It's no secret that using a condom can be the difference between a good and bad sexual experience. But with so many condom types out there, finding the right condom for you can be challenging. Skyn condoms are a popular option, made with Skynfeel polyisoprene material that gives an extraordinary sensitivity.

If you're looking for a condom that offers uncompromising pleasure and protection? Skyn condoms have developed its condoms to deliver just that. Skyn has designed these ultra-thin latex-free condoms to provide maximum sensitivity and comfort, so you can focus on what really matters: having fun.

So, let's look at Skyn condoms and answer the most frequently asked questions about them.

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Skyn Condoms Review

We are often asked to review a product, and Skyn condoms are a brand we stock, and therefore, we love them—after all, we don't sell just any old products; everything we sell comes highly recommended based on scientific endorsements and commercial feedback.

Skyn makes their condoms from polyisoprene, a material with all of the benefits of latex but without any potential irritation or allergies associated with latex. Polyisoprene makes Skyn condoms an excellent choice for those sensitive to latex. The material is thinner than regular latex, giving you and your partner more sensation during sex.

Skyn condoms are lubricated with a long-lasting water-based lubricant that increases comfort and pleasure for both partners. This silicone-based formula provides smoother penetration, enhanced glide and better overall performance than regular water-based lubricants.

What Do Skyn Condoms Look Like?

Skyn condoms are available in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. The Skyn original condom, for example, is designed to look and feel like natural skin; its body-heat-activated form fits snugly to the contours of your body. There are Skyn large condoms and Skyn extra lubricated, which provides even more comfort, while Skyn intensity provides a thrilling texture to heighten sensitivity and pleasure.

The easily identifiable black packaging makes Skyn condoms stand out; they look sexy and no-nonsense, while the branding gives us a strong sense of quality and assurance.

Do Skyn Condoms Protect Against STIs?

The answer is yes! All Skyn condoms are electronically tested for strength, flexibility, and reliability and meet the highest safety standards. Skyn condoms comply with British and European regulatory standards.

They come in packs marked with CE and BSI Kitemark, and the FDA has approved them to meet all US, European, Japanese, and Australian quality standards.

You can't get better protection than Skyn condoms. Skyn condoms provide a barrier against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS. They are also effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

What Size Do Skyn Condoms Come In?

Skyn makes condoms in regular sizes at 53 mm and large at 56 mm. The Skyn large condom is also shaped for extra comfort and fit, and Skyn Original, Skyn Intensity and Skyn Elite lubricated are all available in regular sizes.

What Other Products Does Skyn Make?

Skyn make lots of other products to compliments its condom range. These include silicon-based lubricants and accessories, sex toys and vibrators, and condoms with added extras like warming lubes and ribbed textures. Click the link to check out the entire Skyn range.

Are Skyn Condoms Any Good?

Yes! Skyn condoms are some of the best on the market—they are reliable, comfortable, and provide excellent protection against STIs. They are made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure you are getting the best product.

All Skyn condoms exceed international standards for strength and reliability and are FDA approved for contraception, making them a trusted choice for pleasure and safety. So, if you're looking for an excellent quality condom that is comfortable and reliable, the right-sized Skyn might just be the perfect fit.

What Is Skyn's Best Selling Condom?

All of Skyn's range of condoms are popular, but their Elite condoms are their best-selling product. The Skyn Elite condoms are ultra-thin, with a silky smooth lubricant and perfect fit. They provide the ultimate sensitivity, and Skyn has designed them to enhance pleasure for you and your partner.

So, whether you are looking for something extra-sensitive or a reliable, comfortable condom that won't disappoint you, Skyn condoms are worth the money.

Are Skyn Condoms Expensive?

The Skyn range of condoms starts at £5.95 up to £12.99, which makes them good value. Plus, we often have offers and deals so that you can get even better value for money.

We also offer discreet free postage when you spend £25.00 or more—here's more information about postage and packing.

Are Skyn Condoms A British Brand?

Sadly no, Skyn or LifeStyle is an American brand based near New York. However, Skyn condoms are sold worldwide, so you don't have to worry about them being hard to get hold of.

If you're looking for a British brand, look no further than Durex, Skins or EXS. All these brands produce British made condoms that are made to the highest standards and have great reviews from customers worldwide. Click the link to buy all the British made condoms.


In conclusion, Skyn condoms are excellent for anyone seeking safe, reliable and comfortable protection. They are made with advanced technology to ensure quality and reliability, while the Skyn original range provides added comfort and sensitivity.

Plus, they come in different sizes and styles to suit everyone's needs. So why not give Skyn condoms a try? You won't be disappointed.

Mar 23, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh