What are tropical condoms?

Tropical condoms are tropical fruit flavoured condoms. The generic term can include a variety of flavours, such as coconut, pineapple, mango, banana, and sometimes even passion fruit or lychee. However, most brands only label their condoms as tropical when they come in a variety pack.

What flavours can I usually find in a tropical condom pack?

You can find any of the flavours mentioned above in a tropical condom pack. However, more often than not, the flavours included are mango, pineapple, and coconut.

In the UK, one of the most popular brands manufacturing tropical condoms is Pasante. The brand’s tropical condoms have an exotic taste and fresh, summery smell. They are perfect for oral sex and can also be used for vaginal and anal intercourse.

However, remember that most flavoured condoms should only be used for oral sex only. Using flavoured condoms for vaginal intercourse may lead to yeast infections, due to the sugar content of the lubricant layer.

If you want to use flavoured condoms for all types of sex, one brand that won’t let you down is Glyde. Glyde condoms are made of natural rubber latex and are flavoured with natural fruit extracts. They contain no added sugars, additives, or chemicals, and represent a safer option for vaginal sex than other flavoured condoms.

What about banana condoms?

Banana is undoubtedly one of the most popular tropical fruits. However, most brands don’t include banana condoms in their tropical condom packs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find them. One of the brands that sell banana condoms in the UK is ON. The German condoms manufacturer proposes banana flavoured condoms to all those who would love to up their sex game with a fun option.

No matter what flavour you pick, all tropical condoms are an excellent choice for foreplay and oral sex, especially if you like role play or want a fresh, summer condom.

Are tropical condoms coloured? What colours do tropical condoms have?

Not all tropical condoms are coloured, although most brands colour their flavoured condoms. While we can’t talk about tropical condoms sold in other countries, at Condoms.uk, Pasante’s Tropical condoms are available in three flavours and colours:

All Pasante Tropical condoms are made of natural rubber latex and have a nominal width of 53mm. They are 190mm long and 0.07mm thick.

Their sweet flavour is very pleasant, and you can rest assured they are as safe as the unflavoured condoms from the brand. Pasante doesn’t specify if the flavour is natural or artificial, but you can use these condoms for oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

Another brand you can consider is ON. Although ON doesn’t have a selection of tropical condoms, their banana condoms still fall in the tropical category.

ON Banana condoms are slightly wider than Pasante Tropical but shorter – 54mm wide and 185mm long, to be precise.

These condoms are 0.07mm thick and coloured in a bright yellow hue. They could be a great alternative to Pasante’s pineapple condoms if you like yellow but don’t really fancy the pineapple flavour. They are also an excellent choice for men who need a wider condom, but who still wear a regular size.

How to size tropical condoms?

Talking about size, you might want to find out how to choose the right condoms. The method is simple. However, before we go on, we should say that not all men will be able to find tropical condoms in their size.

That said, here’s how to figure out which condom size is right for you.

  1. Grab a ruler, string, and pen or marker – preferably in a contrasting colour than your string.
  2. Wrap the string around the thickest part of your fully erect penis (usually around the middle of the shaft). Use the pen or marker to mark the point where the string meets.
  3. Use the ruler to measure the distance and divide the number by 3.14. This is your penis width. Now, go and match this number against the condom’s nominal width (which can vary between 47mm and 69mm).

Men who need a regular size condom usually have a width between 52mm and 56mm. In the UK and Europe, the most common sizes are 53mm and 54mm – a thing confirmed by the choice of most manufacturers to make their condoms in this size.

A thing to keep in mind is that regular sizes may vary from country to country. For this reason, when buying condoms, always check the actual dimensions on the pack.

Besides your penis girth (and nominal width), you may also be concerned about your penis length. This number is less important when choosing condoms, but you can still measure it. Here’s how:

  1. Grab a flexible measuring tape.
  2. Use the tape to measure the length of your fully erect penis, from the tip of the head all way to the base. Press as much as you can toward your pubic bone, to make up for any hair or fat tissue under your skin. If you have a curved penis, follow your glans’ natural curve – this is why you should use flexible measuring tape instead of a ruler.

Although your penis length is important for you – or it may be important for your partner – this number is somewhat negligible when choosing your condoms.

