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        What brands make 69mm condoms?

        Is your penis circumference larger than 15cm? If your answer is yes, you might need 69mm condoms. These are the largest condoms on the market, suitable for men with very generous dimensions or to use with cock rings and sex toys.

        Because few men need a condom this big and even fewer people use condoms with sex toys, you won’t be able to find the plethora of options available for the regular sizes if you need 69mm condoms. Nevertheless, three brands cater to your needs. Let’s have a look at your choices.

        EXS Jumbo

        Suitable for men with a penis length up to 221mm, the EXS Jumbo condoms are an excellent choice if you want to use vegan certified condoms. Since January 2021, all EXS condoms are certified by the Vegan Society and are cruelty-free.

        These condoms are made of natural rubber latex and have a smooth texture. With a thickness of only 0.067mm, they are thinner than numerous standard condoms and allow you to feel your partner as close as possible.

        The main difference between the Jumbo and other condoms from EXS is the condom shape. Jumbo doesn’t have the signature flared head, but they’re still very comfortable and easy to roll on. EXS Jumbo comes in packs of 24 or 144 condoms.

        Pasante Super King

        Super wide and super long, these condoms are designed to help you become the king of the bedroom. They aren’t as long as the EXS, though, having a length of only 210mm. Slightly thicker (0.07mm thick), they are a more suitable option for vigorous or anal sex.

        Like the EXS Jumbo, Pasante Super King condoms are made of natural rubber latex and have a silky smooth texture. Pasante condoms come in pack of 144 and are marked with the CE and BSI Kitemark.

        MY.SIZE 69MM

        Slightly longer than the EXS, MY.SIZE 69MM condoms are 223mm long and 0.06mm thick. Like the other options in this size, they’re made of natural rubber latex and come pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant.

        MY.SIZE condoms are manufactured in Germany by R&S Consumer Goods, the same company that makes ON and Vitalis condoms. They are not vegan, but the materials involved in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality. MY.SIZE 69mm comes in packs of 10 or 36 condoms.

        What is the difference between Magnum and Jumbo condoms?

        The difference between Magnum and Jumbo condoms is their commercial name and their size. Both Magnum and Jumbo refer to condoms larger than average. Typically, brands use these names to refer to XL and XXL condoms.

        In the UK, Magnum and Jumbo are used by EXS and Trojan, two of the leading brands in the condom world.

        EXS makes both magnum and jumbo condoms. Its magnum variant is an XL condom with a nominal width of 60mm and a length of 212mm. By comparison, the jumbo condoms are much larger, with a nominal width of 69mm and 221mm in length.

        Trojan Magnum condoms are available in multiple widths, including a ribbed and dotted version with a nominal width of 62mm. Trojan Magnum XL, the equivalent of EXS Magnum, has a nominal width of 63mm and is 200mm long.

        What should I do if I need non-latex condoms?

        If you or your partner are allergic to latex and you normally wear a 69mm condom, the only alternative you have is to use a female condom.

        Like male condoms, female condoms protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Their effectiveness is only slightly lower than the effectiveness of male condoms – 95% if used correctly, compared to 98% for male condoms.

        The main reason why many people avoid them is that they are trickier to use. However, because they are made of polyurethane (a plastic material), they might be your only option if you are allergic to latex. Here’s how to use them:

        1. Female condoms have a cone shape with a small ring at the closed end of the cone and a bigger ring at the open end.
        2. To put the condom on, unwrap it carefully to prevent tearing or damaging it. Squeeze the small ring and insert the closed end into your vagina.
        3. Make sure the larger ring covers the area around the opening of your vagina. If it doesn’t cover it, the condom is placed incorrectly and must be repositioned.
        4. Proceed to penetration, making sure your partner inserts his penis inside the condom. If you’re not careful, the penis could go between the side of your vagina and the condom, leaving you exposed to the risk of infection and accidental pregnancy.
        5. After intercourse, pull out the condom and twist the large ring to prevent semen from leaking out. Inspect the condom for leaks to make sure it didn’t break during intercourse and then throw it in the bin.
        6. If the condom gets pushed inside the vagina during sex, you can insert your fingers in your vagina and pull it gently to remove it. Unlike male condoms that can get stuck inside the vagina if they fall off, the rings on the female condoms prevent them from being pushed too deep inside your body and are easy to remove.

        What can happen if I use latex condoms if my partner or I have a latex allergy?

        Latex allergies are rare, with less than 1 in 1,000 people developing an allergy. If you do have an allergy to latex, the symptoms are usually mild and include redness on the patch of skin that came in contact with the condom, itchiness, and rashes.

