If you've ever been curious whether Durex condoms have spermicide, you're in the right place. Durex is one of the most popular condom brands and has been around for decades. It's essential to research before getting intimate with someone to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and others.

So, let's examine whether Durex condoms have spermicide, how it works, and when it is appropriate and when it’s not.

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Do Durex Condoms Kill Sperm Cells?

A quick answer to whether Durex condoms kill sperm cells is no - they do not. Some of their condoms and lubricants previously contained the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 (N-9), but Durex discontinued using N-9 products in 2004. Discontinued means that all Durex condoms made since then do not have any spermicide and do not kill sperm cells.

Why Did Durex Decide Not To Put Spermicide In Their Condoms?

Spermicide can be used as birth control to prevent sperm from entering the uterus after ejaculation. It works by killing off most or all of the sperm cells before they can do their job and fertilise an egg.

However, when used too frequently or in large doses, Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) has been known to irritate genital tissue and increase the risk of getting or spreading sexually transmitted infections. As a result, Durex decided to discontinue using N-9 products in their condoms as well as lubricants.

Do Durex Thin Feel Condoms Have Spermicide?

No, all Durex condoms, including the Thin Feel variety, do not have spermicide. Instead, all Durex condoms are made with a material designed for ultimate comfort. Thin Feel is a latex condom, but Durex covers a vast range of condoms, from latex condoms like Thin Feel to non-latex and polyisoprene Real Feel condoms.

How Does Spermicide Work?

Spermicides are chemical compounds that are intended to kill sperm cells. Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) is the most common type used in condoms, and it works as a 'surfactant' - which causes the sperm cell to rupture and die. (Source)

Though it seems like a practical solution, as previously mentioned, spermicide has several drawbacks. Some people can be sensitive or even allergic to N-9, and its effectiveness is also reduced when used with a lubricant that contains oils (such as those found in many Durex condoms).

As such, the World Health Organisation firmly recommends the regular and consistent use of condoms to prevent STIs including HIV and syphilis, but research has shown condoms are more effective in stopping STIs if they do not contain spermicide.

How Effective Are Durex Extra Safe Condoms?

Durex makes their Extra Safe condoms with a thicker and more robust material than other Durex condoms, making them ideal for those wanting extra protection during higher-risk sex, such as anal. However, as these do not have spermicide, they do not provide additional protection against pregnancy.

They provide a very effective barrier to reducing the risk of STIs. When used correctly every time you have sex, Durex Extra Safe condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy when used perfectly, even without spermicide.

However, it should be noted that the typical use of condoms has a failure rate of 18% - meaning 18 out of 100 couples using only condoms as contraception would expect to become pregnant. This is a very high failure rate (Source). The best option is to use a reliable method of contraception, like a Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive like the implant plus condoms for STI protection. This is known as Double Dutch. (Source)

Is Durex A Good Brand?

Yes, Durex is a great brand that has been around for a long time. They are constantly researching, innovating and creating new products to meet the needs of their customers. Furthermore, all Durex condoms undergo rigorous lab and real-world testing to ensure they meet the highest protection standards. Look for the European CE mark or the UKCA mark on the packet. (Source)

All Durex Condoms conform to international quality standards and boast top ratings from independent tests. In addition, they are made from premium-quality materials and tested electronically to ensure a perfect fit with every use.

Overall, Durex is a trusted and reliable brand that offers top-notch protection for sexual health. With their wide range of condoms and lubricants, they will have a product that meets your needs.

Moreover, with their commitment to providing safe and pleasurable sex, you can trust that they will do their best to ensure your satisfaction. So, rest assured—when it comes to condoms, you can trust Durex. Click the link to view the entire Durex collection.

How To Choose The Right Size Condom

Most men are an average size of 53-54 mm, but you won't know your exact size without proper measuring. Always measure your penis when it is erect. Use a soft tape measure or a piece of string and measure where the girth is widest. You need the measurement in millimetres. (Source)

Once you know your measurements, it is easier to choose the right size condom and fit it properly. Durex condoms come in sizes small (52 mm), regular (53 mm), large (56 mm) and extra-large (60 mm). Read more about choosing the right size condom.

How To Put On A Condom, So It's Effective

Putting on your condom correctly is just as important as buying the correct size. Here's how to do it:

  1. Take the condom out of its packet carefully, avoiding any sharp objects or fingernails that could damage the condom. Check the CE or UKCA mark. Check the expiry date. Never use an expired condom as they are more likely to split. 
  2. Put your thumb and two fingers on either side of the teat end of the condom and gently squeeze to push the air out.
  3. Place this end over the tip of your erect penis.
  4. Unroll the condom all the way over your shaft, leaving a tiny bit of space at the end for semen.
  5. Smooth out any air bubbles that might be present and make sure it is securely in place.
  6. Hold the condom in place as you guide the penis into the vagina, or elsewhere.
  7. Once you're done, remove the condom immediately before the penis becomes limp, to avoid leakage of semen. Then throw away the condom in the rubbish bin, not down the toilet. If the condom has burst, be honest with your partner and tell them straightaway. Never reuse a condom. Never use 2 condoms at once. 

The effectiveness of condoms, including Durex Extra Safe condoms, depends on how well the condom fits and how it is used. If you do not fit the condom properly or do not use it correctly, it may slip off during sex or break, leaving you at risk of pregnancy and STIs.

If you have a burst condom, it's very important to tell your partner. A female partner should get help without delay if she does not want to become pregnant. She may want to have emergency contraception (the morning-after pill or emergency IUD) but the medication has to be taken as soon as possible after the accident and there are strict time limits on insertion of the IUD. Any partner who has been on the receiving end of a burst condom should go for an STI screening. (Source)


There are many factors to consider when using condoms, including size, material, and type. Durex Extra Safe condoms do not include spermicide. The effectiveness of condoms varies between 98% for perfect use and 82% for typical use. To get the best performance from a condom, its essential to choose the right size condom and ensure a proper fit.

Furthermore, do not use any lubricants that contain oils with condoms, as they can reduce the effectiveness of spermicide. Finally, do not forget to check the expiration date on all condoms before using them.

Using condoms correctly and consistently is a great way to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy and STIs. With Durex Extra Safe, you can do just that and enjoy a safe and protected sexual experience.

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