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                  What are ribbed condoms?

                  Ribbed condoms are condoms with raised ridges running around them. They are designed to heighten sexual pleasure and, depending on their design, they can heighten the pleasure for the wearer, for the receiver, or for both partners.

                  What is the use of ribbed condoms?

                  The purpose of a ribbed condom is to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. Some men, however, will find that the ribs can also help them delay ejaculation. There are various types of ribbed condoms you can choose from:

                  Spiral ribbed condoms

                  These condoms have “spiralled” ridges running along the full length of the condom or positioned strategically to intensify stimulation for one or both partners. Spiral ribbing towards the tip of the condom are meant to stimulate the penis head and enhance pleasure for him. Spiral ribbing toward the base (open end) of the condom is meant to stimulate the G-spot and enhance pleasure for her. Some condoms have spiral ribs toward the top and toward the base, stimulating both partners.

                  Circular ribbed condoms

                  The main difference between the spiral and circular ribbed condoms is the circular pattern of the raised ridges on these condoms. Some options have ridges that run from the base to the top of the condom, such as Durex Tingle Me, whilst others concentrate the pattern in one or two areas (usually near the tip and towards the base of the condom).

                  Deep ribbed condoms

                  These condoms have more pronounced circular ridges that can run along the entire shaft or concentrate in one or two areas. Whether you should use a “standard” ribbed condom or a deep ribbed condom comes down to preference. Some people find a less pronounced texture to be more satisfying, whilst others like the extra stimulation.

                  Do ribbed condoms actually make a difference?

                  Since sensations and stimulation are subjective, the only way to tell whether ribbed condoms actually make a difference is to try them. Some people love the extra stimulation they bring. Other men are somewhat bothered by the pattern, but use ribbed condoms to distract themselves and delay ejaculation.

                  Women are also divided between ribbed condom enthusiasts and ladies who find these condoms annoying. If you have sensitive skin, ribbed condoms may even irritate your genitals due to the increased friction.

                  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use ribbed condoms because you have sensitive skin. Simply add abundant condom-friendly lubricant to enhance slickness.

                  What brands make ribbed condoms?

                  Ribbed condoms come from the most popular and trusted brands. They are as safe to use and as effective as standard condoms, but keep in mind that most textured options are made of natural rubber latex. Thus, they are not suitable for people with latex allergies. That said, here are some of the most popular ribbed condoms you can get:

                  Durex Tickle Me

                  Ribbed and coral coloured, Durex Tickle Me is perhaps the most popular ribbed condom. With intensely raised ribs that run along the entire shaft of the condom, Durex Tickle Me enhances pleasure for both partners. This is one of the snugger condoms from the brand, with a nominal width of 53mm. The condom is 180mm long and has a flared head that ensures an anatomical fit.

                  Pasante Passion

                  Formerly known as Pasante Ribbed, Pasante Passion is similar to Tickle Me. The condom features circular ridges that run across the entire length of the condom’s shaft. The size is also similar to Durex – 53mm of nominal width and 190mm of length. This condom has straight walls but it is still very comfortable to wear.

                  Vitalis Ribbed

                  This condom is similar to Pasante Passion, in that it has a straight wall and circular ribs along the shaft. The pattern is more concentrated in the central portion of the condom, though. Vitalis Ribbed has a nominal width of 52mm and is 180mm long.

                  Trojan Magnum Ribbed

                  This large condom features spiral ribbing at the tip and base, providing stimulation for her and him. Trojan Magnum Ribbed has a nominal width of 57mm at the base, 60mm at the head, and is 209mm long.

                  Trojan Ecstasy

                  Regular in size, Trojan Ecstasy has circular instead of spiral ribs, but the pattern is still concentrated in the two most sensitive areas – near the base for her and near the top for him. An unusual shape can also enhance pleasure for the wearer. This condom has a nominal width of 53mm at the base, but it’s 73mm wide from mid-shaft to the top, allowing for unrestricted movement and increased pleasure. This condom has deep ribs and is coated with an ultra-smooth lubricant on both sides to increase slickness and glide.

                  Trojan Ecstasy Double Pleasure

                  This condom has the same shape, size, and pattern as Trojan Ecstasy, but it is coated with a different type of lubricant on each side. The condom’s interior features an ultra-smooth lube that makes the condom very comfortable to wear. On the outside, the condom is coated with intensified, warming effect lubricant. This lube enhances blood flow to the lady parts, intensifying the sensations and increasing intimacy.

                  What is the difference between ribbed and dotted condoms?

                  The main difference between ribbed and dotted condoms is the pattern. Ribbed condoms have raised ridges, whereas dotted condoms have raised dots or “studs.” While ribbed condoms can satisfy both partners, dotted condoms are designed with female stimulation in mind and usually have a smooth interior. Thus, they make no difference for the wearer.