        Contact dermatitis symptoms usually cease shortly after you remove the allergen – i.e. the latex condom. However, some people can have moderate or severe symptoms.

        Moderate symptoms are similar to the symptoms of most seasonal allergies. They often include a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, as well as itchiness and redness on patches of skin that have not come in contact with the condom.

        Moderate symptoms are more frequent in women after vaginal sex because the vaginal lining allows the latex proteins to permeate the membrane and get into the bloodstream faster.

        In the case of same-sex partners or anal sex, the receiver has a higher risk of developing moderate symptoms, but the risk is still lower than that of women after vaginal intercourse. Since the skin on your penis is not as permeable as the vaginal or anal mucosa, men wearing the condom are more likely to develop mild symptoms only.

        In rare cases, using latex condoms if you have an allergy to latex can lead to severe reactions. These include breathing difficulties, wheezing, chest tightness, cardiovascular reactions, and other asthma-like symptoms. In very rare cases, the allergic person could experience anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires immediate medical care.

        Are there any flavoured 69mm condoms?

        No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add the flavours yourself. Flavoured condoms are primarily designed for more enjoyable oral sex. If you want to surprise your partner and enhance their pleasure during fellatio, you can use flavoured lubricants with 69mm condoms.

        Here at, we have a wide range of flavoured lubes you can choose from. Options include cherry, peach, chocolate, mint, and strawberry lubricants from EXS and Pasante that are safe to use for oral sex.

        Like flavoured condoms, not all flavoured lubricants are suitable to use for vaginal and anal sex. Nevertheless, we only stock lubes that you can use to fulfil all your bedroom fantasies.

        The flavoured lubricants from EXS and Pasante are water-based and made of food-grade ingredients. They contain no harmful chemicals or parabens and are safe to ingest in small quantities. Since they have no added sugars, these lubricants are also safe for people with diabetes.

        A special choice in this category is Pasante Fresh Mint. This flavoured lubricant has a peppermint taste and scent. You can use it for oral sex, but the true pleasure comes when using it for vaginal or anal sex.

        The tingling sensations relax the muscles and make intercourse more pleasurable, especially during anal sex. At the same time, this lubricant could also help you delay ejaculation naturally, thanks to its slightly numbing effect.

        With a thick consistency, the product is perfect to use to combat vaginal dryness or to add some novelty to your sex game every time you’d like to use a sensation condom.

        Can I use 69mm condoms with sex toys?

        Yes, you most definitely can use 69mm condoms with sex toys. Because all condoms in this size are pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant, remember to pay attention to any reactions between the condom and silicone sex toys. However, the condoms should be safe to use with sex toys made from materials other than silicone.

        If you do want to use 69mm condoms with silicone sex toys, the only way to tell if it’s safe is to do a patch test.

        Simply unwrap a condom and roll it on the tip of your toy. Leave it overnight, and then inspect the toy. If you notice that the material has started to peel, any discolouration, or a strange smell coming from the toy or the condom, you should not use your toy with pre-lubricated condoms. You can still use clinic, non-lubricated condoms with it since the reaction happens between the different types of silicone and not between the latex and the toy.

        If you find the toy in the same conditions in which you left it, you can use it safely with your favourite 69mm condoms.

        Can I use 69mm condoms with massage oils?

        No. You cannot use 69mm condoms – or any other type of natural latex or polyisoprene condoms – with massage oils or any other type of oils.

        Latex condoms are the least expensive and some of the most effective prophylactics. They rarely break and protect you against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. However, all it takes is as little as 60 seconds of exposure to oil can degrade the latex structure, causing the condom to break.

        If you don’t notice the first signs of breakage, more prolonged exposure to oil can lead to latex erosion and possibly form holes in the condom.

        While you might not be particularly concerned about pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections – for instance, if you’re in a long-term relationship or married – these reactions can also alter the vaginal pH and lead to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

        Things you should avoid when using latex or polyisoprene condoms include olive oil, coconut oil, massage oils, body lotions, and creams, as well as products containing petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline.

        Now, if you’re wondering what to use to give your partner a sensual massage without risking pregnancy or disease, know that all water-based and silicone-based intimate lubricants can be as satisfying to use as a massage oil – and safe to handle near your condoms.

        Where to buy the best condoms?

        You can buy the best 69mm condoms right here at We stock a wide range of condoms sourced from trusted brands, in addition to intimate lubricants and accessories. All condoms we sell are genuine and are shipped in their original, sealed packaging. Look for the CE and BSI Kitemark when buying from us.

        How to buy the best condoms?

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