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        Enhance performance and prolong pleasure with delay spray for men. Experience extended satisfaction and increased control with our premium products.

        Do you ask yourself how quick is too quick, or what can I do if I can’t last long enough in bed? The answer is delay spray, the perfect solution for men who want to stay longer during intercourse.

        Delay Spray can help you extend your pleasure just long enough to enhance your performance and ensure both partners get what they came for.

        What is delay spray, and why use it?

        Delay Spray is an over-the-counter topical (on the skin, not on the condom) spray that helps men delay ejaculation by temporarily desensitising the penis. It contains Lidocaine, Benzocaine or Prilocaine, a local anaesthetic that reduces sensation and delays ejaculation if used correctly, without numbing your partner or affecting their pleasure.

        How exactly does delay spray work?

        Delay spray works by numbing the sensory nerves (mechanoreceptors) in the skin on your penis for a short time, and the extra time delay spray gives you allows you to delay the inevitable outcome.

        Meaning it's an effective spray-on deactivator until you're ready to climax. More time means more play, and more play is what everyone wants.

        How to use delay spray effectively

        The key to using delay spray effectively is timing — timing, as we know, is everything — here is a step-by-step guide on applying delay spray for the best results.

        Step 1: Get Erect

        Well, this step shouldn't be too hard. Delay spray doesn't work on a flaccid penis, so erections only, here in step 1.

        Step 2: Spray it on

        Apply the delay spray on your penis (all over) and let the numbing agent work its magic. But be sure to read the complete list of ingredients on the product page before you do, just in case you're allergic.

        Step 3: Wait a bit

        Give yourself a couple of minutes (10-15) to let the spray settle in. Wait to go near your partner until the spray has settled. A few minutes of anticipation is all you need to get your wheels in motion.

        Step 4: Go for it

        And with that, you are prepared to conquer the world! But remember that when it comes to delaying spray, less is more, so don't use too much spray. If you need an additional layer of delay plus protection, use a delay condom.

        Step 5: Compare notes

        Because we are all unique, what delays for one person may not do the same job for another. Why not read delay spray reviews to see what other customers say? Some insight is always a helpful thing.

        How long does delay spray last?

        Sadly, All good things end, but you can expect 1–3 hours of numbing, but that doesn't mean you can keep going that long. Expect to peak after 15 minutes, although it depends on the individual and their sensitivity.

        Delay spray will not harm you or leave you feeling numb for longer than 3 hours (maximum), so you don’t need to worry that your penis won’t return to normal because it will, and that’s a medical fact.

        Using delay spray correctly can give men the extra time to sustain their arousal levels until both partners are satisfied. With its easy-to-use formula, excellent results and extended pleasure, delay spray is an essential tool for prolonging satisfaction in bed.

        So why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? Nothing at all — you have loads to gain because we all know more is definitely more — click the link to get onboard.