                  Because many women prefer dotted condoms over the ribbed ones, there are also ribbed and dotted condoms.

                  Ribbed and dotted condoms bring the best of both worlds – they usually have a dotted pattern along the centre of the shaft and ribs near the top. Some brands also add ribs at the base of the condom to enhance G-spot stimulation.

                  Should I buy a ribbed or ribbed and dotted condom?

                  It is entirely up to you and your partner. If you’ve never used textured condoms before, you can buy all types of textured condoms and see which one works best for you. If you need some extra stimulation when wearing a condom or if you want to delay ejaculation – if the ridges actually distract you – but your partner doesn’t really care about the texture, ribbed condoms could be your best bet.

                  If your partner likes the dots texture and you want to enjoy extra stimulation, too, a ribbed and dotted condom would be your best bet. Likewise, you can buy dotted condoms if your partner likes the texture but you’d prefer the feel of a smooth condom.

                  What brands make ribbed and dotted condoms?

                  Most brands make ribbed and dotted condoms. Here are some of the most popular options:

                  Pasante Intensity

                  These natural rubber latex condoms have a nominal width of 52mm and are 190mm long. Like Pasante Passion, these condoms have a straight wall, but fit comfortably. The condoms have no flavour and are colourless and odourless.

                  EXS Ribbed and Dotted

                  Characterised by an anatomical fit, these condoms have a nominal width of 56mm and are 193mm long. Like Pasante Intensity, they’re made of natural rubber latex, are colourless and odourless. The anatomical fit is snugger at the base, but the condom has a flared head.

                  Durex Intense

                  With an anatomical fit, these condoms suit men who need a slightly larger condom. They have a nominal width of 56mm and are 195mm long. These condoms are made of natural rubber latex, have a clear colour and have a mint flavour. The mint lube delivers tingling sensations.

                  Durex Pleasure Me

                  Has the same size and design as Durex Intense, but it has no flavour. The condom is made of natural rubber latex.

                  Durex Mutual Climax

                  Another condom that has the same size and design as Intense and Pleasure Me, Durex Mutual Climax stands out due to its delay effect. The condom contains a drop of Benzocaine 5%, a mild anaesthetic that can help you postpone ejaculation until you bring your partner to climax. Durex Mutual Climax condoms are made of natural rubber latex.

                  Skins Dots & Ribs

                  Those who don’t like the smell of latex mind find Skins Dots & Ribs quite satisfying. This condom is not flavoured, but it is infused with a sweet vanilla scent. Suiting men who need a regular size condom, Skins Dots & Ribs has a nominal width of 54mm and is 180mm long.

                  What are the downsides of ribbed condoms?

                  The only downside of ribbed condoms – and of all other textured condoms, as a matter of fact – is that they are more abrasive than smooth condoms. Those with sensitive skin might find that these condoms irritate them. Women, above all, can find ribbed condoms downright painful.

                  Because of this effect, ribbed condoms require extra lubrication. You should always use a water or silicone-based lube – check the condom packet to see what lubes you can use. Never use oil lubricants or Vaseline with latex or polyisoprene condoms, because they will damage the condom structure and might cause it to break.

                  Women suffering from vaginal dryness may also find it hard to use textured condoms. A specific, vaginal moisturiser might help. However, if you’re looking for extra stimulation or some texture to keep you distracted, you could try Lelo Hex.

                  Lelo Hex condoms come in two sizes, Original, which is a regular size, and Respect XL, which is a large condom.

                  These condoms aren’t textured condoms in the true meaning of the word. However, they have edges of each hexagon connecting to one another creates a sort of pattern that some men find stimulating whilst others claim it helps them delay ejaculation.

                  The texture is only present on the inside of the condom. Its outside is silky smooth and more than suitable to use with your partner if she has vaginal dryness or sensitive skin.

                  Where can I buy ribbed condoms?

                  You can buy ribbed condoms right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of condoms from trusted brands, including Durex, Pasante, Trojan, and EXS. Our range of textured condoms includes natural rubber latex and latex free options. You can also find textured condoms in a wide range of sizes, so you can rest assured that finding the best condoms for you won’t be too hard. In addition to a bountiful range of condoms, buying from us comes with additional advantages.

                  At Condoms.uk, we only sell genuine condoms sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers here in the UK. All condoms we sell are tested for safety and meet or exceed all British and European standards – check the CE mark or BSI Kitemark on the condom packet.

                  When you buy form us, you’ll also benefit from free delivery on orders of £25 or more, or cheap delivery fees (as low as £2.99) on orders below £25. Next-day delivery is also available for a small extra fee or free of charge on orders of £50 or more.

                  As you’d expect, all your products will come in generic, non-branded packaging. The parcel will contain no reference to Condoms.uk, condoms, lube, or sex toys – it will only be labelled with your name and address and a generic P.O. Box return address.

                  So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range right now to find the best ribbed condoms for you and your beloved one.