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    Skins Bubblegum Condoms


    £8.10 RRP £8.49 5% Off

      What are bubblegum condoms?

      Bubblegum condoms are condoms that taste and smell like bubblegum. These condoms can make oral sex fun, but you can use them for a variety of other purposes. All bubblegum condoms you can find here at are safe to use for vaginal and anal sex, too.

      Are bubblegum condoms safe for sex?

      Yes, bubblegum condoms are as safe to use for sex as plain condoms. They are made of natural rubber latex coated with a silicone-based lubricant. The only difference between these condoms and the plain variety is the use of a flavoured lubricant that gives the barrier its taste and scent. That said, bubblegum condoms respect all EU and British standards. They are electronically tested for safety and meet or exceed all current regulations.

      However, you should keep in mind that some condoms are only intended to use for fun. This type of condoms is suitable to use to have fun at parties or stag-dos, for example, but they are not classified as safe for sex. For this reason, you should always read the label and make sure the condoms you bought are suitable for your intended use.

      To make things easy, buy bubblegum condoms right here at Our range of condoms includes exclusively condoms that are safe to use for all types of sex.

      What brands make bubblegum condoms?

      At the moment, there are two major brands that make bubblegum condoms: Skins and EXS. Both brands comply with all British laws, and their condoms are an excellent choice for flavourful oral sex but also for vaginal and anal sex. Both brands manufacture their flavoured condoms in a regular size, so picking one over the other is often a matter of preference.

      Skins Bubblegum Condoms are flavoured but not coloured. Like all other condoms from the brand, they are manufactured with the proprietary Invisitex technology. They are clear transparent in colour, almost invisible on the skin, and designed to highlight every vein and bulge on your penis. These condoms don’t smell like bubblegum either; you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant vanilla scent, since all condoms from Skins are infused with vanilla extract.

      The bubblegum flavour makes them fun to use for oral sex, whilst the scent increases pleasure when you’re using them for vaginal or anal sex, since it won’t allow the nasty smell of latex distract you. These condoms have a nominal width of 55mm and are 190mm long. With a thickness of 0.065mm, they allow for natural sensations and a wide range of movement. In addition to bubblegum condoms, Skins also makes strawberry, chocolate, and mint condoms.

      Unlike Skins Bubblegum, EXS Bubblegum condoms don’t come in a single flavour pack, but you can find them in the brand’s Mixed Flavours pack or the Variety Pack 1.

      EXS Bubblegum condoms are flavoured and have a light yellowish hue. They are still transparent, allowing your penis to shine through, and have a neutral odour. This is perhaps the main difference between Skins and EXS – with the latter, you’ll have to settle for the smell of latex. Perhaps this isn’t a major downside if you plan to use these condoms for vaginal or anal sex, but they could make oral sex less pleasurable for the giver.

      Slightly larger than Skins Bubblegum, the EXS Bubblegum condoms have a nominal width of 56mm and are 192mm long. There are 0.073mm thick and more suitable for anal sex. Like Skins, these condoms come pre-lubricated with a silicone-based product. Another highlight is the anatomical shape with flared head, that enhances comfort compared to the classic, straight wall condom shape.

      In addition to the bubblegum flavour, both packs from EXS also include chocolate, cola, and strawberry condoms.

      Are there other fun flavours I can try?

      Flavoured condoms come in a wide range of options. If bubblegum is not your first choice – or if you only want to keep your views open – here are some of the most popular flavoured condoms you can find right here at

      How to use flavoured condoms safely?

      Flavoured condoms – just like flavoured lubricant – may contain ingredients that aren’t safe for vaginal sex. Thus, the first thing to do is read the label. You should either look at the ingredients and make sure the condoms contain no glycerine or added sugars, or check the manufacturer’s instructions. If the condom is labelled as safe for sex, you can use it for vaginal and anal sex too, in addition to oral sex. However, if the manufacturer specifies that you should only use the condom for oral sex or if the condom isn’t labelled as safe for sex, you should avoid using it for vaginal or anal intercourse.

      Once you’ve read the label, here’s how to use the condom safely:

      What can I do if I can’t find the right size condom?

      Bubblegum condoms come in regular sizes designed to fit most men. However, if you need a smaller or bigger condom, the only solution you have is to use a plain condom and add plenty of flavoured lubricant. Here at, we stock a wide range of flavoured lubes that are safe to use with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms. Browse our range to find the best condoms and lube for you.

      Where can I buy bubblegum condoms?

      You can buy bubblegum condoms right here at In addition to bubblegum condoms, we stock a wide range of plain, textured, and flavoured condoms from trusted brands. We also stock personal lubricants and accessories designed to help everyone lead a fulfilling sex life.

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      At, we only sell genuine condoms that will be delivered in their original, unopened packaging. Check the European CE mark or British BSI Kitemark on the condom package. All condoms in our range are electronically tested for safety and suitable to use for vaginal, anal, and oral sex.