Oral condoms are ideal for people who prefer to add their favourite taste and smell to their condoms. Dry-flavoured oral condoms are the best option for people with a lubricant allergy because they can mask the smell of latex.

Use oral condoms to protect yourself and your partner during oral play, and add some sense of fun with these delicious condoms. Enjoy the strawberry-flavoured Skins or the chocolatey sweetness of EXS. How about strawberry, mint, blueberry, orange, vanilla, apple, chocolate, or banana-flavoured condoms? The sky is the limit when you want to buy oral condoms.

To help you choose the perfect oral condom for you, we answer a few frequently answered questions.

What are Oral Condoms?

Oral condoms, also known as tongue condoms, are regular latex condoms that come in various flavours and scents. Some oral condom brands even offer special flavours such as mint or cherry. The main difference between an oral condom and a regular condom is the flavouring added to make it more playful and enjoyable for both partners during oral sex.

The flavoured coating on an oral condom provides an extra layer of protection against STIs, including HIV, hepatitis B and C, and chlamydia. However, it's important to remember that the flavoured coat does not protect completely from all sexually transmitted infections. So you should always practise safe sex and use a regular condom for vaginal or anal penetration.

How are Oral Condoms Different to Regular Condoms?

Oral condoms are different from regular condoms because they come in delicious flavours that make oral sex more enjoyable. Still, they remain similar to plain or regular condoms because they offer some protection from unplanned pregnancies as they are a barrier method.

The flavoured coating on an oral condom doesn't provide complete protection from all sexually transmitted infections. It's a good idea to wear a regular condom if engaging in penetrative sex, but an oral condom will also do the job if you have run out of your familiar brand.

To be sure you're using condoms correctly, always read the instructions before using your oral condoms for any other kind of sex.

Why Choose Oral Condoms?

Oral condoms are an excellent choice for people who prefer to add their favourite taste and smell to their condoms. Not only do they make oral sex more enjoyable, but the flavoured coating also provides extra protection against some sexually transmitted infections. Oral condoms offer an excellent way for couples to keep safe during oral sex whilst still having fun.

Flavoured condoms are designed for oral sex and are called oral condoms, but they are not the same as oral dams.

Alternatives to Oral Condoms for Oral Sex

If you don't want to use oral condoms, other options are available. You can use a dental dam for oral sex - thin sheets of rubber that act as a barrier between the mouth and genitals. They come in various sizes and flavours, so you won't have trouble finding one to suit your needs.

You can also use a plain or regular condom, but why would you when you have fruity oral condoms to choose from?

Are Oral Condoms Better than Regular Condoms?

Oral condoms are not necessarily better than regular condoms - they are just different. Regular condoms protect against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, while flavoured or oral condoms offer extra pleasure during oral sex. It's up to you which type of condom is best for your needs and preferences.

Who Buys Oral Condoms?

Anyone who wants to include fun and flavour in their sexual experiences can benefit from using oral condoms. From young adults experimenting with different kinds of safe sex play to established couples looking for something new and exciting, oral condoms can be used by anyone looking to enjoy their time together without risking their safety.

How to Use Oral Condoms

Make sure you buy condoms that fit correctly before buying flavour-infused oral condoms. The condom could slip or break if it is too large or too small. Read more about condom sizes and how to measure yourself for a comfortable fit.

Latex is also used to make many flavoured oral condoms. If you think you might be allergic to latex, you should examine the package before making a purchase.

Unless the instructions on the package specify otherwise, you shouldn't use them for anal or vaginal intercourse. This is especially true considering that any additional sugars in the flavouring could cause an anal or vaginal yeast infection.

Other Things to be Aware of With Oral Condoms

Make sure you are familiar with condom usage. Use only condoms that fit you properly. Verify the condom's expiration date. If the condom's packaging is ripped or broken, you shouldn't use it. Always look for any visible issues, such as small holes or stiffness.

Always use a fresh condom for each sexual adventure, never try to re-use your condoms and use a safe lubricant that won't break or react badly with your condom, causing the latex to break down. If the condom breaks through incorrect usage or storage, it will not protect you are your partner against STIs or unwanted pregnancies.

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