What are female condoms?

Female condoms or internal condoms are a female-friendly, innovative form of contraception that allows women to take control of their sexual health and pleasure.

These condoms are soft, flexible barriers that fit inside the vagina to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Brands like Uniq Air, Pasante, and So Sexy provide female-centred protection in a hormone-free way. 

Internal or female condoms offer equal opportunities for pleasure with safer sex. Not only can they be used during vaginal intercourse, but they also make anal sex safer. They have no odour or taste, which makes them an excellent partner for foreplay before you move on to other activities.

What makes a female condom different to a regular condom?

Female condoms are made from a particular type of polyurethane plastic, which is thinner and softer than regular latex condoms. The female condom has a ring on each end - one at the open end to hold it in place and one at the closed end that covers the cervix. Female condoms also have a unique design that makes them easier for women to insert without help from their partner.

A potted history of the internal or female condom

Internal or female condoms were created by Danish doctor Lasse Hessel as an alternative to the male condom. The woman should wear them internally during vaginal sex to shield her from exposure to semen or other bodily fluids. Dr Hessel's creation debuted in Europe in 1990, and the FDA authorised its distribution in the US in 1993.

Nowadays, female condoms come in various sizes and styles, some with stimulating textures or lubricants to increase pleasure. It's a little-known fact that the female condom can contribute to clitoral stimulation and female pleasure because of the placement of the ring that sits outside the vulva.

What are femidoms?

Femidom is another name for a female condom or internal condom. Femidoms are female condoms designed with the female anatomy in mind, offering greater comfort and pleasure while offering protection from unwanted pregnancy and STIs during sex.

Female engineers have designed Uniq Air's Femidom to fit perfectly inside your body, allowing you to feel free and enjoy your sexual experience without worrying about protection.

Are female condoms more expensive than regular condoms?

No, female condoms are not necessarily more expensive than regular condoms. Many female condom brands offer competitive prices in comparison to standard male condoms.

For example, Uniq Air female condoms start from £4.95 for a single pack, while Pasante female condoms start at £7.99 for 3. Our Female Condoms category also offers free UK delivery on orders over £25, so you can stock up and save money.

Are female or internal condoms popular?

The answer is yes and no; female condoms are becoming more popular because they offer female-centred protection and a chance to take control of their sexual health. Studies have also shown couples have more sexual pleasure with female condoms than male condoms because the woman has more power.

The no answer depends on where in the world you live. According to some reports, women in the US do not prefer internal condoms, whereas European women like them. As with most things, it depends on who you ask. Here at Condoms.uk, we love them. So why not try female condoms?

More information about So Sexy female condoms

So Sexy is a brand set up by women for women; they don't contain latex, making them ideal for people with latex allergies. These condoms are equally dependable as latex condoms because they are made of synthetic nitrile and latex-free polyurethane. They can also be placed in the vagina or anus up to 8 hours before sex, keeping foreplay uninterrupted.

These female condoms have non-spermicidal lubricant inside of them. Extra lubrication may be applied to improve satisfaction and avoid any rubbing or friction. So Sexy Female Condoms are compatible with oil- and water-based lubricants.

Thus, Sexy Female Condoms are more durable than most male condoms but are still relatively light and cosy. These female condoms are available in a single size, making them ideal for usage with partners, no matter the penis size.

More information about UNIQ Air Latex Free female condoms

The UNIQ Air Female Condoms are made to stay in the vagina during sex. The UNIQ Air Female Condom helps to protect you against STIs and prevents pregnancy. UNIQ Air Female Condoms are spermicide-free, non-latex AT-10 materials that work with personal lubricants.

Valuable instructions are included with every kit. The UNIQ Air Latex Free Female Condoms are simple to use and provide a lot of feeling, making your time in bed memorable and pleasurable.

We offer packs of 1, 3, or 10 UNIQ Air Latex Free Female Condoms for sale.

About Pasante internal condoms

Pasante female condoms are transparent. These specially made non-latex female condoms are not lubricated with spermicidal fluid. These internal condoms don't have any scent or texture. Pasante Internal Condoms are intended to be kept inside the vagina during sex and are designed for vaginal sex only. They provide a solid barrier for stopping the spread of STIs and pregnancy.

Additional lubrication can be added to these Pasante internal condoms. If more lubricant is required, only use a water-based lubricant and avoid silicone or oil-based lubricants.

Pasante makes a vast range of products to complement your sex life, from male condoms to lubricants, so it's worth checking out the entire Pasante collection here.

Where to buy female condoms?

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