If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've considered reusing a condom. You may be short on cash or don't like throwing away something that could still be useful. Perhaps you're getting on the sustainability bandwagon because condoms are not eco-friendly or sustainable - read more on sustainable condoms.

We get it; washing a condom might seem like it would make it clean enough to use again, but that's not the case. Even if you wash it with soap and water, there will still be bacteria and viruses left behind, and that's not even considering that wearing a condom more than once decreases its effectiveness.

Your condoms must be practical because otherwise, you're wasting your time wearing them. So please, for your own sake: use a fresh condom every time. Your health (and wallet) will thank you in the long run.

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Washing a condom doesn't make it safe to reuse

In fact, it can dramatically increase the chances of contracting an STI. Reusing a condom might seem like a great way to save money and resources, but it can quickly become an expensive mistake.

Washing a condom won't make it safe to use. Doing so can increase the chances of contracting an STI. This is because condom reuse weakens the material, making it less capable of preventing those bacteria and viruses from passing between partners.

Remember, there is a wide range of condom varieties available on the market that are good value for money and easy to obtain, so there's no excuse for resorting to condom reuse. Keeping yourself safe should always be your top priority when engaging in sexual activity.

Here are our favourite top twelve great value condoms…

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  11. Skins Assorted Condoms
  12. Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms

Reusing a condom can cause it to tear or break

Reusing a condom is one of the worst decisions you can make when practising safe sex. Condoms are designed for single use only. Using them multiple times severely increases the risk that they could tear or break, leaving you unprotected from STDs and/ or unwanted pregnancies.

Even if your condom looks like it hasn't been used before - reusing it is still a considerable risk. If in doubt, chuck it out. Always use new condoms for each sexual encounter, and check for expiration dates and rip or tear signs every time you open the package. Read more about expired condoms.

Monogamy makes no difference

Even if you're in a monogamous relationship, using condoms is still the best way to protect yourself from an STI. Although it may seem unlikely, even if you are in a monogamous relationship, using condom protection is the most practical and efficient way to protect yourself from an STD.

It can be easy and tempting to become complacent in a relationship with only one partner. However, condom reuse every time you have sexual intercourse will significantly increase your chances of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

Used carefully and correctly condoms can provide effective contraception. However, for peace of mind, if you and your partner do not want an unplanned pregnancy, there are many benefits from considering other forms of contraception.

Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) methods - can be fitted and more or less forgotten, and give 99% reliability in preventing a pregnancy for the duration of the device/method. For more information click here.

Cost concerns

If you're worried about the cost and you're 16, or under, there are plenty of ways to get free condoms - ask your FP surgery of Sexual Health Clinis. Read more about the age you can buy condoms.

In these times when money is tight, it's easy to worry, but worry not - if you're 16 or under, there are plenty of ways to get condom protection without wasting money. Your GP surgery of Sexual Health Clinic (within your doctor's practice) can provide options and, most importantly, advice about good sexual health practices. 


In conclusion, the message is DON’T reuse condoms - they're not made for that, and it's not worth the risk, and frankly, the bottom line is it's GROSS!

Reusing condoms is not recommended. It's downright dangerous. Even though reusing your condoms may seem like a cost-efficient option, the risk of infection is far too great to make them worthwhile. Not only can rinsed out and reused condoms tear or degrade more quickly, but any bacteria left behind from the previous use will be passed on to you and your partner during sex.

With so many affordable options for disposable condoms, there really is no excuse to take such an unnecessary and potentially harmful step. In conclusion, don't reuse condoms - it's simply not worth it!

With all that in mind, it's clear that there's no good reason to reuse a condom. Not only is it perilous, but doing so could lead to messy and embarrassing situations for everyone involved.

To ensure you never find yourself in a situation where you feel tempted to reuse one, why not buy them in bulk and save money? After all, a pinch of prevention is worth an ounce of cure - so take the time to protect yourself adequately.

Once you understand the importance of using condoms correctly and consistently, it'll become second nature. Create educated and informed friends by spreading knowledge about condoms: invest in your health and be safe.

Jan 10, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh