms.uk, we only sell black condoms approved to use as protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

That said, let’s have a look at how you can use a black condom:

How else can I use black condoms?

Besides using black condoms with your partner, you can also use black condoms with dildos or vibrators. Latex condoms are usually suitable to use with all kinds of sex toys; the only thing to pay attention to is the lubricant agent.

In fact, silicone lubricated condoms may be incompatible with silicone sex toys because the two types of silicone can react with one another. Not only could this damage your toy, but the reaction can also cause a number of issues, such as rashes or allergic reactions.

Are black condoms more expensive than regular condoms?

Not necessarily. Whilst prices vary from brand to brand and condom type to condom type, black condoms are just as affordable as all other condom types. If you want to save on your condoms, simply opt for a larger size package.

For instance, a packet of three black condoms from a particular brand will be more expensive than a box of 12 or more black condoms from the same brand.

At Condoms.uk, we have a wide range of black condoms in different package sizes, so you can easily choose the most affordable ones.

Are black condoms flavoured?

No, not all black condoms are flavoured. However, there is a wide range of flavoured black condoms you can choose from, typically with a chocolate flavoured. Here are some of the most popular black condom options:

EXS Black Latex Condoms

Plain flavour but pitch-black colour make the EXS Black Latex condoms a favourite among those who’d like a black condom but aren’t exactly fans of added scents and tastes. These condoms are perfect for men who need a regular size condom. They have a nominal width of 54mm and are 190mm long. Thin enough to allow for a wide range of sensations yet thick enough to withstand all types of sex, they are an excellent choice for oral, vaginal, and anal play.

One thing that makes the EXS Black condoms special is the anatomical design with flared head and teat end. They fit more comfortably than a straight wall condom, preventing constriction and allowing for a wider range of movement.

As you’d expect from EXS, these black latex condoms are electronically tested for safety and provide excellent protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They are compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

These condoms are also a great choice if you want to enjoy flavours other than cola or chocolate – simply pair them with your favourite flavoured lube.

Pasante Chocolate Temptation Condoms

If you crave a sweet aroma in addition to a fun colour, Pasante Chocolate Temptation condoms could be just right for you. Like the EXS Black, these condoms are made of natural rubber latex and come in a regular size. They have a nominal width of 53mm and are 190mm – a great option if you need a slightly snugger fit.

Slightly thicker than EXS Black, they still allow for a natural range of movement and almost natural sensations. Ideal for all kinds of sex, these condoms also impress with a pleasant, sweet scent.

As you’d expect from high-quality condoms, Pasante Chocolate Temptations provide excellent protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They also contain no animal-derived ingredients and are vegan-friendly.

Besides Chocolate Temptation, Pasante also manufactures unflavoured black condoms similar to EXS Black.

Glyde Cola Condoms

The first brand to ever make vegan condoms, Glyde manufactures some of the highest quality black condoms. They are cola flavoured – a taste that resembles liquorice slightly more than the fizzy drink – but their taste and aroma are still delicious.

Like the other black condoms above, Glyde Cola condoms come in a regular size, with a nominal width of 53mm and 180mm in length.

Slightly thinner than Pasante, these condoms are perfect for those who want to feel their partner as close as possible. Vegan certified by the Vegan Society, this condom is ideal for those concerned about allergy to casein or who lead a vegan lifestyle.

Vitalis Chocolate Condoms

German brand Vitalis also offers black condoms that are chocolate flavoured. They have a nominal width of 53mm and are 180mm, just like Glyde Cola. With a thickness of 0.07mm, they are thin enough to allow for a natural range of sensations yet strong enough to withstand anal sex and vaginal dryness.

Like all latex condoms, Vitalis Chocolate is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

ON Chocolate Condoms

ON condoms come from the same manufacturer as Vitalis but are part of a more affordable range designed for the youth. As resistant as Vitalis and as fun to use, they’re made of natural rubber latex coated with a silicone based lubricant. Slightly wider than Vitalis Chocolate, they have a nominal width of 54mm and are 185mm long.

The thickness stays the same between the two brands from the manufacturer, but at 0.07mm thick, you’ll still be able to feel a full range of sensations. An excellent choice if you like Vitalis condoms but need a slightly larger size.

Can I find black condoms in my size?

If you wear a regular size condom, definitely. However, most black condoms on the market are only available in regular sizes. Thus, you may not be able to find a suitable black condom if you need a smaller or larger size.

What other colours do condoms have?

Black condoms aside, there are many other coloured condoms you can buy. Here are some of the most popular options:

Advantages of buying black condoms online

Black condoms are incredibly popular and readily available in most stores and online. Buying them online comes with a few advantages:

Where to buy black condoms?

You can buy black condoms online right here at Condoms.uk. Working with the most popular brands in the industry, we store a wide range of flavoured and unflavoured black condoms. Browse our range now to find the right black condom for you.