Most condom manufacturers make their condoms longer than needed. The extra length won’t bother you as long as the condoms have the right width. However, keep in mind that an improper width may be uncomfortable.

Buying a too snug condom may result in condom breakage due to pressure or friction. Small condoms can also restrict blood flow through your penis. While using a snug condom occasionally won’t do you harm, using smaller condoms regularly could lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Due to the blood flow restriction, smaller condoms also cut off sensations. That’s one reason why some men use them occasionally, when they want to last longer and delay ejaculation. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t use smaller condoms to treat premature ejaculation problems. For this issue, you can use delay condoms in your size, delay lubricant, or delay wipes. You should also talk to your doctor to see what causes your problem and find a suitable solution to fix it.

Loose condoms, on the other hand, can slide off during sex. Like snug condoms, too large condoms can cut off sensations. They won’t restrict blood flow, though.

One reason some men decide to buy larger condoms is to use them with cock rings or sex toys. Some cock rings even require the use of a condom to stay in place. However, keep in mind that every time the condom doesn’t adhere perfectly to your penis, there is the chance your semen will get in the vagina if you ejaculate inside your partner (it can leak out of the condom).

For this reason, you should use supplementary protection if you’re using the condom over a cock ring.

Besides the risk of pregnancy, using a condom with a cock ring also leaves you exposed to the risk of sexually transmitted infections. For this reason, you should only use condoms over a cock ring if both of you have been tested and are in an exclusive relationship.

What to do if I can’t find tropical condoms in my size?

Tropical condoms, like most flavoured condoms, are only available in a regular size. If you need a smaller or bigger condom, however, you can simply use your usual condoms and flavour them with flavoured lubricant.

At Condoms.uk, we stock a wide variety of flavoured lubricants you can use to cover the taste and smell of latex and enhance oral sex. Fruit flavoured options include:

Are all tropical condoms made of latex?

Yes, tropical condoms are made of natural rubber latex. Most tropical condoms have a smooth texture and feel silky on skin. However, some brands may also make ribbed and dotted condoms that taste and smell like tropical fruits.

If you or your partner is allergic to latex, you can simply use a flavoured lubricant with your usual condoms. Like latex condoms, non-latex condoms are safe to use with water-based or silicone-based lubes.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to use your condoms with a flavoured lubricant is that not all flavoured lubes are suitable for vaginal and anal sex. Like flavoured condoms, flavoured lubes could contain added sugars.

Sugars could cause a yeast infection if introduced in the vagina and alter its natural pH. Flavoured lubricant should primarily be used for more enjoyable oral sex. However, if the lubricant doesn’t contain added sugars and the label says it’s safe to apply on your intimate areas, then you can use it for vaginal and anal sex without worries.

What other fruit flavoured condoms can I choose from?

Most people love tropical condoms because of their fresh, bubbly summer feel. However, you can choose from a variety of other fruit flavours. Some of the most popular options that we stock here at Condoms.uk include:

Fruit flavours aside, you can also replace tropical condoms with mint, chocolate, cola, or bubblegum condoms to add some variety in the bedroom.

Does Condoms.uk sell tropical condoms?

Yes. Here at Condoms.uk, we sell tropical condoms from Pasante as well as a variety of other fruit flavoured condoms. We take pride in providing you with the best condoms on the market and only sell genuine condoms sourced directly from brands or their official distributors in the UK.

When you buy from us, you can rest assured each condom pack will come sealed and marked with the CE and BSI Kitemark.

To find the best condoms for you, browse our range or use our tools to find out the right condom size before choosing.

How to buy tropical condoms from you?

Buying tropical condoms from Condoms.uk is as easy as it gets. Simply open the product page, select the quantity and add to the cart. You can then proceed to checkout and pay with your favourite payment option, including ShopPay, GPay, and PayPal.

If you want to have your condoms delivered to your doorsteps regularly, Condoms.uk also offers a Subscribe & Save service. Subscribing allows you to save up to 15% and receive condoms at set intervals so that you’ll never have to remember buying them.

No matter how you choose to buy your condoms, we offer free delivery on all orders above £25 and ship all parcels in discreet, non-branded packaging.

With a wide selection of genuine condoms, lubricants, and sex toys, secure payment methods and discreet delivery, buying from Condoms.uk is quick, secure, and fun.