Some say it's not the size that matters; what you do with that size is what counts. And this is true if you're talking about a Ford Fiesta ST (that car is a pocket rocket). But when we're talking about condoms, if you don't get the fit right, what you do next won't feel right.

Worse, an ill-fitting condom could lead to unwanted pregnancies and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). So unbuckle, and let's get to grips with the problem; no matter the size you think you are, it's a good idea to double-check against our condom sizes chart to find the perfect fit.

To ensure you get exactly what you need, we will break down our condom sizes chart into a girth chart and a length chart. By doing this, we can match you up with your perfect fit.

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Why does it matter what size condom you buy?

Getting your condom size right is ultimately the difference between having great or terrible sex, as well as how effective the birth control is. A condom must fit to function effectively.

Too-loose condoms are more likely to come off during sex, while too-tight condoms are more likely to break or, at the very least, be downright uncomfortable. Getting the size right to get your performance right is essential because fit matters.

How to know what size condoms to buy

There are many condom size charts available that offer a variety of sizes to pick from, but you need to do more than take an educated guess to make the best decision. For male condoms, you must measure the size of your penis accurately to help prevent sexually transmitted infection.

By measuring correctly and consulting our condom sizes chart, you will know what size external condom to buy. Let's start the process by measuring...

How to measure your length

For this exercise, you will need a tape measure, a notepad and an erect penis (preferably yours). Here's how you measure the length:

Take the tape measure and measure from the base of your penis - where your penis joins your pubic bone - to the tip with one side of the tape. Your pubic bone is the forward-facing bone in the middle of your pelvis.

Length size chart

Length From To
Snug length 177.8mm (7.00 inches) 198.12mm (7.8 inches)
Standard length 184.15mm (7.25 inches) 198.12mm (7.8 inches)
Large length 198.12mm (7.8 inches) 205.74mm (8.1 inches)
Extra large length 205.74mm (8.1 inches) 238.76mm (9.4 inches)

* Manufacturers usually round up or down millimetre measurements, so 198.12mm will be 198mm and 205.74mm will be 206mm.

How to measure your circumference (girth or width)

To measure your circumference, width or girth, you will need a soft tape measure or a piece of string in addition to your notepad and erect penis.

Wrap your soft measuring tape or a string around the thickest section of your erect penis to get the girth measurement. Remove and unroll the tape or string and note the measurement.

Once you know these two measurements (length and girth), you can compare various brands to find the external condom that most closely resembles the size of your erect penis. Check the condom size chart below for the right condom size based on your girth measurement.

Girth (width) size chart

Width From To
Snug width 43.00mm (1.70 inches) 44.45mm (1.75 inches)
Standard width 44.45mm (1.75 inches) 50.08mm (2.00 inches)
Large width 50.08mm (2.00 inches) 64.00mm (2.52 inches)
Extra large width 64.00mm (2.52 inches) 72.00mm (2.84 inches)

* Manufacturers usually round up or down millimetre measurements, so 44.45mm will be 44mm and 50.8mm will be 50mm.

What do we mean by external condom size?

Size of Condom

The external size of the condom is simply a term to differentiate between a condom on a man's penis or a penis-shaped sex toy rather than an internal condom or female condom. Female condoms are polyurethane condoms that tend to come in one generic size.

Now we know how to measure, let's put the measurement into practical terms and help you choose the condom that perfectly fits your needs.

So if you're still asking, "what condom size am I?" refer to the chart below as we try to get as accurate as possible.

Condom size chart

By combining the length chart with the width chart, we get the perfect fit…

Condom size Penis Width (Inches) Penis Width (Millimetres) Condom Length (Inches) Condom Length (Millimetres)
Snug 1.75 44.45 7.00 177.8
Standard 2.00 50.08 7.8 198.12
Large 2.52 64.00 8.1 205.74
Extra large 2.84 72.00 9.4 238.76

* Manufacturers usually round up or down millimetre measurements - as noted above.

What other condom terminology should you know?

