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              New businesses and concepts are launched every day, especially in the sexual health arena, and most don't make the grade. However, newbies Roam is clearly doing something right, as this is one of the most purchased new condom brands available right now.

              Roam condoms are made from natural latex for a smooth and pleasurable experience, with up to 40% less plastic than traditional condom foils, making them better for you and the planet. Plus, the unique range of products has been designed to meet all your needs, from ultra-thin and vegan options to those who want extra lubrication.

              Whether you're looking for a reliable contraception method or want something new and different to enhance sexual pleasure, Roam Condoms could be just what you need.

              Made with quality materials and revolutionary design features, including 100% Fair Rubber Latex certified to CE + ISO 4074 standard. Roam condoms are vegan and cruelty-free, with an emphasis on using recycled and recyclable outer packaging.

              Some Background Information On Roam Condoms

              So who are Roam? Roam is the baby of Ben Taylor and Alex Griffiths, founders of the new personal care business that aims to bring sexual healthcare into the 21st century. The brand offers 100% natural sexual care products designed for everyone, aiming to change consumers' relationship with shopping for sexual care by addressing the disconnect between pleasure and displeasure.

              Roam hopes to counter an over-subscribed industry worth billions that fails to cater to diverse sexual needs with something new, but more importantly, better.

              Leading venture capitalists with a background in sexual health and the beauty industry have backed Roam and its launches with placement with selected retailers, making it one of the fastest growing condom brands available right now.

              All this background information is very well but are Roam products good?

              Are Roam Condoms Good And Are They Safe?

              The change begins with the packaging, the boxes and lubricant bottles are more like an expensive beauty brand than a clinical sexual health brand, and the focus is on sex positivity with a hefty dose of sustainability.

              Roam condoms are made from 100% Fair Trade natural latex for a smooth and pleasurable experience, with up to 40% less plastic than traditional condom foils. The condoms are safe and have been rigorously tested to ensure they comply with British and European quality and safety standards so you can use them confidently.

              Roam condoms as a unique range of products to meet your every need, from ultra-thin and vegan options to those who want extra lubrication. In fact, they are currently the only condom brand in the UK offering aloe vera (among other natural ingredients) lubricant for use with its condoms.

              What Size Are Roam Condoms?

              Roam Condoms come in three sizes — Slim, Regular and Large — to suit a range of sizes.

              Moreover, their condoms are some of the thinnest on the market, with a 0.05% ultra-thin feel for an even more sensual and pleasurable experience.

              Are Roam An Ethical Brand?

              Yes, Roam is an ethical brand; its ethics are embedded in its mission statement and ethos pillars — Roam believes in a clear social purpose that confronts stigmas surrounding sex care and educates customers. Roam strives to do so through product development, marketing strategies and brand ambassadors.

              That's why is pumped to be a chosen supplier of Roam products. If you are looking for an ethical, pleasurable and safe range of condoms, Roam is definitely worth a try!

              Whether you're looking for something new and want to be sure you can trust your sexual health products, choosing Roam is a safe and ethical bet.