What are condom variety packs?

Condom variety packs, or variety condom bundles, are boxes comprising an assortment of condoms. Brands create variety packs to allow people to sample more types of condoms from their ranges before committing to one type or another. For instance, variety packs might include standard and thin or thick condoms, flavoured condoms, textured condoms, and so on.

Are they worth it?

Certainly. Condom variety packs are worth it if you don’t want to stick to only one type of condoms or want to try out the various condoms a specific brand makes. Here are a few advantages of condom variety packs:

What condom variety packs can I buy from Condoms.uk?

Almost all condom brands have their own condom variety packs. Let’s have a look at the most popular options:

Durex Surprise Me Variety Pack

Your best option if you want to sample Durex’s most popular condoms, the Surprise Me Variety Pack contains an assortment of smooth and textured condoms. In total, there are 40 condoms in the pack, 10 of each type. As for the options, you’ll get:

EXS Variety Pack

A brand manufactured by LTC Healthcare, the NHS’ official condom supplier since 1993, EXS is one of the most popular condom brands in the UK. Its condoms are made of natural rubber latex and come in a variety of types and sizes. EXS brags with an assortment of speciality condoms designed for those who want to try different things in bed, as well as plain condoms for people who only look for a barrier. In addition to condoms, EXS also makes intimate lubricants and accessories, including vibrating cock rings and bullets.

The Variety Pack from the brand comes in two variants, giving you the opportunity to try most of EXS’ condoms. Both variety condom bundle options include 42 condoms.

In the Variety Pack 1, you will find:

The Variety Pack 2 also includes the Black, Nano Thin, and Ribbed & Dotted condoms, but it doesn’t include flavours. Here’s what you’ll get instead:

EXS Sensation Pack

The EXS Sensation Pack doesn’t include the same variety of condoms you can expect to find in the Variety Pack. Nevertheless, if you’re already familiar with all options from the brand and like the Nano Thin and Ribbed & Dotted condoms, this pack could be a perfect choice. It contains 24 condoms, 12 of each type. As you can expect, the condoms in this pack are electronically tested for safety and vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

Skins Assorted Condoms

Essentially a variety pack but with a fancier name, Skins Assorted Condoms could be a perfect choice if you want to try most condoms from the brand.

Manufactured in the UK, Skins condoms aim to be as different as possible from all other brands. The first thing to notice is the transparency of latex, courtesy to the proprietary Invisitex technology. All condoms from the brand are clear transparent in colour, including the flavoured condoms.

Another difference between Skins and other condoms is the pleasant scent that infuses these condoms. Skins infuses all its condoms with a vanilla scent, covering the nasty smell of latex. Even the brand’s flavoured condoms smell of vanilla – something that’s unique to the brand.

Skins Assorted Condoms pack contains the following condom varieties:

Mates Temptations

Another popular British brand, Mates proposes the Temptations, a condom pack containing an assortment of 14 plain and sensation condoms. Like Durex, Skins, and EXS, Mates condoms are made of natural rubber latex and suitable to use for all types of sex. The variety pack contains: 

SKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms

A variety pack for people with latex allergies comes from SKYN. The brand’s Selection pack includes 9 condoms, three of each type.

Where can I buy condom variety packs?

You can buy condom variety packs right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of condoms from trusted brands and offer discreet delivery on all orders. Simply browse our range to find the best condom variety packs for you.