Condom manufacturers rarely use the terms small, medium and large; there may be many reasons not to, but generally, it's because there are more factors to consider than just size.

When a condom is labelled snug, it is tight-fitting and usually on the small side of the scale. When a condom is tagged as standard, it usually means it is looser than a snug fit, but not as loose as a larger fit.

It's also helpful to know how a condom should fit. And while personal preference is always a factor, it is better to size down than size up, unlike coffee or Maccy Ds; smaller sizes do the job better.

While our condoms size guide chart and girth size chart are useful, they are not exact guidelines to consider when buying condoms; it's a good idea to consider the fit you prefer against the size you need to get the perfect fit and remember they do stretch (a bit).

Now you know the size you need and how you got here, let's look at what condoms are available for you to try.

Best condoms for an extremely snug fit

All good things come in snug packages, and the same can be said for the following:

  1. MY SIZE PRO - 45mm Condoms
  2. MY SIZE PRO - 47mm Condoms
  3. Mister Size - 47mm Condoms
  4. One Size 47 Premium Condoms

Best condoms for a comfortable snug fit

Small but perfectly formed, comfortable snug fit favourites are:

  1. MY SIZE PRO - 49mm Condoms
  2. Pasante Trim Condoms
  3. EXS Trim Fit Condoms
  4. On Little Tiger Condoms
  5. Glyde Slim Fit Condoms

Best condoms for regular guys

In real life, regular means standard, but there's nothing standard about these condoms from name brands like Durex. Our favourites are as follows:

  1. MY SIZE PRO - 53mm Condoms
  2. MY SIZE PRO - 57mm Condoms
  3. Durex Mutal Climax Condoms
  4. Pasante Regular Condoms
  5. Durex Real Feel Condoms

Best condoms for big boys

Here are our favourite condoms for the well-endowed:

  1. MY SIZE PRO - 60mm Condoms
  2. MY SIZE PRO - 64mm Condoms
  3. Trojan Magnum BareSkin Condoms
  4. Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms
  5. ONE SIZE 64 Premium Condoms
  6. Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms

Best condoms for extra large fit

Extra large? Good for you! Here are our favourite condoms for those with bragging rights.

  1. MY SIZE PRO - 69mm Condoms
  2. MY SIZE PRO - 72mm Condoms
  3. Peasant Super King Condoms
  4. ONE SIZE 69 Premium Condoms
  5. EXS Jumbo Size Condoms

So, now you have your size and fit sorted, you should be confident in your choices, but if you want to know more, please read our sex education tool 'What Size Condon Do I Need' for more information.

If you want to read about the history of condoms, click the link. We can't talk about condoms without mentioning the Female condom.

The best Female condom available right now is - So Sexy Female Condoms.

While you are at it - here are our favourite lubricants for a slippy slidey feel.

  1. Durex Sensilube Intimate Moisturising Gel
  2. Durex Tingling Pleasure Gel
  3. Loving Joy Anal Lubricant
  4. SKYN All-Night-Long Lube
  5. MY.SIZE Lubricant Lube Me Natural

What sizes of condoms are available?

We have lots of different sizes to choose from, including:

There really is a size for almost anyone! Make sure you use our size chart above to order the right fit for you.

What else do I need to know about ordering condoms?

There is such a huge choice in different types of condoms that it can be difficult to choose your favourite, although a latex allergy may prevent you from using natural rubber latex condoms.

You can check out all of our different condom brands, which include lubricated condoms, lambskin condoms, as well as the more common latex condoms.

Did you know that old lubricant isn’t good for your sex life? Just as you should not use expired condoms under any circumstances.

You can tell if a condom has expired by reading the expiry date on the exterior packaging or the foil packet that covers each condom. If you’re still unsure, read about expired condoms.

So, all in all, size matters but not for the reasons most people think - it’s more about good practice and practicalities. But if you have any queries, contact us, and we will help if we can.

Thank you for reading.

Nov 28, 2022
Written by:
Victoria Walsh