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                    What is a dotted condom?

                    A dotted condom is a textured condom with raised dots on it, whose role is to enhance vaginal stimulation during intercourse. Some dotted condoms are designed specifically to stimulate the G-spot, whilst others have the pattern scattered on the entire shaft and provide all-around stimulation. Regardless of the design, all dotted condoms should help women reach vaginal orgasm faster.

                    What are the benefits of dotted condoms?

                    The main benefit of dotted condoms is the increased stimulation for your partner. The raised dots are placed on the outside of the condom and stimulate the vaginal or anal walls. Most dotted condoms have a smooth interior so that the pattern won’t bother you during intercourse. That said, there are many reasons to try textured condoms:

                    Do dotted condoms have any disadvantages?

                    Dotted condoms (alongside the ribbed and ribbed and dotted condom varieties) have only one downside – they can be irritating if you’re not using enough lubrication.

                    Vaginas are very sensitive, and while increased friction can help reach a vaginal orgasm, too much friction can cause genital chafing. The anus isn’t self-lubricating at all, so the irritating side effect may be even more common if you’re using dotted condoms during penetrative anal sex.

                    In most cases, the secret to pleasurable sex when using textured condoms is plenty of intimate lubricant. If you don’t want to keep reapplying, use a silicone-based lube. Silicone based lubricants last longer than their water-based counterparts and are compatible with condoms. You should avoid silicone lubricants, however, if you’re using the textured condoms with a silicone sex toy or if you’re prone to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

                    What is the difference between ribbed and dotted condoms?

                    The texture and intended use. Ribbed condoms have raised ribs positioned in such a way as to increase stimulation for the wearer. Whilst ribbed condoms can also stimulate the vaginal or anal walls (the ribbed texture can be felt on both sides of the condom), their main purpose is to increase friction and stimulate the penis so that men can reach orgasm faster when wearing a sheath.

                    Ribbed condoms are an excellent choice for men who complain about reduced sensations during intercourse whenever they wear a condom.

                    Dotted condoms have raised dots on the outside of the condom. However, their interior is often smooth. These condoms are designed to stimulate the receiver and were designed with vaginal sex in mind. That doesn’t mean same-sex couples or heterosexual couples who like anal play can’t enjoy them. If you apply abundant lubricant before penetration, dotted condoms can also deliver sensational anal sex.

                    To enhance pleasure for both of you, simply choose a ribbed and dotted condom. These condoms have both dots and ribs, stimulating both partners at the same time.

                    Why do women need more stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse?

                    Sex should be fun for both partners, but why do women need additional stimulation to reach climax? There are many theories and possible explanations, but it could all come down to evolution and biology.

                    From an evolutionary standpoint, men evolved to reach orgasm during intercourse fast because male orgasm is necessary for the perpetuation of our species. Women can’t reproduce without sperm which men provide through their semen during ejaculation.

                    Women don’t have to ejaculate to reproduce, and they don’t have to reach orgasm for the purpose. Whilst orgasm induces ovulation in most mammal females, ovulation is a spontaneous event in humans and is not related to intercourse. Thus, women don’t need an overly sensitive vaginal canal.

                    However, the clitoris and penis develop from the same structure in the womb and work similarly. That’s why most women can reach clitoral orgasm fairly easily, even though they never had a vaginal orgasm.

                    That said, most women claim that clitoral and vaginal stimulation is important in orgasm. Because female orgasm is complex, using dotted condoms to provide additional stimulation and increase vaginal pleasure is always a good idea.

                    What brands make dotted condoms?

                    Most brands make textured condoms, but your choices narrow down if you specifically want a dotted condom. Here are the most popular options.

                    What brands make ribbed and dotted condoms?

                    If you want to enhance stimulation for both of you, ribbed and dotted condoms could be your best bet. There are many brands that make textured condoms – let’s check out the most popular options.

                    Where can I buy dotted condoms?

                    If you’re looking for the perfect dotted condom, know that you can buy it right here at Condoms.uk. Simply browse our range, add your desired product/s to the cart and proceed to checkout. Wondering why you should buy from us? Here are a few advantages: