What is Vitalis?

Vitalis is a brand of premium condoms manufactured by R&S Consumer Goods. This is the same company that manufactures the popular tailored-fit condoms MY.SIZE and the range of affordable condoms ON.

Sharing many features with the other condoms from the manufacturer, Vitalis condoms are made of premium quality rubber latex and come in different styles and sizes. Thus, finding the right condom for you shouldn't be complicated.

What types of condoms does Vitalis make?

Aiming to address most men and couples' needs, Vitalis offers a bountiful range of classic, textured, and flavoured condoms. Let's check them out.


Vitalis Natural condoms are an excellent choice for all those moments when all you need is a classic condom to protect yourself against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They don't have fancy flavours or colours, but these condoms could be just what you need to experience the utmost pleasure between your sheets.

Only 0.07mm thick, Vitalis Natural condoms are thin enough to provide almost skin-on-skin sensations. They are flexible and elastic, allowing for a natural range of movement and more gratifying intercourse. A nominal width of 53mm and a length of 180mm makes them perfect for most men.

The product is lightly lubricated with a silicone-based product that enhances slickness and prevents condom breakage. Like all Vital classic condoms, Vitalis Natural is characterised by a smooth, silky texture and has an easy-on shape.

Stimulation & Warming

Vitalis Stimulation & Warming condoms are designed to make sex hotter than ever before. They have the same texture and size as the classic condoms but are lubricated with a special warming effect lube that heats your private bits and boosts pleasure for both partners.

Due to the stimulating, warming effect, these condoms are an excellent choice for vaginal and anal sex alike. Similar to Vitalis natural, they have an anatomical shape and fit comfortably.

Like all Vitalis condoms, they are made of natural latex and have no latex taste or odour. These condoms are also compatible with most personal lubricants.

Delay & Cooling

Vitalis Delay and Cooling condoms bring the opposite effect compared to Stimulation & Warming. Their role is to help treat the symptoms of premature ejaculation and intensify pleasure for your partner during vaginal sex.

Designed with a cooling effect gel instead of standard lube, these condoms delay ejaculation naturally without the use of Lidocaine or Benzocaine. Thus, the product is suitable for people allergic to synthetic anaesthetics or who don’t want to use a synthetic anaesthetic for one reason or another.

Like Stimulation & Warming, Vitalis Delay & Cooling condoms have a regular size and classic texture, and are compatible with a wide range of water-based, hybrid, and silicone lubricants.


Designed to help you break the routine and give your sex life a boost Vitalis Ribbed is part of the brand's line of textured condoms. Lots of raised ribs in all the right places help maximise your partner's pleasure from the inside for a faster and more powerful climax.

Slightly smaller than Vitalis classic condoms, these condoms have a nominal width of 52mm and provide a snugger fit. This smaller size was conceived to enhance pleasure for you, too. Thus, it's safe to say that these condoms can easily stimulate both partners.

The product has a smooth texture on the interior and is easy to roll on. A straight fit ensures comfort in most situations.


The other type of textured condoms from the brand, Vitalis Sensation condoms, differ from the Ribbed ones in more than one way.

First, they have raised dots and ribs, with each pattern strategically positioned to stimulate the vaginal walls and the G-spot at the same time. An anatomical fit with flared head and teat tip also increases comfort. Like the Ribbed condoms, Vitalis Sensation condoms are smooth on the inside and feel very soft on the skin.

Another difference is the condom colour, which is pink rather than transparent. They are also bigger than Vitalis Ribbed, having the same size as the regular condoms from the brand.

Comfort Plus

Finding the perfect condom can be daunting when the regular condom shape with straight walls doesn't feel comfortable. But you don't have to give up on protection just because normal condoms don't fit right. Vitalis Comfort Plus has the same size as Vitalis Natural but features a flared heat with teat tip rather than straight walls.

This anatomical shape is roomier and more comfortable, boosting the overall quality of your sexual experience.

Indeed, these condoms do not constrict the penis, allowing you to focus on sensations and your partner rather than the condom. An excellent choice if you’re looking forward to a more pleasant intimate experience.


Vitalis Strong condoms are designed for those who like rougher or anal sex. Thicker, 0.09mm walls, allow you to focus on yourself and your partner rather than worrying about the condom.

It goes without saying that the extra thickness boasts strength and adds resistance. Thus, these condoms are also perfect for moments when natural lubrication is insufficient due to hormonal imbalances or menopause. Whatever you plan to use them for, rest assured that Vitalis Strong condoms will let you enjoy every single moment without worrying about breakage.

The product has a comfort fit design with straight walls and a teat end. The condom’s smooth, silky texture also reduces friction and lowers the risk of irritation during intercourse.


Vitalis X-large condoms are designed for men with a generous size, giving you the extra room you need. The product has a nominal width of 57mm and is 190mm long. This size is also a perfect choice for men who need a condom to use with a G-spot vibrating ring to enhance their partner's pleasure.

An anatomical fit and easy roll on ensuring an unrivalled comfort. Vitalis X-large condoms allow for an ample range of movement, so you'll never feel constricted. They have a smooth, soft texture and feel silky on the skin.

With a thickness of only 0.07mm, they also guarantee almost skin-on-skin sensitivity for a satisfying night from start to finish.

Colour & Flavour

Smooth in texture yet coloured and flavoured, Vitalis Colour & Flavour are an excellent choice for rewarding and safe oral sex or simply for bringing some fun between the sheets. Each packet includes an assortment of chocolate and strawberry condoms, coloured in black and red, respectively.

Similar to the other Vitalis condoms, the product is lightly lubricated with silicone lube. Nevertheless, all ingredients are food-grade and safe for enjoying all types of sex.

These condoms are ideal for users who need a regular size condom. Similar to Vitalis Natural, they have a nominal width of 53mm and are 180mm long.

Super Thin

Vitalis Super Thin condoms are designed to boost pleasure between the sheets with all the benefits of safe sex. Only 0.06mm thick, they deliver the real sensations of skin-on-skin contact, helping you enhance the connection with your partner.

These condoms have an anatomical shape and easy fit design that makes them extremely comfortable. Following the natural lines of your penis without constricting, Vitalis Super Thin allow for an ample and natural range of movement.

Despite their thin walls, they are extremely resistant. At the same time, the regular size makes them perfect for most men.

Are Vitalis condoms vegan?

Whilst Vitalis declares on their website that all their condoms are made of premium-quality natural rubber latex, the company doesn't disclose whether they use casein or if the condoms or any ingredients are tested on animals. As such, we cannot tell whether Vitalis condoms are vegan or not.

How to use Vitalis condoms?

Vitalis condoms, like most men condoms, are straightforward to use:

  1. Take out a condom from the pack and check its individual packet for damage. Avoid using the condom if the foil wrapper has been torn or if the condom is expired. If the wrapper is intact, carefully pull one corner of the packet to unwrap the condom. Don't use your teeth or scissors to open the packet, as you may damage the condom.
  2. The rim of the condom should always be on the outside (the condom looks like a miniature hat and unrolls easily on your length). The easiest way to tell if it's on the right side is by unrolling the condom a bit before placing it on your penis. It is important to place the condom correctly, but if you accidentally placed it on the wrong side, discard it and use a new condom.
  3. Pinch the teat end of the condom to remove the air, then place the condom on the head of your penis. Roll it down the shaft of your penis all the way to the base. If you are uncircumcised, pull the foreskin back before unrolling the condom.
  4. After you ejaculate, hold on to the rim of the condom and pull your penis out of your partner's body. It is important to do this before the penis goes soft to prevent the condom from getting loose and slipping off your penis whilst you are inside your partner. Not only could semen leak and potentially lead to pregnancy, but the condom may also be difficult to extract from your partner's body.
  5. Slide the used condom off your penis carefully and dispose of it in the bin. Do not flush the condoms down the toilet because they might clog the pipes.

If used correctly, Vitalis condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. To prevent carrying bacteria from one cavity to another, it is recommended to use a new condom each time you switch from one kind of sex to another, especially when switching from anal to vaginal or from vaginal or anal to oral. This practice will limit the risk of infections for your partner.

Can I use a condom that I stored in my wallet?

You can use a condom that you have briefly stored in your wallet, not longer than a few hours. Exposure to heat (including body heat) and sunlight can damage the condom's structure and dry out the lubricant, causing the condom to break during intercourse. You should always store your condoms in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.


Can I use a Vitalis condom after it has expired?

No, you should never use a condom that has expired.

Are Vitalis condoms good?

Following all European and international regulations, Vitalis tests all its products to the ISO 4074:2002 standards. All Vitalis condoms are electronically tested for safety and individually wrapped in foil wrappers that guarantee the condom's integrity if stored correctly.

Vitalis condoms are made from soft, natural rubber latex lightly lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. They rarely cause allergic reactions and are suitable for most people. However, you should avoid using Vitalis if you or your partner are allergic to latex.

Can I wear more than one condom at once?

No. Wearing two or three condoms at the same time will not increase the level of protection. On the contrary, it could decrease it. The friction created between the condoms can cause tears. The second condom may also slide off inside your partner's body, and retrieving it could require medical assistance.

Where can I buy Vitalis condoms?

Vitalis is a popular condom brand available in most convenience stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies. You can also buy them online from trusted suppliers, such as Condoms.uk. We source all products directly from brands or their official suppliers in the UK, so buying from us guarantees that you will get a genuine and safe product.